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To celebrate Liam becoming a full time artist we have a ton load of flash on offer! All custom designs ranging from £40-£140! Call to book your appointment 02082417778 🖤

About to see The Force Awakens, so in excitement I painted this BB8

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The flash sheet I made for THE OFFICE is also up on my Etsy :) Very limited amount made! Hope you like it.


Kamakura Shirts Vintage Ivy Collection oxford cloth popover shirt

Not vintage per se, but as long-sleeve popovers have become quite scarce, I felt Kamakura Shirts deserved a mention here.

Although such popover shirts were a staple of the classic American look up until the 1960′s (see Miles Davis, Gore Vidal examples), few are available today.  Although not a perfect shirt (in this author’s humble opinion; I wish the front placket was longer and the collar softer), their customer service is excellent and their shirts show their love of the “Ivy” look.

I can’t help but appreciate their effort in recreating not just the look, but the actual feel of the clothes of a bygone era.

a funny thing with American “neo-trads” is when they parrot stock American right talking points about the economy and then go back to worshipping absolutist European monarchs bc my dude they usually did not share your views on free trade