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If you are like me and don’t like talking on the phone, here’s a really easy way to get a message to your members of Congress! It’s called ResistBot. Text ‘Resist’ to 50409 and follow the instructions. It’s really simple, and quick! I did it in about 10 minutes, but it could take 5 for some people. I sent a fax to each of my Senators, and tomorrow ResistBot is going to text me a reminder to send a fax to my Representatives!


They can’t shut all of us up.

Elizabeth Warren was denied her right to speak on the Senate floor last night when she tried to read a letter written by Coretta Scott King.

The letter was written by Martin Luther King’s widow when Senator Jeff Sessions was nominated to be a judge in the 80’s. It pleaded that he not be allowed to come to power I this way because of all his racist actions and beliefs.

The letter was not allowed to be read in the Senate then and it’s not being allowed now.

Republicans sited a rule that says, basically, that Senators can’t insult each other on the floor. This is ridiculous though as Senator Warren wasn’t insulting him so much as raising concerns about his nomination.

How can we vet nominees if we can’t question negative aspects of them?

The GOP is trying to silence us and bully us into compliance. Do not allow this.

I’ve included a copy of Mrs. King’s letter.

Maybe they can silence Senator Warren on the floor… But they cannot silence a chorus of resistance.


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Why does everything Republicans do these days look like a poster or trailer from a horror movie about secretly crazy middle-class serial killers from suburbia?

A question we might need to ask at some point.

Christ. The way her face just falls. That is honestly unsettling.  

The Republican Health Care Plan is right for health insurance companies and wrong for America.

Under the plan, health insurance companies will not be required to cover your lab services, your emergency room, your pregnancy, your preventive medicine, your mental health care, your prescriptions, or even children’s healthcare after 2019. This plan is awful!

Call your Congress Member and tell them to reject this plan!

Script: Hi, my name is [name] and I am calling to ask Senator/Representative [name] to oppose the newly release ACA repeal plan. This bill would lead to millions losing coverage and those with coverage paying more for less comprehensive coverage. It will also hurt millions of poor Americans. Thank you.


“My mother used to tell me, ‘You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.’ I feel a responsibility to show young women what’s possible and to mentor them to own their power and fulfill their promise.”

- Kamala Harris is California’s first female, African-American, and Asian-American Attorney General and is aiming to become the first African-American female senator in almost 20 years.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Kamala below!

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Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

-U2, Pride

1. Martin Luther King Jr.: Civil rights activist; killed April 1968

2. John Lennon: Musician; killed December 1980

3. Mahatma Gandhi: leader of Indian independence movement and advocate for nonviolent protest; killed January 1948

4. Harvey Milk: First openly gay american politician to be elected to public office; killed November 1978

5. Robert F. Kennedy: Brother of JFK, american senator and democratic presidential candidate nominee; killed June 1968 during presidential campaign

6. Benazir Bhutto: Pakistan’s first and only female prime minister, first woman to be elected as the head of an Islamic state’s government; killed December 2007

7. Abraham Lincoln: US President, abolisher of slavery; killed April 1865

8. Indira Gandhi: First and only female prime minister of India; killed October 1984

9. Anwar Sadat: President of Egypt, won Nobel Peace Prize for negotiations of peace with Israel; killed November 1981

10. John F Kennedy: US president, passed civil rights acts; killed November 1963

Just a random thing that I found interesting while doing research -- over 12,000 Americans have served in Congress since 1789 but, apparently, nobody whose last name started with the letter “X” has ever served in either chamber of Congress (House or Senate) in American history.
United States Declares War on Germany

April 6 1917, Washington–After Wilson’s speech on April 2, both houses of Congress voted on the declaration of war against Germany.  In the Senate, where the Armed Ships Bill had died in the previous Congress, La Follette was only able to put off a vote by one day.  Ultimately, only 6 senators (fewer than had filibustered the Armed Ships Bill) would vote against war on April 4, though the few opponents made themselves known.  Senator Norris of Nebraska, although a Republican, would take a very Bryan-esque tone: “We are going into war upon the command of gold….We are about to put the dollar sign upon the American flag.”  Senator Williams of Mississippi retorted by saying “Wall Street and the money power of the capitalists did not sink the Lusitania.”

The House debated the war the next day; here, the vote would be closer, if still lopsided.  This was due in part to the fact that the Majority Leader, Democrat Claude Kitchin, came out at the last minute against the war:

This nation is the last hope of peace on earth, good will toward men.  I am unwilling for my country to…extinguish during the long night of a world-wide war the only remaining star of hope for Christendom….All the demons of humanity will be let loose for a rampage throughout the world….I shall always believe that we could and ought to have kept out of this war.

Also voting no was Jeannette Rankin, the first woman in Congress, who used her first speech in the House to stand against the war.  Ultimately, the declaration of war would pass by a margin of 373-50 in the wee hours of April 6.  The opponents came from both parties, representing all sorts of constituencies, though two-thirds were from the Midwest.

Despite the lop-sided nature of the vote, it was unclear how much popular support the war had among the American people; in fact, many House members stated that they were voting for the war despite the wishes of their constituents.

At 1:18 PM on April 6, President Wilson signed the resolution declaring that “the state of war…which has thus been thrust upon the United States, is hereby formally declared.”

Today in 1916: Portuguese Forces Cross into German East Africa
Today in 1915:  New German Force Counterattacks in Carpathians

Sources include: Michael Kazin, War Against War.

The fact that the Trump administration prioritized the removal of scientific information from the public White House website in the first few hours on the job should be deeply disturbing to every American.
—  U.S. Senator Tom Carper (D-Del.), top Democrat on the Environment and Public Works Committee