'Vote online' hoax started life on pro-Trump message board - BBC News
A hoax image designed to trick people into thinking they can vote via social media came from hard-core Donald Trump supporters.

“Reverse image searches indicate it surfaced in July in a thread on Reddit, r/TheDonald - a bastion of those hard-core Trump supporters known as the alt-right.

The thread credited image board 4chan for its creation and users gleefully celebrated the havoc they thought it would cause by tricking voters into thinking they could vote with their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

“This is amazing. We need to legit make this work come Nov 8th,” one wrote. “This will totally work on millennials,” wrote another. “The key is not to hype it too hard or [mainstream media] will pick up on it. Keep it on the sly, then really pump it up right before the election.”

Another chipped in: “Make sure people on our side don’t fall for this trick."”

Being an American today is like watching your house slowly catch on fire and not being able to do anything about it and freaking out, when suddenly you hear a “BOOM!” behind you and it’s Britain, their house just exploded and is REALLY on fire and you, helpless, just wave hello from across the street.

  • 2016:Trump wins both Republican primary and general election.
  • 2017:In a few months, tensions with China escalate because of Trump's fierce anti-China rhetoric. Trade relations between the two countries deteriorate. Trump uses this to push his popular mercantilistic schemes on the public. The American populace loves it.
  • 2020:Trump consolidates all power by turning the GOP into a centrist party that both the Republicans and Democrats have a hard running against. He wins a second term.
  • 2022:Our relationship with China deteriorates to the point where the US is again in a cold war. Trump, starts his own project called 'Trump Shelters' which he promises, will keep the American populace safe.
  • 2023:Trumpite GOP senators control both the senate and the house. They vote to expand the Presidential term limit.
  • 2024:Trump wins a third election against the Democratic and Republican remnant parties.
  • 2025:With tensions between China and the U.S increasing, Trump elects a new 'cultural policy', to bolster American moral. Architecture, style and culture will be returned to the style of the American 50's. While there are protests, the American populace largely accepts the new measures.
  • 2027:Chinese are considered enemies of the state and Chinese Americans are taken and put into internment camps.
  • 2027:Under the Trump administration, genetic experimentation goes further. The Chinese largely focus their efforts on stealth technology
  • 2028:President Trump tries running for a fourth term, but dies of natural causes in office.
  • 2029:A large private industry called 'Vault Technologies' buys up Trump shelters.
  • 2032:Trump's cultural incentive has been taken up by the vast majority of people and becomes the foundation of culture for the era. The entire world looks like something straight out of 'Leave it to Beaver'.
  • 2040:Europe, which has also been affected by Trump style leadership, starts persecuting the growing Muslim population.
  • 2044:Under the pressures of the times, Coca-Cola changes its name to 'Nuka-Cola'.
  • 2050:European economies collapse causing Europe to invade the Middle East for resources.
  • 2070:China invades Alaska.
  • 2072:US annexes Canada.
  • 2074:US reclaims Anchorage.
  • 2077:Total Nuclear war breaks out between the US and China, destroying civilization as we know it. The only people who survive do so in great underground vaults. Fallout is real.
Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones)
In which Hank wants to make it very clear that you really should vote if you can. Are you registered? RockTheVote State-by-State Voter In...

For Americans who are eligible to vote:

  1. “I don’t want to get jury duty!”   Being registered to vote has nothing to do with jury duty.  Anyone who pays taxes can get jury duty.
  2. “I don’t want to vote for the lesser of two evils!”   Stated wonderfully here: not voting for the lesser of two evils is like giving half a vote for the greater of two evils.  Sometimes, you get to vote on the greater of two goods.
  3. “I don’t know how to vote, or who to vote for!”  With the internet, learning about local issues is now extremely easy, and no longer time-consuming.  Also using the internet, you can learn how to vote, when to register.  If you don’t know if you’re registered, look it up here.
  4. “I don’t really care.”  Perfectly acceptable.  If you don’t care, don’t vote.
  5. “Elections are controlled by the rich!”  Corporations get fewer votes than you, and millionaires get the same amount.  Millionaires can change the vote, however, because most of them actually vote.
  6. “I physically can’t get to the polls.”  Absentee voting is annoying, but it exists.
  7. “Politics is eating my soul.”  Politics now seem to be about scaring people and raising hell and anxiety in the population.  The gridlock is annoying.  People care more about personal attacks than actual issues.  The only way to change this is to vote away from partisanship.
  8. “It’s not even a democracy.”  Yes it is.  Every American citizen can vote unless special circumstances forbid it.  It could be more representative, but you know how to change that?  You vote.

People born after 1980 make up 30% of people who can vote.  Only 21% of them vote.

  If you’re not voting, no one is hearing your voice.

“Instead of calling Bernie Sanders the most "Christian” candidate because he advocates for the downtrodden and empowers the disenfranchised, consider: these are central tenets of Judaism, the religion that Bernie actually belongs to.

Stop saying that a Jewish dude is acting Christian for practicing Jewish values. It’s not cute.“ - Linda, our mod on hiatus.