american spitz

German Dog Breeds: The Spitz. Several modern breeds have come from the Spitz, including the Keeshond/Wolfsspitz, the Großspitz, the American Eskimo Dog, Miniature Spitz, Pomeranian, etc. The German Spitz is usually either black, gold, cream or white. They have many physical features found in the oldest stone age fossil dogs of Central Europe, leading experts to believe that the Spitz is the oldest dog type. However, modern genetic evidence places them in a much more recent lineage - the Wolfsspitz goes back to the 1800s. The German Spitz was later brought to the USA, and was renamed American Eskimo Dog due to the widespread anti-German sentiment during WW1.

We had lots of fun at the Washington klee kai meetup yesterday! We got to meet @baileytheakk @buksnort @slater_the_kleekai and play with alot of our old doggy friends as well. We had about 15 klee kai in the same room which is the most klee kai I have ever seen together!