american pitbull terrier blue


Okay y'all. I have to do something that I’ve been putting off because I didn’t want it to happen.

I’m looking to give this beautiful and wonderful lady a new home. I’m moving and where I’m moving to won’t accept her because of her breed and I don’t have the money to pay extra insurance. Trust me, if I did, I would. Also, my dad will be having three dogs instead of two, so. Kind of really need to find my baby girl a new home.

Her name is Juliet and she is 7(seven) years old, but she acts like she never aged a year passed one. She loves blue racket balls, they are the only ones she can’t break. Save for that one time she chewed one in half. She likes watermelon and being in pools and lakes and the beach. She likes looonngg walks, air conditioning, and sleeping. Also face kisses! She’s so loving and affectionate.. She just can’t be around female dogs or small children. Safe to say, she might have to be the only pet in the home, actually. Small animals aren’t good to have around her either.

She’s been with me for so long… It’s heart breaking that I can’t have her with me always. All shelters around me are full to bursting and can’t accept her, and I don’t want her to go to a dog fighting ring. I want her to have a happy and healthy and loving rest of her life, beyond what I can give her.

Please, signal boost this or something. If you, or know someone who, might be interested, please message me here or email me. I’ll include my contact information afterwards. I just… I really want her to have a good home and not be in a shelter or a ring or put down.

please message me here @bootytoohella
or email at