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Want happened "last weekend"

thomspon: it’s hardly the most embarrassing thing anyone’s ever done while drunk

edward: you had to throw a chair at me to get me off the bar!

thompson: i didn’t have too, i wanted to

edward: i hate you so much

cute tenny shit pt.ii (pt.i)

  • okay okay o k a y
  • im back because i feel deprived and cheated
  • i asked for tenny this season but was handed a bunch of jaeten and johnyoung
  • i mean i aint complaining,, im just dead inside
  • movie marathons
  • but the movies are either really old, really crap or the entire step up franchise
  • which sorta falls into the second category im kidding step up one was great
  • i mean, any dance-centric film you can think of they probably watch it regularly
  • ten loves honey, because jessica alba is a goddess
  • and johnny can recite dirty dancing word for word like it’s the american national anthem
  • at one point in the night, they reckon it’s a good idea to try the infamous lift
  • johnny insists on having the floor covered in cushions in case ten falls
  • which he does
  • johnny kisses the boo-boo better ew
  • it’s not a fucking easy lift guys
  • patrick swayze makes it look simple
  • then they probably watch musicals
  • because why the fuck not
  • you bet your biscuit they can sing along to chicago, every damn word
  • imagine them bopping tf out to mamma mia! or west side story
  • and then crying at les miserables
  • well,, ten probably cried
  • johnny probably fell asleep
  • ten considers smothering him in his sleep but ultimately decides against it because johnny cooks, he needs johnny or he’ll starve
  • and ‘cause he loves him he guesses
  • but on the topic of chicago
  • they’d so take trips back to each other’s hometowns either for summer or for the holiday season
  • they go to chicago in winter because that city looks so damn pretty in the bitter frost
  • and because ten loves snow too much to pass that opportunity up
  • imagine an excited puppy ten playing around in the snow wtf that’s so cute
  • what? it’s march?
  • idc, tenny building snowmen
  • and pushing each other over and *gasp* snowball fights !!!
  • then after they’d have to go home and get warm
  • you know what that means ;) ;)
  • got you, you dirty minded fucks
  • sex comes after
  • in thailand, it’s pretty much warm all year round, especially in summer
  • well, to a visitor it may feel like the surface of the sun, especially to someone from the windy city
  • johnny wants to go around and see all the cool historic and traditional thai places
  • ten kinda just wants to chill and cuddle with his dogs
  • it’s the first time johnny’s ever jealous of an animal
  • but ten probably complies and takes johnny on an in-depth tour of bangkok
  • johnny lives for it and ten feels like a proud patriotic muffin
  • then,, if it rains
  • imagine tenny making out in a downpour, notebook style come on
  • will there be a part three to this
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • for now i’ll just sit here
  • waiting
  • praying
  • hoping

I was thinking about “goodnight, dr death” and now i’m feeling like the american national anthem (don’t know the name, oops) would be reallllly taboo in battery city, which would have it’s own anthem. it would be seen as very suspicious to play, sing, or even reference it unless it was in a historical context. like, even mentioning it in a neutral way would be enough to receive a written reprimand from The Patrol, and repeated offences would get you monitored for terrorist activity. it would be taken extremely seriously since it would be seen as a huge ‘fuck you’ to bli and the Director. because of this, it would be heavily used by killjoys (not by neutrals though, as they for the most part do see killjoys as terrorists). 

little Danger Days things
  • louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny
  • Kobra Kid’s righteous chops™ in the Na Na Na video
  • the harmonies in The Only Hope for Me is You
  • a song that is 50% composed of the words “ah ah ah ah ah ah ah AH AH AH”
  • that guitar solo in Summertime
  • keep running
  • so much vivid color
  • playing the American national anthem for two and a half minutes
  • a song dedicated to poking fun at Twilight
  • just all of Bulletproof Heart. The entire song. All of it. 
  • can we just
  • Bulletproof Heart

there’s someone on my friends list who is also a comic nerd but like…right now he’s sharing a meme about how captain america would be disgraced at americans kneeling for national anthem

& like i really wanna come at him with receipts about how he’s fucking wrong as fuck

like…did you not pay attention during civil war????? at all???

German Words: Über

Über, sometimes written uber in ENGLISH, is a German word meaning “over”, “above” or “across”. It’s relatively well-known within Anglophone communities due to its occasional use as a hyphenated prefix in informal English, usually for emphasis. The German word is properly spelled with an Umlaut, while the spelling of the English loanword varies. In German, über is a preposition, as well as a prefix. Both uses indicate a state or action involving increased elevation or quantity in the physical sense, or superiority or excess in the abstract. Examples:

- “überdacht” - roof-covered, roofed, also: reconsidered, thought over

- "über 100 Meter" - more than 100 meters

- “Überschall” - supersonic

- "überlegen" - (adj) superior, elite, predominant. (verb) to consider

- "übertreiben" - to exaggerate

- “überfüllt” - overcrowded

As a preposition, its meaning depends on context. For example, über etwas sprechen (to speak about something), über die Brücke (across the bridge). It also translates to over, above, meta, but mainly in compound words. The actual translation depends on context. Another example would be Nietzsche’s term “Übermensch”, another example is the Deutschlandlied, which begins with the words “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” meaning “Germany, Germany above all” (this strophe is not sung anymore, because it is mistaken as meaning “Germany above the rest of the world”; even though its original meaning was the German nation above its constituent states [Prussia, Hanover, Württemberg, etc.]. The German word “unter”, meaning beneath or under, is antonymous to über - it can be found in words like U-Bahn (subway), U-Boot (submarine), as well as toponyms, such as Unter den Linden.

In English: The crossover of the term “über” from German into English goes back to the work of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. In 1883, he coined the term “Übermensch” to describe the higher state to which he felt men might aspire. The term was brought into English by George Bernard Shaw in the title to his 1903 play Man and Superman. During his rise to power, Adolf Hitler adopted Nietzsche’s term, using it in his descriptions of an Aryan master race. It was in this context that American Jewish comic book creator Jerry Siegel encountered the term and conceived the 1933 story “The Reign of the Superman”, in which the superman (not to be confused with his later superhero character) is “an evil mastermind with advanced mental powers”. Shortly afterward, he and Joseph Shuster recast Superman into the iconic American hero he subsequently became. It is through this association with the superhero that the term “über” carries much of its English sense implying irresistibility or invincibility.

A Series of Unfathomable Feelings (10/10)

AU Rommate!Steve x Reader

Summary: After Bucky decides to move in with his long-time girlfriend, Steve has to look for another roommate. But destiny, or rather Bucky, will set him with someone less boring than Steve intended.

Word Count: 1,493

Warnings: Language, Implied Smut, Fluffiest Fluff

A/N: Gezelligheid (Dutch) is the warmth of being with loved ones.

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“Okay girls, we only have ten more minutes before she comes home with Steve. Come on, move!” Natasha shouted at the group of girls who ran around the room like headless chickens.

“I don’t think we will make it.” Wanda chewed on her nail. “We need more time!” She panicked before Natasha caught her shoulders.

“Calm down! It will be the best party in history.” Natasha said, looking straight into Wanda’s eyes as if she was trying to hypnotize her.

“But Y/n…”

“She will be here soon, don’t worry.”

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There is so much wrong with this picture I can’t even….

But if you want to know why many black lgbtq folks are wary of the mainstream LG movement, here’s a prime example.

A cartoon artist rips off an image important to radical black history, specifically the moment when U.S gold medalist Tommie Smith and bronze medalist John Carlos raised the black power fist during the American national anthem at the 1968 Olympics, all to make a point about how gay marriage is a victory for everyone.

Nevermind that it decontextualizes blackness, black power, and the socio-political atmosphere of the late 1960s in the U.S that would make raising the black power fist during the American anthem revolutionary in the first place. Nevermind that black power was a strike against the white supremacist antiblack status quo. 

Nevermind that this movement has tried to make ‘gay is the new black’ and deeply haphazard parallels between gay rights and civil rights happen that center the experiences of white gay and lesbians while silencing black LGBTQ folks at the intersections.

Does anybody remember the photos invoking Jim Crow segregation to make a point about gay marriage? 

Cause I sure do 

This is why I’m not here for the mainstream

Because it is possible to make a point about gay marriage without being antiblack, without being racist, without erasing folks at multiple intersections of marginalization 

But instead people opt not to, they do something offensive, and then expect the rest of us to shut up and take it