american reaper

A while back, I saw a post where you could listen to “Reaper’s line in his native language” since he’s Latino.

You see, I’m Latino, and the problem with that post was that they had taken his lines from European Spanish, (like the difference between UK and US english) as awesome as the voice was, that’s not quite what he’d sound like. So here are all his unlockable voice lines in Latin American Spanish! : D


White Reaper - The World’s Best American Band

The World’s Best American Band, is the title track from, Louisville, Kentucky band, White Reaper’s second full-length album, out now! Animated by: Simon Young. Live shots directed by Aaron Berger.


JFH: Juniper Lee v Jake Long

The Te Xuan Ze is never unprepared with her own specially made battle armor. And she’s gonna need it when she has to face her fellow magically protector, whose dragon blood mixed in the nastiest ways with the Joker’s toxin! Can June beat the now toxic jokerized dragon and help save the school??

Silly Mc76 headcanon where McCree and Morrison celebrate the 4th of July by buying a massive amount of fireworks and nearly killing themselves when they set them all off at once, much to Mercy’s dismay.

weasel102  asked:

What do you think of the American Reaper and the future of unmanned airplanes?

The drone? I really don’t like drones, so I never pay much attention to them, but sadly, and to answer your next question, they’re the future of combat aircraft, one way or the other, where it’s basically a manner of time before they take over, Terminator and The Matrix be damned!