american streets

Musicals I've Seen/Heard
  • Les Mis: we're all sad
  • Phantom: sing, bitch. WAIT NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT I LO-
  • Hamilton: fITE ME
  • 21 Chump Street: u fucked up naomi
  • Heathers: we're all dead
  • Legally Blonde: FUCK YOU, WARNER (but thanks for making me hate u now im the best lawyer)
  • Dear Evan Hansen: we WERE TOTALLY friends, me and that dead, gay kid. Buddy, pal, chum, friend, no homo,,,,,
  • Be More Chill: i wanna be cool and i fucked up trying to do that
musicals in real life
  • hamilton: why are we singing we should be fighting a war
  • dear evan hansen: why are all these emails written in rhyming couplets.
  • 21 chump street: you know, you could try some actual pick up lines instead of repeating "what the heck i gotta do" seven times.
  • heathers: Queen of High School Gets Her Own Theme Song - And a Twist! (You Won't Believe What She Drank!)
  • be more chill: why are you ominously singing to me about some computer drug? why is the computer drug ominously singing to me?

Laurens: Who are you?

Mulligan: Who are you?

Laf: Who are you?

All three: Who who is this kid - 

Laurens: What the heck I gotta do to be with you?


Mother and daughter goals 👩‍👧👸🏾

Burr: Laurens what drew you to Alexander initially?

Laurens: He was a light-skinneded Puerto Rican-Dominican—long hair, mature in the body like whoa.

Hercules/Lafayette: Like whoa!