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[fic] we can go halfers on the consequence

desperate to get the too-dense leo to notice him, guanghong agrees to a fake relationship with phichit to make him jealous - so why’s seunggil the one acting so weird? a tale of romantic incompetence, cultural confusion, and asians being allergic to feelings.

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“In the dictionary, the definition of ‘flirt’ is just my picture,” Guanghong says.

“I don’t think you’re a flirt,” Phichit says from the other end of the phone.

“Not the noun,” Guanghong says. He’s nineteen and has never been on a date - he’s definitely not a flirt. “What does 'to flirt’ mean?”

“Well, flirting is basically telling someone you like them without actually telling them, right?”

“Exactly,” Guanghong says. “That’s my specialty.”

“This is about Leo, isn’t it.”

Guanghong groans and flops back onto his pillows. Phichit laughs. “You should just tell him.”

“That’s not what the magazines say,” Guang mumbles. He covers his face with his hands. “And I’m too shy.”

He’s not sure when it began, but it’s been a while since he started crushing on his best friend. Every touch feels like static crackling on his skin and makes his heart beat as fast as love songs say they should. When the realisation finally hit him, he avoided talking to Leo for weeks, unable to even form a coherent English sentence around him. He’d only blurted the truth out to Phichit after Phichit confronted him, concerned about the state of their friendship.

Guanghong apologised to Leo, saying he’d been busy (this through text because he was still playing hide-and-seek with his grammar every time Leo was around), and they returned to their normal patterns.

Well, mostly normal. Along with English, eye contact seems to be one of the skills Guanghong’s feelings conveniently threw down a well. Sometimes, he finds his gaze lingering on Leo, unable to stop looking at the nape of his neck, his collarbones and clavicle, his calloused hands and long fingers. Other times, he can’t make eye contact without his heart threatening to burst out of his chest.

“Maybe you haven’t done enough,” Phichit suggests.

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shirosangel  asked:

Happy birthday!! I love high school AUs so just imagine Keith stealing Shiro's letterman jacket and walks around in it cause it's comfy and smells like his bf. It's way too big but it doesn't really matter. And Shiro lets him steal it every time cause he loves seeing him wear it (and they both love that other people can see him wearing it too so everyone knows they're a couple)

Okay, if we’re going high school AU, we’re going full on cliche 1980s romcom high school AU without irony or apology. Shiro as the all-American jock, the star of his football team and the pride of the school. On top of it, he’s also smart, has great grades, AND is a genuinely nice guy???

UGH, it makes hating him super hard but Keith tries really hard to manage it. I’m guessing that Keith and Shiro were best friends as little kids, but then Keith had to leave school and was moved around from foster home to foster home. Now he’s back and Shiro doesn’t remember him and Keith AGGRESSIVELY DOESN’T CARE (hint: he cares a whole lot). He deals with his unhappiness in totally healthy ways, like feathered hair and too much eyeliner.

But of course Shiro notices him and wants to say something, Keith was his best friend but was just gone! Except this angry abrasive punk kid isn’t anything like the Keith he used to know (hint: yes he is) and Shiro just watches him sadly from a distance and wonders if Keith even remembers when they were close.

Cue shenanigans at the prom where a popular kid prank goes wrong and Keith is unfairly blamed for the whole thing. Shiro takes a stand and refuses to keep silent for his football bros because it’s wrong. They both end up in detention, but it’s worth it because it gives Shiro a chance to finally talk to Keith, and Keith to finally open up a little. 

When Keith shows up rooting for Shiro at the playoffs wearing Shiro’s letterman jacket and (slightly) less eyeliner, it’s a bit of a shock. It’s even more of a shock when Shiro scores the winning touchdown and celebrates by jumping into the bleachers to kiss Keith in front of everyone.

The Story

Title: The Story
Author: myfavoriteloves (ship blog) / omgstuffandthangs (main blog)
Fandom: Riverdale; Bughead
Rating: PG-13 / M-ish

Summary:  Their story was just beginning, but if Betty wanted it to continue, she had to find Jughead.  When she does, she discovers that her childhood friend is hiding more than just his feelings. 

Author’s Note: A fluffy, romantic piece with just a touch of angst.  Picks up where we left off in episode 6.
My absolute favorite thing about “the moment” was Jughead’s reference to The Yellow Wallpaper. That has always been one of my favorite short stories, and it inspired me here.  Go read it, pronto.

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Anon: Thanks so much for your blog – I have been learning so much!  Can you elaborate what you meant when you say that Korean fics tend to portray Kook/min as more regular dudes?  How are the characterizations different in that respect from I-fic?  And is there a difference in your experience of how “regular dudes” in Korea are written vs regular dudes in International fic (if you have come across those) are written?            

Okay. First of all, I’m going to try to speak very carefully about this because I don’t want to intimidate or discourage any international writers who may read this. Let me state right off the bat that I adore and admire all your fics and wonderful head canons. They’re a delight to read. If I accidentally sound too harsh, let me assure you that that’s not my intention at all - so bear with me as I try to explain this..

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