Being an American today is like watching your house slowly catch on fire and not being able to do anything about it and freaking out, when suddenly you hear a “BOOM!” behind you and it’s Britain, their house just exploded and is REALLY on fire and you, helpless, just wave hello from across the street.

“Instead of calling Bernie Sanders the most "Christian” candidate because he advocates for the downtrodden and empowers the disenfranchised, consider: these are central tenets of Judaism, the religion that Bernie actually belongs to.

Stop saying that a Jewish dude is acting Christian for practicing Jewish values. It’s not cute.“ - Linda, our mod on hiatus.

In the November election in the USA, vote for your Senator & Congressperson. It’s more important than who is President.

Hey, so, more important than who you’re voting for as President of the United States in the general election: vote down your ticket. Meaning, vote for your Senator, your Congressperson, and your local state & county representatives. This is actually FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the President. While most of us are gerrymandered to all hell (maryland absolutely is x_X) we still need to try.

Here’s the deal: the reason Obama hasn’t gotten much done in the past 8 years is because we’ve had a Republican majority in the House & Senate, & they’re a bunch of whiny babies who block every SINGLE piece of legislation Obama proposes, regardless of how beneficial it is for everyone. So, let me break it down for you:

1. Regardless of if Hilary or Bernie is the democratic nominee, if there’s a Republican majority in Congress, *it won’t matter*. No legislation will get passed, we’ll still be stuck with them refusing to nominate a new Supreme Court Justice, we’ll be stuck with a bunch of bureaucratic nonsense. We NEED a Democratic majority, even a tiny majority, to get anything done.

2. If, gods forbid, Trump is elected, a Democratic congress will be able to mitigate a large amount of the damage he will inevitably try to do. He wants to build a wall around Mexico? Well, he won’t get to do that if Congress tells him to fuck off and they won’t give him the funding. He wants to deport all Muslims? Congress says no, fuck you Trump. We inevitably find that he’s a tax-dodging cheating bastard? Congress goes “lol hey time for impeachment proceedings!” If we have a Republican congress, enough Republican reps are actually on Trump’s side that he WILL get his stupid way.

3. If you’re a socialist / communist and you hate Hilary Clinton a lot, and the REASON you hate her is because you feel that honestly she’s more of a Centrist / 80’s era Republican than she is any sort of leftist or democrat, again, remember that a Democratic Congress will be able to shut down any of her more idiotic Republican-esque legislation. Worried about her entangling us in more goddamn wars? Elect Congressional representatives who will vote against that, and they will keep her on a leash. THAT IS WHAT CONGRESS IS FOR. With a Republican congress, however, you’ll see all the things you hate about Clinton getting through as she ~compromises and negotiates~ with them. With a Democratic Congress, she’ll ~compromise and negotiate~ with THOSE people instead, and thus her legislation will HAVE to become more left-leaning.

So, EVEN IF YOU ARE A REPUBLICAN… if you are a Republican who (rightly!) is terrified of a Trump presidency, PLEASE bite the bullet vote for Democratic delegates in the House and Senate. You know as well as we do (perhaps better, even) that a Trump presidency with a Republican majority will be far, far, far more disastrous than a Clinton presidency with a Democratic majority. If you’re that concerned about it, then get your act together as a party and in 4 years field someone who isn’t a raging lunatic.

If you are a socialist who balks at voting for Clinton, AT LEAST vote in democratic (or hell, socialist! green party! COMMUNIST) representatives for Congress.

65% of Americans report that their families are either “doing okay” or “living comfortably” yet 47% of Americans say they could not cover an emergency expense costing $400. 

Rich people have no idea what we consider doing okay to be. We’re so use to not having shit that literal poverty is considered doing okay to us lmao. We can’t cover emergency expenses, but we’re saying we’re doing alright, we’re living paycheck to paycheck, but we’re “okay.”

We live to scrape up the barest of necessities and consider ourselves fortunate for that. It’s bullshit.

back in 2002 a joint task force was formed between area 51 and the international consortium of bees to take all the misplaced ideals of the global warming deniers and the anti-vaxxers and move it into the body of a single being. unfortunately he escaped. donald trump if you’re reading this please come back to the lab. you are not really a human and therefore cannot run for president