american police

ok apparently there are MULTIPLE KINDS of tractor anarchy happening currently like 1) Catalan farmers blocking roads with their tractors to fuck with police 2) American farmers using Ukrainian firmware to hack their tractors after John Deere changed their licensing to forbid user repairs because “they own the tractor software, you’re just using it”

we live on a hell planet but tractor anarchy gives me hope


WATCH: 12-Year-Olds Pinpoint Exactly What’s Wrong With How America Sees Race

Nine 12-year-old students who participated in a new video series titled “Being 12.” In the video above, the children – who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds – share their perspective on growing up in today’s multicultural world and describe disturbing experiences dealing with race and culture.

See the full video their stories are eye-opening.

(GIF Source: WNYC)

This is a good breakdown explanation of the military fetishism most of the US is affected with. Patriotism comes in many forms! Players are kneeling to bring attention to racial injustice and systematic racism. They are kneeling to remind us that there is police killing americans without justification and any consequences.