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Nîmihitowin; Jingle Dress

a playlist for Jingle Dress dancers.

1. Ladies Jingle Dress - Black Lodge Singers 2. Intertribal - Iron Horse 3. Jingle Dress Side Step - Young Spirit 4. Jingle Dress Song - Thunder Mountain 5. Intertribal - Black Hawk Singers 6. Nokimisnaanig (Sidestep) -  Bear Creek 7. Jingle Dress Song - Raining Thunder 8. Sidestep - Whitefish Jrs. 9. Jingling Song - Black Lodge Singers 10. Jingle Dress Straight - Grey Buffalo 11. Jingle Dress Sidestep - Black Thunder Singers 12. Harney’s Takeout (Jingle Dress Song) - Stoney Bear 13. Jingle Dress Side Step - Big River Cree

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Seafair Pow-Wow 2015


A Tribe Called Red feat Black Bear - Stadium Pow Wow


I am continuing to photograph portraits of Native Americans at different pow wows on the East and West Coast. Here are some of the portraits I made my second time photographing at the Queens County Farm Pow Wow.

July 2014.