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It’s Thanksgiving which means tables decorated with tiny porcelain figures of Native Americans sharing corn with pilgrims. It’s a holiday about being grateful, coming together, and being at peace but while we use caricatures of a great people, mainstream media ignores their cries for help. While we set tables with servings of food that are far too large, the original inhabitants of this great nation struggle to fight for clean drinking water and respect for their ancestors.

I’m not great at words but this issue is very dear to my heart so here’s some art.


Indigenous women of Standing Rock issue heartbreaking plea for help ahead of evacuation

  • With just over a day to go before the evacuation deadline arrives at North Dakota’s Oceti Sakowin camp, protesters at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation have issued a plea: Come help — now.
  • In a viral video shared by journalist Shaun King on Monday, a group of indigenous women remind viewers that demonstrations against the Dakota Access pipeline are about much more than a single issue.
  • They’re about clean water, police brutality, treaty rights and the rights of future generations. Read more (2/21/17 8:00 AM)

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Yemeni bodega workers in New York rally around being American, Muslim and proud

  • An estimated 1,000 Yemeni-American-run businesses, restaurants and bodegas in New York’s five boroughs shut their doors at noon Thursday for eight hours in an act of protest against Trump’s recently imposed travel restrictions.
  • And as night fell on the rally at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall scheduled to take place in tandem with Thursday’s bodega closings, show up they did — by the thousands, waving American flags and bearing signs that declared “We need justice.” Read more

Guys, idea for tomorrow: Call up your local radio station(s) and request American Idiot by Green Day. Let’s make this a thing, please, imagine every radio station people tune into being this song in protest of the Cheeto in Chief

A reminder of the difference between equally non-violent protests when the protestors are majority black and majority white in terms of the police.

And if you need a reminder of what happens when it’s non-violent Native Americans well…


500 DAPL protestors will eat a Thanksgiving meal at Standing Rock — served by Jane Fonda

  • Actor Jane Fonda will be among a delegation of roughly 50 people from around the country who are traveling to Standing Rock to serve Thanksgiving to roughly 500 activists, indigenous people and their allies who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Fonda will serve dinner and contribute five butchered Bison and four Mongolian yurts to the Oceti Sakowin camp near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. 
  • Judy Wicks, a local food advocate and former owner of White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, organized the Thanksgiving meal.
  • Many on Twitter were quick to point out the irony of hosting Thanksgiving during Standing Rock protests

Harsh blizzard ravages Standing Rock as vital support and the media pack it up

  • In the days since an apparent victory, the Standing Rock camp has been battered by an oncoming snowstorm — and conditions are now dire. 
  • Heavy snow and wind batters the sides of tipis and tents, forcing the Standing Rock resistance indoors. 
  • The roads have shut down going in and out of Oceti Sakowin Camp.
  • The media are clearing out, packing up satellite trucks and heading home. 
  • Meanwhile, the police haven’t pulled back from the front lines, and the Dakota Access Pipeline company has no intention of leaving either.
  • “It’s a distraction,” Oceti Sakowin Camp volunteer Ethan Braughton said in an interview. “If they were leaving, they’d take the razor wire and all their vehicles, but they’re still continuing to get the drill pad ready. They’re not going anywhere, they just want us to leave.”
  • Many of the Lakota Sioux have permanently settled at Standing Rock and they’re not leaving, vowing to see this fight through.
  • Read more about the blizzard and about the ongoing struggle

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Run the Jewels drop some major truth a year after Ferguson

“Riots work.” At least, that’s according to Run the Jewels. In a video exclusive to the BBC, Killer Mike discussed how the events that unfolded on the streets of Ferguson last year forever changed the city for the better. And Ferguson’s own law enforcement actually agrees.


Paul Ryan slams DAPL decision, signalling concerns for the future

  • Hours after the Army Corps of Engineers’ historic DAPL announcement, House Speaker Paul Ryan slammed the decision
  • He called it “big-government decision-making at its worst,” saying, “I look forward to putting this anti-energy presidency behind us.”
  • Ryan’s tweet frames the news not as a victory of a marginalized group over an environmental threat, but as evidence that “big government” was “anti-energy” in delaying the construction of the pipeline. 
  • His implication that these policies will soon be “behind us” is a worrisome indication that victories achieved this weekend could soon be undone by a Trump administration. Read more