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You Can Now Stream 22 Hard-to-Find Films From Black Cinema’s Earliest Pioneers on Netflix
In 2015, Kino Lorber released a treasure trove from American history in a DVD box set, Pioneers of African-American Cinema. Hours upon hours of feature ...

To see black people breathing, living, acting in these films in the early 20th century is kind of amazing. Watch if you have Netflix.

The Maine songs for Valentine's Day

For friends or if you’re in love:

1. My Heroine
2. Take Me Dancing
3. Thinking Of You
4. While listening to Rock & Roll
5. Color
6. Book of me and you
7. Everything I ask for
8. I must be dreaming
9. Whoever she is
10. As long as you love me (BSB cover)
11. Bad behavior
12. Love & Drugs
13. Another night on mars
14. We all roll along
15. Every road
16. Daisy

For broken hearts:

1. Misery
2. Into your arms
3. Love Yourself (JB cover)
4. Sad Songs
5. Waiting for my sun to shine
6. Don’t give up on Us
7. (Un)Lost
8. You’ll never know
9. Raining in Paris
10. Happy
11. Some Days
12. I’m Sorry
13. Like We did
14. These Four Words
15. Goodbye


Today a dream of mine came true. I met and saw The Maine live at Slum Dunk Festival. Guys I’m really trying to not type in capitals right now because I’m literally screaming typing and just knowing this happened.

The Maine mean so much to me, something about their music just makes me feel at ease and so happy and fucking chill. They’re my everything and I’m about to cry because their music is truly magic and when I met them they couldn’t have been any nicer than they were today. All of the boys were everything and more, so enthusiastic, happy and energetic to meet and take pictures with their fans. Also, they played one of my favourite songs of theirs which I thought I’d never see live, it’s called “ My Heroin”.

Dreams really come true, I’m so fucking happy right now !!

I’m Sick of Seeing Old Building That are Inaccessible

I have seen way to many shops and stores with inaccessible entrances in Downtown Seattle (I’m looking at you, Pioneer Square). Whenever I’ve researched why these buildings are allowed to remain inaccessible, I read excuses about “preserving the historical value and appearance” of the main exterior of the building. Shit, If you want to preserve the true cultural heritage of a building, why not extend that to the inside as well? Leave the lead in the pipes and the asbestos in the ceiling. What they’re really preserving is a cultural heritage of ignoring the fact that people with disabilities fucking exist and that’s why the only wheelchair accessible buildings created in the late 19th and early 20th century were the “hospitals” and “institutions” they kept us locked away in. 

It’s fucking ridiculous that, in the year 2017, there are brand new shops in downtown Seattle that I cannot access. It’s fucking stupid. I don’t give a fuck about preserving the “heritage” of a society that did nothing to include people like me in civic life and daily commerce.  


CultureMUSIC *The Guitarists* - Black Ax Men c. 1930s-2010s

The Pioneers.

  1. Robert Johnson
  2. Muddy Waters
  3. Jimi Hendrix
  4. Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic)
  5. Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers.)
  6. Prince
  7. Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)

b.t.s footage of the restoration of this essential box-set collection, Pioneers of African-American cinema

netflix has now made 22 of the 25 films in the series available for streaming! can’t underestimate what a gift this is for (black) cinephiles! 

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Vera Rubin (1928-2016) was an American astronomer. Her pioneering work on galaxy rotation rates provided some of the first evidence for dark matter. 

She was awarded the National Medal of Science in 1993 and received many other honours and awards during her lifetime. In addition to her research Rubin worked hard for greater recognition of women in science and mentored aspiring women astronomers.


We’re excited to announce that an anonymous donor has promised two major prewar American paintings to the Whitney’s collection: Edward Hopper’s 1932 painting City Roofs and Childe Hassam’s Allied Flags, April 1917, also known as Allied Flags, Union League Club (1917).

City Roofs depicts the rooftop of Hopper’s studio at 3 Washington Square North in Greenwich Village. Hopper was frequently inspired by the two locations in which he spent most of his time: downtown New York, where he lived and worked in the same rented apartment from 1913 until his death in 1967, and Cape Cod, where, beginning in 1934, he maintained a home and studio. Although Hopper made many works that revisit favorite sites and motifs, he completed only one painting of the roof of his New York home.

Hassam was a pioneer of American Impressionism. The most well-known practitioner of this French-invented painting style, he was also one of the only American Impressionists to depict the home front during WWI. From 1916 until 1919, Hassam produced a series of flag paintings, approximately thirty works representing Fifth Avenue and adjacent streets decorated with patriotic banners. Allied Flags, April 1917 is the first painting by Hassam to enter the Whitney’s collection.

me: I lo-

friend: Aww, I love you t-


anonymous asked:

Hey, random question: i like your blog and the other day i went through your "cluster B" tag and you said there that most women diagnosed with BPD don't actually have the disorder but instead probably have CPTSD (iirc). Are psychiatrists able to formally diagnose CPSTD, though? I spoke with an old therapist about it once and she said it couldn't be given as a diagnosis bc it's not in the DSM/ICD yet, which is why I was later diagnosed with BPD, as i was told that while my symptoms (1/2)

probably DID align more closely with CPTSD, that BPD was the most accurate diagnosis i could have received. How could my BPD diagnosis be a misdiagnosis if CPTSD isn’t accepted as an official disorder yet? Do other doctors diagnose CPTSD even though it isn’t in the DSM as of now? No offense meant, i’m just genuinely curious. (2/2)

My reason for saying that most women who get diagnosed with BPD don’t actually have BPD is that part of the criteria for diagnosing a personality disorder is that it must be pervasive and inflexible. Most people (the vast majority of which are women) diagnosed with BPD don’t meet the criteria for BPD within 6 years of receiving therapy. This means that the “disorder” was not inflexible

“How could my BPD diagnosis be a misdiagnosis if CPTSD isn’t accepted as an official disorder yet?”

In 1801 French physician Philippe Pinel used the term “Insanity Without Delirium” to describe symptoms similar to what is modernly known as Antisocial Personality Disorder

Later, Dr Benjamin Rush (pioneer of American Psychiatry and signer of the declaration of independence) described ASPD behaviour as “moral derangement”. Around that same point in history English psychiatrist James Pritchard introduced the term “moral insanity”

Then, the term “psychopathy” was coined by German psychiatrists in the 19th century.

Between 1952 and 1968 the American Psychiatric Association used the diagnosis “Sociopathic Personality Disturbance”. The term “sociopath” was used instead of “psychopath” to highlight the social factors believed, at the time, to be important in the creation of this personality disorder. 

Modernly it is widely believed by psychiatrists that a number of environmental, biological, and social factors play a part in creating an Antisocial personality.

So over time we let go of the idea that psychopathy had anything to do with “insanity”, “delirium”, “derangement”, or “disturbance” in favour of the term “disorder”. We also stopped prioritizing the social factors that influence the disorder within the last 50 years or so as we started exploring more biological and environmental factors. 

If Dr. Benjamin Rush had diagnosed a patient with “moral derangement” in 1951, but he was aware of a new concept - “Sociopathic Personality Disturbance” - which wasn’t currently accepted by the American Psychiatric Association, would that make his diagnosis of “moral derangement” correct?

No, it wouldn’t. We know now that in 1951 psychiatrists were missing a lot of crucial information necessary in order to understand ASPD, let alone treat it. In fact, we still lack the information to do so.

And this is exactly my point, modern psychology is still largely based in guesswork - in theories that we’re rapidly cycling through. 

Just because we don’t currently have American Psychiatric Association approved language to describe people who are burdened with a poor sense of identity, who often are self-destructive, are afraid of being abandoned, and experience rapid mood swings better than “Borderline Personality Disorder” doesn’t mean that we won’t improve this language over time. The mere fact that it is modernly accepted does not make it correct.

That being said, CPTSD will likely never become a diagnosis because the notion that “the trauma you’ve experienced has impacted your system of thinking in such a way that you’re finding it difficult to manage interpersonal relationships, process emotions, and cope” is hard to prescribe medication for and therefore psychiatrists/big pharma can’t make money off of it. CPTSD is a diagnosis that supports therapy over medication. The pharmaceutical industry wants to sell you medication, not therapy.

“One study concluded that 56% of the mental health professionals contributing to the DSM-IV, which was published in 1994 and revised in 2000, received money from the pharmaceutical industry in the form of research funding, consultancies, or speaking fees. Reportedly 70% of the contributors to the DSM-5, which appeared in 2013, have such ties” - Dean A. Haycock, Ph. D.

That’s one hell of a bias.