american vinatge reissue


 More guitar shopping from this week:

  1. Extremely pretty PRS semihollow
  2. Custom Shop ES-335 VOS
  3. Les Paul Supreme (I think…)
  4. Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster
  5. Cherry Casino!  Don’t see many of these…
  6. Gorgeous Martin 00-28V
  7. 2015 Fender American Vintage Jaguar
  8. ditto
  9. ditto.  So expensive for no apparent reason.  :\ 

Shopping for guitars.  My second passion, after “buying guitars”

  1. Great group o’ Gretsch 
  2. Overload.
  3. Apparently Fender is doing an American Vintage JM in Olympic White.  Very nice!
  4. I still love this colour that Fender introduced with their 2011 or 12 American Standard line.  I believe they call this colour “Vomit Green Metallic”**
  5. Luscious lefty!
  6. Telecaster disaster!
  7. What the?!?  Holy f*ck on a stick!  What are these basses and how do they get the grain to be SO VISIBLE?
  8. I love my Epiphone Casino Coupe (mine is cherry though).  Note the ES-339 to the left is the same size.

** I totally made that up. 


More shopping at the Long & McQuade Toronto store:

  1. Dig the crazy top on this Custom Shop VOS ES-330! 
  2. Used Sherwood Green AVRI Stratocaster
  3. A new SG (with the new zero fret and automatic tuners…) in a new finish the price tag said was called “Trans Black”
  4. Various Stratocasters, including that AVRI in rare Sherwood Green.
  5. Gretsch
  6. Es-339s and a lovely LPC Black Beauty.
  7. Two Epiphone Emperor Swingsters.  My cousin has one of these.  He calls it the “Sphincter”. :D

Some odds & ends form guitar shopping this week…

  1. Thsi may sound crazy, but hear me out:  Casino.  Mini.  Cherry. $500 CAD. What’s not to covet??
  2. Custom Shop Stratocasters (the one on the far right is an AVRI now that I think about it…one of the 60th anniversary models - 2 tone sunburst, 8 screw single ply ‘guard…you know…pre-1959 style.
  3. Starcaster bass.  You had to know it would come out eventually…
  4. Lefty of the week:  American Standard Strat.  Now that is a pretty sunburst!
  5. I said it once, I said it twice, and I’ll probably keep saying it too!  Squier gets the best colours!  I would LOVE to have a shell pick Strat.  PS:  anyone ever seen a shell pink Tele?