american jubilee

TICKLING KURT- requested Word count: 151 A/N: I’ve never read the comics sorry? It was one of the boring rainy days at the mansion and currently, Kurt was being sarcastic and tickling up your sides. Any other time you wouldn’t have mind, but now, you were focusing on drawing something important to your art class. “Come on Kurt… I’m busy” you whined out and he giggled and snuggled your arm. Obviously you weren’t getting any rest. You sighed softly and put your sketchbook down. “Okay, payback” you hiss out and tickle up his sides, eating small laughs and squeaks coming from the blue mutants lips. His tail would be swishing back and forth and coil up your arm in a small attempt to stop your actions. “Um… Usually Kurt’s the one tickling you” Jean would call out and you’d both freeze up from being caught, turning to face each other. Both of you let out a laugh and continued your attack to each other.