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Quidditch is too... British.

The American wizarding press doesn’t care about Quidditch. They don’t play Quidditch in the SEC. The wizarding version of ESPN doesn’t have wall-to-wall coverage of Quidditch every Saturday in the fall.

So soccer is to Quidditch as American gridiron football is to… what?

2. While I fully acknowledge that the official cannon says “Quodpot” is what Quidditch is supposed to be called in America, it never quite felt right. During a late night after watching Fantastic Beasts, my friends and I were certain that the American name for Quidditch would be something much more obnoxious. Something like…SKYBALL.

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from Quidditch in America

“We knew from the get-go it was gonna be an uphill climb.  Over here, tackle football is king.  Even within the wizarding community.  It’s just something about our culture.  It thirsts for human confrontation.  We knew we had to give it to ‘em.  We’re not gonna field clubs like Puddlemere United or even the Chudley Cannons.  We knew our audience.  They prefer collision over precision.  Sure, the European leagues have all the tradition and trophies and money, but none of them have ever had what we have.  American Ingenuity.  Innovation.  Risk taking.  Hell, the sport of Quidditch hasn’t changed on the continent since 1883!  We knew it was time for some new blood.  New ideas.  So here in the American League we’ve incorporated the native muggle sport of lacrosse into the game.  Sure, we had the basketball-inspired ‘Harlem Shuffle’ move before, but who wants Quidditch when you could have Quidditch with sticks?  Here in America our sports need edge.  I think the risk has paid off.  The game of American Quidditch has soared in popularity.  Games are faster.  Higher-scoring.  Injuries more gruesome.  There’s nothing like watching a well-aimed bludger fell an opposing beater on a scorching Independence Day Tourney while wolfing down as many hot dogs as you can possibly fit in your mouth.  The sport has never been this big over here before.  Next season, we’re even expanding the league by two more clubs, the Dixie Dodgers and the Sheboygan ‘Wursts.  The future of Quidditch in America couldn’t be brighter.”

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Request: “Hi, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could write a Credence one shot where the reader and him live with Tina and Queenie and Newt low key (high key) ships them and is always trying to get them alone together but Tina’s always worried to leave them alone cause they’re still teenagers. This is really specific I’m sorry but I just thought it’d be something cute/funny to read. Thank you!”

Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader 

Word Count: 1353

Warnings: None

The Goldsteins had bestowed a great sense of guest-friendship upon you in your circumstances, providing tender hospitality for both you and a young man named Credence. He had been under their roof ever since Newt found him again, slowly becoming accustomed to the way normal witches and wizards lived. You were also granted a room from the loveable sisters due to the nature of your short stay; practicing to be an Auror under the supervision of Tina. She had insisted on it, since you two were to work hard long hours, and you were quite the promising investigator. Newt was also staying in the cosy apartment for the holidays, sharing a room with Credence.

You had grown quite fond of the timid young man. He was awfully nervous around you at first, but once he discovered your kind, forgiving nature that was similar to Tina’s, he slowly became more comfortable. The two of you had become inseparable, you dragging Credence around New York City on your free days. Tina had come to see you both as her kind-of adopted children, although Newt scolded that thought, reminding her that you were both only a few years younger than her. Nevertheless, she kept a watchful eye on you, afraid that you were rushing into things too quickly.

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Misty Day, number 14 and captain of the American National Quidditch team may look fierce on the pitch, with fire in her eyes, flying faster than sound on her Silver Arrow, but the beater has a surprising soprano giggle added to her gritty voice, punctuated by squeals and light in her foamy blue-green eyes.

She poses for me in her old Robichaux robes, slightly tattered and fringed at the edges, the uniform having grown around her. She’s got her new team’s sigil sewed into the chest. She uses these robes to practice with on the pitch, almost like a reminder of where she’s come from. I let the camera snap away as she poses in front of a dragon skeleton, the library. She scowls at me, trying to act tough, but her tone is broken off by fits of giggles. She just can’t keep her bad girl composure. It’s genuine.

Her wife, Cordelia Goode, sits us down a few feet away. She politely declines my offer for a picture, content with the one I took of them outside their home. She is a calmer version of Miss Day, yet capable of getting just as excited as the wild blonde across from her, as I’ve learned in the short hour I’ve been here. Their eyes are only for each other, and it’s almost a struggle to get a word into the casual conversation. Finally, Misty tugs her chair closer and smiles, waiting.

Gazing at the captain of the American team, I start off with a rather obvious statement. “People think you’re a prodigy.” She laughs off handedly, passing her hand through her curls, her body shaking with giggles. “I wasn’t very good at first.” She finally admits. “I finally stuck a proper landing at thirteen. It was the first time I didn’t break something. Or a bone. No. I’m no prodigy.” She shakes her head, decision in mind. “I just practiced, and practiced, and practiced. You gotta follow dreams, you know? And that was my dream. One of them.” She continues, her drawl soft as she looks out the window. “It doesn’t matter how horrible you are. If you persist, then your original predispositions don’t matter.”
I glance back at Miss Goode, and her eyes are riveted on the girl, wonder pooling in them.

Who trained you?

“I trained myself. I just took my dad’s old Comet and I went out back and just flew circles round the swamps. And then at Robichaux’s Academy, I got proper practice through the team.” You were born here. “Oh yeah. Born and bred.” She glances at Cordelia again, and I can’t help but veering away from my text, the next question that comes out of my mouth is blurted.

How did you two meet? Miss Goode blushes. Hard. “This isn’t about me.” she stammers out, but Misty is already talking.

“Hogwarts.” Before I can ask, she continues. “I was meeting up with Headmistress Snow for a job application, I was gonna be the Creatures professor, and Delia was there.” She teaches Divination. “That’s right. Wonderfully so, too. She’s got a gift. I got the job, but six months later I was drafted after all and I was given a choice.” You chose Quidditch. “No.”


She smiles again. “Not at first. I loved my animals, you know? It’s my other passion. I was raised with them and all. But Delia figured I could do both. She helped me a lot through those few weeks. It was a tough decision, but I think I made the right one. The current Creatures professor lets me help out on my off days, and we have a pet, so it’s not all bad.” She pauses to nudge the other blonde’s knee. “She’s a seer after all.”

I know what pet she’s talking about. A beautiful Alpic Long Winged dragon. It snapped at my heels on the way in.

You didn’t win the last World Cup. “No, we didn’t.” But you were boosted to team captain. “I was sad to see Scott Waters go. He was a good friend, a great Chaser. His injury last year really set him back though. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the position. I’m grateful he chose me as his successor. But playing without him changes the game a whole lot. It won’t be the same.” She shrugs “We’ll just have to see this season if I’m good enough for it.” We’ll find out at the end. She nods thoughtfully.

Misty is the youngest to become captain for the Americans, and easily one of the best beaters of the last century. Last year alone she intercepted two hundred and thirty seven quaffle passes with a well placed bludger. She shrugs off the statistics like she always does.

I change the topic to a lighter subject. She’s getting uncomfortable talking about her feats in the league. Ever met a crazy fan? “Oh of course. There’s one right here.” She laughs earnestly as Cordelia frowns, fighting off yet another blush. Misty sobers. “No, she’s my coach, my teammate. And of course there’s crazy fans. But I don’t care, I love meeting all of them. They’re just like me, why should I act any higher? That ain’t me. I was like them once, drooling up at the seekers and the keepers. Getting a kid to dream as big as I did is my goal in life, at this point. I hope that if I ever get a God complex, someone slaps me.”

It’s been almost three hours since we began, and I can see the sun dying above the tree line. I stab out one last cigarette, eyes on the two before me, and I end with a question most don’t know how to answer.

Are you happy?

She pauses to mull over her words, head tilted back, sun shining in her hair. “I am.” Is that definitive? “Yes.”

You don’t have to look farther than the other chair to know that she’s telling the truth. 

An AU of the HP AU graceonce and I had headcanoned, in which Misty follows her dreams. This was done forever ago and yes I know my edits suck. She made the gif, so send her lots of love!!

what would actually happen with US magic schools: every school would have a singular mascot that is chosen for historical reasons (is that state’s/region’s representative magical animal) or because it looks cool to twelve year olds (lots of US schools would be relatively new).

schools would compete with their neighbors while also encouraging mingling between districts for special events, especially sports and senior field trips.

US magical schools would refuse to call Quidditch Quidditch and instead have their own variation that they still call Quidditch that partially takes place on the ground instead of solely in the air. Funding for American Quidditch is srs bzns.

US magical schools would be encouraging their students to be independent and individually responsible for themselves, but that wouldn’t stop schools from developing long lasting cliques, some of which in older schools have lasted for generations as more students come in. Depending on the school, these cliques can become very involved and competitive with other cliques in the same school.

there would be issues with different US magical schools teaching very different variations of magical history, with many skipping over the existence of Native magic societies and how colonial wizards destroyed many of them to establish their own.

older magical schools would have a history of segregation and only in recent years would have begun correcting it if at all. most native magical teachings have been lost to history, bits and pieces only existing in verbal retellings. there would be small clusters of schools, packed together and created out of different extremes, like churches dotting a road.

city magic and country magic would be so different, let alone the gap between west coast and east coast wizardry. with every passing year, the curriculum can change drastically, leaving whole generations of witches and wizards with radically different knowledge from eachother, not even accounting for foreign families integrating in to the system and bringing with them different practices from countries all over the world.

The idea of there ever being a clone of something like Hogwarts in the US is so laughable god damn.

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Hi hi hi I was wondering if you have ever heard and what you think of the summer camp!au ? In which both counterparts of the ship are counselors, specifically. (or in which both are campers I don't know whichever works best) I absolutely love your headcanons, so if the idea sparks ideas, I would be thrilled to hear what you think about it uwu

Summer camp is like My Thing. Can we talk about the perfection that is the slow burn jily hogwarts summer camp au??

previous rambling about wizards at summer camp

The American version of summer camp doesn’t exist in the UK but imagine the following conversation:

Wiz 1: you wouldn’t believe what I heard from those Americans at the Quidditch cup… 

Wiz 2: what?

Wiz 1:  the muggles send their kids away for the entire summer. they call it camp.

Wiz 2: what do they do?

Wiz 1: shoot arrows and stuff

Wiz 2: sounds fun. is there supervision?

Wiz 1: just other teenagers

Wiz 2: but we already send our kids away for the entire school year

Wiz 1: remember the thing with the dragon last summer?

Wiz 2: …

Wiz 2: so how do we get one of these for our kids?

So like two random wizards start an American muggle summer camp and can you imagine the fuckery that would take place. EVEN IF THIS DIDN’T HAPPEN it would be fantastic.

For magic summer camp, all the above head canons apply. What if it was just a random Americanized Hogwarts summer camp though?

Four teams for competitive purposes – a boys’ cabin and girls’ cabin from each age group included.

McGonagall can be the person doing the day to day camp program director and Dumbledore is the eccentric, probably batty camp owner.

The eleven-year-old Marauders are clearly the four campers in the Gryffindor cabin for their age group. Frank as their counselor is cool for me. What are girls? They don’t know. They’re too busy having fun! They definitely roam the entire camp, even the forbidden parts, and make a detailed map. They have hideaways in the woods and in the attic of the main lodge and there’s an old mine shaft they found that serves as a perfect secret headquarters. Baby marauders building a secret Camp Fort is also pretty important to me. Rivalry with Filch, the cantankerous felon caretaker, and his creepy cat Mrs. Norris.

That rivalry is second only to James’s rivalry with Snape. It’s just…a multi-year prank war and rivalry, okay? Think the first twenty minutes of the parent trap, but better. I’ve been involved in camp prank wars–shit gets REAL. the last one i started ended up with a doll’s head staple gunned to my cabin wall, a sprinkler in the girls’ dorm, and culminated in a boy falling through the ceiling of the girls’ bunkroom. IMAGINE bees and snakes and rips in swimming trunks and sinking each other’s canoes and pond moss in shampoo bottles. 


Lily is having, like, the time of her life. Hiking and crafts and singing and canoes…it’s all…great. No Petunia is a nice bonus too! Her friends are great and she doesn’t get to see Snape as much, but whatever. She and James love camp and their friends and the entire deal. James excels at field games and everything and Lily is like the camp golden girl who all the counselors love.

They run in some same circles but largely stay off each others’ radar…until the fifth summer.


HOLY SHIT, EVANS HAS BOOBS. idiocy intensifies. it’s great:

He’s never an out and out dick, except he shows off and it always backfires:

  • shooting his arrow at the wrong bulls eye
  • setting his marshmallows on fire for four consecutive weeks because he’s distracted by her her hair shining in the firelight
  • climbing a tree and he falls out and hurts his ankle
  • rewriting wonderwall song lyrics in a thinly veiled ode to her
  • getting them all lost on hikes because he’s focusing on lily’s thighs in short shorts instead of the compass
  • breaks his glasses in volleyball because he was watching evans’ perfect serve

He doesn’t ask her out, but he does offer to walk her home from campfire and ask if she wants his dessert and a third smore. He’s definitely an idiot and she is ambivalent at best. THERE DEFINITELY needs to be some end of year catastrophe on par with snape’s worst memory…like James and Sirius sabotage Snape’s act in the talent show and Lily tries to intervene and Snape is a dick to her in front of everyone. It’s the end of their friendship, etc.

sixth year is where the glory glory starts because COUNSELORS IN TRAINING, bitches. I love the idea of Remus being one of the other Counselor in Training for Gryffindor, James and Sirius being lifeguards, and Peter being kitchen help or the nurse’s aid or something.

  • James randomly dropping by the arts and crafts session and helping make lanyards and he probably wants to see remus but who knew he could be normal?
  • really delicately handling a girl starting her period in the pool
  • a third year breaks her arm climbing a tree to get a frisbee and it’s definitely not supposed to be at that angle but james doesn’t lose his cool even though lily almost passes out
  • james and lily being the official campfire starters because lily’s been camping her entire life and james is great with fire but no one trusts him to do it solo
  • remus gets sick and james steps up and helps lily co-lead the kids on a night hike and sleepover to the best star-gazing spot on the grounds. he makes up a bunch of constellations but it keeps them all laughing all night.
  • they join forces to host the one dance and instead of the usual awkard affair it’s awesome and everyone raves about it for two weeks…no one got pregnant, that they know of, so great.
  • they may have made out, but that doesn’t count.
  • they do such a great job with the dance that McGonagall puts them in charge of the annual talent show
  • it’s only so-so, but only because two second years signed up and were so nervous they got sick on the stage
  • no one could blame them for that, so…
  • all hands on deck to prepare for color wars, three days of striaght up competition to close out the summer. winner gets the trophy–a golden toilet seat–above their table for the entire next summer. they have SO MUCH FUN and it’s glorious and gryffindor wins and even though they aren’t participating…it’s the best.
  • lily maybe cries a little on farewell day and they promise to keep in touch.


  • lily and james are chosen as the official gryffindor counselors which is, like, the honor of honors, second only to being color days captains and they’ve already done that.
  • everyone has bets on when they’ll start dating. 
  • the campers make up songs about them
  • gossip is RAMPANT
  • lily blushes every time one of her twelve year olds says ‘here comes jaaammmeeessss’ and vice versa
  • they spend hours sitting in the one cozy chair in the staff cabin planning out the next week’s activities, leave their sleeping kids to the CITs and take late night hikes, argue during their tactical capture the flag meetings, co-prank planning, working together to solve crises
  • a second year finds them making out in the lake house on the fourth week 
  • everyone spends three days sorting their bets

tell me it wouldn’t be great

870. American Quidditch is played exclusively with the bludger, no rules for Snitch, and involves tackling. It’s a strange mix of football, baseball, and Quidditch. They also play original Quidditch, but it has a different name.

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James had a huge crush on an American quidditch player. When he would talk about her it would give Harry flashbacks to when Ron used to obsess over Krum. James was often teased about his crush & when he finally got to meet her in person he yelled at her date me. The woman smiled & pointed to her wedding ring saying, “You’re adorable for an 11 year old, girls will be fighting to snatch you up in a few years.” James was beyond embarrassed & was teased mercilessly about it by his cousins for years.

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USWNT x HP (for thelibrahusband & becamitchell)

After devastating loss at the 2011 Women’s Quidditch World Cup finals four years ago, the U.S. Women’s National Quidditch Team is more determined than ever to take home the gold this time around. Returning chasers are Lauren Holiday and team captain Tobin Heath, two-thirds of the famous New Kids. With former New Kid Amy Rodriguez on maternity leave, Heath and Holiday will be joined by Alex Morgan, a rising star in the Women’s American Quidditch League. Returning beater Ali Krieger will be joined by Kelley O’Hara, chaser for the Sky Blue QC. In light of keeper Hope Solo’s one month suspension, former keeper substitute Ashlyn Harris has been promoted to the starting position. The six will be joined by Canadian American seeker Sydney Leroux, who has recently been recruited by the U.S. Quidditch Association. Tickets for the 2015 Women’s Quidditch World Cup will be on sale on February 1st, 2015 at 10AM.

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Hi there!! I was wondering if I can get any help or inspiration on creating a sport-like activity, something like Quidditch or the sport featured on the movie Rollerball. Thank you!!


Every sport has a point to it. Simplify your sport’s goal into the simplest sentence you can imagine, like “Throwing a horseshoe around a pole” or “Hitting the other person with a blade” or “Making rocks land within a circle on the ice”.


What do you use to play the sport? Many sports use some kind of ball, ranging in size from ping-pong balls to beach balls. Other popular sport devices include interesting shapes - like Frisbees - and potential danger - like bladed weapons and bats. Some sports require outside help, either from animals (polo or jousting) or fellow humans (any team sport ever).

The equipment you need will shape a sport’s popularity. Soccer/football is such a popular sport because you don’t need anything other than a roundish ball and two goals you can mark with sticks in the ground. (American) football is popular because you need a football (easy enough to come by in the US) and, again, two goals you can mark with sticks. A game like lacrosse - which requires lacrosse sticks and balls - or polo - which, among other things, requires a horse - is more expensive and therefore less likely to be widely enjoyed.

Skill Level

How good to you need to be to play? This is another determining factor in who plays this sport: how much practice you need to play. To return to the previous point, soccer/football is easy to learn; most people can manage kicking a ball around without touching it. American football is a little harder to learn because one person needs to throw a spiral. In lacrosse, you need to learn how to weave the stick so the ball doesn’t fall out. In tennis, you need to train yourself to hit within the court and over the net. 

To that effect, the more practice it takes to learn a sport - not master, but learn - the more expensive it will probably be. Your friends can teach you soccer in ten minutes. The list of people who can teach you ice dancing is much smaller (and, for free, almost nonexistent). 


Where is the sport played? You don’t need an exact drawing of the field with all the penalty/important lines yet. You’ve got the goal and the equipment. From there it’s easy to guess the size of the field and maybe a few important lines. Most sports take place on an equally divided field. Generally, the smaller the number of participants, the smaller the field. There are plenty of exceptions, like golf and swimming and ballet, but if you’re doing a sport like Quidditch, the field will need to be big enough for several players to move around on. 


How fast does your sport move? Sedate sports like croquet, golf, and bowling are still difficult in that it takes a long time to master, but you can do it at a slow, easy pace. Compare a sport like golf to a sport like dodgeball or soccer. You can’t think about every kick or throw for five minutes. You need to kick/throw now. 

Generally speaking, slower sports were originally made for/appeal to the upper class. The rowdy masses like faster sports like horse racing and wrestling. But, again, it depends on the time period. In the Middle Ages, the nobility was addicted to violent jousts and the masses amused themselves with mile-long games of football and bear-baiting. 

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If Harry Potter is a British franchise, then why is it so much stuff related to Harry Potter is now American? Like Quidditch for instance. Sometimes I genuinely feel like our franchise, one of the greatest things put out by our nation, has been stolen away from us and that makes me annoyed and sad.

(Tech’s Note: Nothing about quidditch is American? Unless you’re talking about the actual muggle sport, and thats not the US’s fault. They just did it first and did it so well it became what it is now. HP is still British at it’s core.)

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I do think American Quidditch is a little bit gratuitous and unnecessary, but the rest of your post is on point. An addition: There's a particular angle of wizarding colonialism that I'd like to see. What if the divide between muggles and wizards never existed in pre-contact Native society, and Neo-European wizards forced that in, robbing native people of their most powerful leaders and forcing those leaders into exile? Note: I haven't read the actual books and won't ever.

I just really like the idea of chunks of US wizards being patriotic buttheads at times at the expense of English wizards, and sports historically is one that entire nations take very seriously in competition. And looking at the history of the US’s oldest colleges, we kind of always have had a competitive butthead attitude regarding our own neighboring schools.

And absolutely yeah, that’s a dynamic that, to me, makes sense, since much of the canon lore is derived from how druids and other native magic practitioners in europe were outcast by main society and burned. They isolated themselves to survive in their own countries. With muggleborns added to the mix, and europe having been an imperial world power that invaded many other countries, it’s very likely (to me) that that same attitude carried over between wizarding communities. Witches and wizards in europe were forced to isolate themselves and carry on that history by enforcing further isolation, whether or not other magical communities like it or need it.

The Ministry of Magic, for example, is a very good sign of european politics and evidence of how strongly magic is regulated on a government level. The spells taught professionally have greek and roman linguistic roots, even though the general culture and history in europe is far more diverse than that.

Wizards coming from europe to the americas and at once demanding separation between magical and muggle people and denying the types of magic natives had seems very plausible in the context of the series. Witchery in europe lead to death, and when they came overseas they brought with them the people who perpetuated the burnings and people who expected and feared them.