american presidentes

At the debate you can see the difference between the candidates at the end. You see the Clinton going down and shaking the crowds hand talking to them and then theres the Trumps…. They stay at the stage wave a couple of times then they leave shortly after while the Clintons are still shaking hands…. Americans who do you want to be your president??

Democratic Debate

First thing that happened: Clinton tried to tell people that she does not change her views based on who she is talking to just to get elected even though she has changed her mind about political issues on various occasions in the past. Clinton continues speaking even though the interviewer is clearly trying to move on and not waste time repeating the same thing in prettier words.

Second thing that happened: Sanders gives actual real numbers that shows how bad our economy is and gives an actual real solution. Sanders is respectful to the interviewer and concludes speaking when the interviewer asks a different question and moves on.