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Dress for Success. 

Glasses: Felix Gray
Shirt: H&M
Chinos: American Eagle
Shoes: Jack Threads
Phone Case: Loopy Cases
Face: Mama and Papa Rhodes 

The first full-length album by Wyoming Polytechnic is here!

“with many locations to serve you…” is an album of lo-fi rock, folk and electronic music all loosely connected by the vague thread of “American things.” Additional themes of personal failure, self-delusion, frustration, escapism through travel, and the incessant need to name drop various cities and states are also available all throughout.

(for fans of They Might be Giants, Ween, Guided by Voices)

Available for free streaming/$5 for download

Guns are not the ONLY problem

Can we talk about how the mass shooting goes beyond mere gun laws, and also include America’s over/hyper-glorification of guns that is wrapped around hyper-masculinity? These mass shoters really have only one other thing in common, aside from the gun…..being men. Women just dont do this.

I think it is crucial to ask WHY?

Masculinity in itself is not a problem….I am NOT blaming all men. I am blaming macho culture, which is rampant in male social circles.

The problem is a sense of over-inflated masculinity aka machismo that thinks of a gun as an extension of said masculinity.

The problem is men being socially conditioned since childhood that aggression is the only emotion they can ever express.

The problem is men feeling the need to hurt someone when someone “disrespects” them like social structures in fucking prison.

And of course, guns being so easily obtainable by these immature, violent people is also a problem.

I am not educated enough to even begin scratching the surface about that shit….but I am aware enough to notice this common thread in American culture.

Yes we need gun control….

But we also need to tackle toxic, hyper American masculinity

Osage Friendship Blanket (Wool fabric, silk ribbon, hand-threaded reverse appliqué ribbon work), Late 19th century; made in the Ohio River Valley (Present-day Kentucky).

[Fenimore Art Museum. Lake Road. Cooperstown, NY]


     i want to leave my footprints on the sands of time …
     know there was something that meant something that i left behind.
     when i leave this world, i’ll leave no regrets.
     leave something to remember so they won’t forget …

                                                I WAS HERE.

[ credit. ]

I deadass block people who stir up unnecessary diaspora wars and who disrespect African Americans constantly. There’s a thread going around right now and I blocked the girl who detailed the post so fast lmao

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where do you get your pants and shorts? your style is goals tbh

my jeans are from american eagle, hollister, jackthreads. my pants are from h&m or american eagle. my shorts are from american eagle, jack threads, or bearbottom clothing! i plan to do some more intensive style videos in the future on my youtube channel because i have some good recommendations for guys on the shorter side and have lots of clothes i would recommend for trans masculine people wanting to find things that fit them well!