american pioneers

“i am anything you want me to be”

i’ve wanted this tattoo for 5 years now and after finally turning 18 and being able to get it i’m extremely happy.

the last time i met the maine (the american candy tour) i asked john if he could write this out for me because it would mean so much more to have this on my body in his handwriting. i’m obsessed with this tattoo and the fact it’s in johns handwriting means 10x more to me.


Janelle Monae: ‘Hidden Figures’ Of NASA Were ‘True American Heroes’ | TODAY

Singer Janelle Monae portrays Mary Jackson, NASA’s first African-American aerospace engineer, in the film “Hidden Figures.” Monae tells TODAY that she was embarrassed that she didn’t know anything about the women profiled in the film until she read the script, and adds that it is now her mission to educate others about pioneering African-American women in the U.S. space program. 



the maine headers ✿  © kooksmaine

I’m gonna get real sappy…. We’ve been making music for eight years and this has been the funnest fucking time of my entire life so thank you for allowing me to do so. You all.. uh… Fuck. I mean you guys helped me go from a very sad person to extremely happy in a short amount of time so thank you very much. … And I hope you all find happiness. And it’s okay to be sad; I said it a couple nights ago, we all get sad, that’s part of fucking life, man, the ups and the downs. So hang in there, man, hang in there if you’re feeling sad, this shit will pass. You will find it, I promise you that.
—  John O'Callaghan (The American Candy Tour in Atlanta, 5/13/15)

i made my graduation cap The Maine themed! i chose this because they have truly been the best constant in my life for the past four years. shit happened, but The Maine was always there for me. the past four years have been bearable because of their awesome concerts and tunes. im so grateful for them.💙
“Control what you can, confront what you can’t. And always remember, how lucky you are to have yourself.”