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Trump’s tariffs will make almost everything more expensive

  • In Trump’s view, countries such as China and Mexico are stealing American manufacturing jobs. 
  • He’s vowed to try and bring those jobs back by imposing tariffs on goods imported from those nations, as well as others, in hopes of deterring companies from making their products abroad.
  • According to CNN, Trump may use an executive order to impose a 5% to 10% tariff on all goods imported into the United States.
  • Tariffs are specifically designed to increase the cost of goods imported into the country, making them pricier for the average consumer 
  • Companies that do decide to move manufacturing back to the U.S. would need time to build local manufacturing plants. 
  • That process could take years and would present an additional cost to the company, which could potentially be passed onto consumers. 
  • Without a corresponding boost to wages, experts say the increased cost of goods could hurt consumers and possibly stunt economic growth. 
  • In fact, studies have shown trade wars disproportionately hurt the spending power of lower-income Americans. Read more

Meanwhile, China is already firing back against Peter Navarro, Trump’s controversial trade advisor

  • China just fired back against Trump’s increasingly hard-line approach to China — in more ways than one.
  • Trump ahas appointed Peter Navarro, an economics professor at the University of California at Irvine, to a newly created role overseeing global trade.
  • Navarro is the author of three books, including Death by China: How America Lost its Manufacturing Base, that take a seriously hard-line stance that not only are China’s trade practices unfair, they’re one of the world’s “central problems." 
  • First the Global Times, China’s partially-state-owned newspaper, published fiery editorial condemning Navarro. In the editorial, the newspaper wrote that Navarro’s nomination alone "may raise risk of Sino-US conflict.”
  • Then, less than a day later, China announced a nearly $29 million fine against U.S. auto giant General Motors over its “monopolistic pricing.”
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Listening to Trump

Talk about how foreign countries have “stolen our jobs” is uncomfortable, to say the least. I am writing this to help you see what is actually happening here.

A wealthy man is using rhetoric designed to engender xenophobia. He knows what to say, because he has received complaints from his workers and companies for years. Other countries did not steal American jobs (but saying this does engender a sense of hatred, a sense of betrayal, and a feeling of personal affront). What happened is much more insidious.

Our government, through years of slow and meticulous labor, has sided with corporate interests because of the sheer amount of money at stake. It has slowly loosened tax constraints, such that now most of the tax burden rests with the common folk. It has given companies escape roots from environmental strictures, such that environmental toxicology is dangerously underfunded and hackneyed at best. The government has granted more and more allowances to leave America, nay, DEMANDED IT, of companies. Did you know that if there is an opportunity to make products more cheaply, and cost the shareholders less money, CEO’s are legally obligated to take that course of action if it is agreed to by said shareholders? And in the process the government representatives have received dubious grants of support and funding. In an effort to appear less morally bankrupt, they have changed the laws regarding financing, so that nothing intrinsically illegal has been done.

China did not steal American jobs. Companies utilize their cheap and overworked labor forces to make products so inexpensively that the retail cost is an exorbitant percentage…which they then use to line their pockets. India didn’t steal the American call center. American companies employed Indian contractors for work that would otherwise be done at night (and therefore paid on a different scale to American workers) during their daytime hours. Mexico didn’t invade our country and take all the farming and housekeeping jobs from tax- paying citizens of another color. No. in fact, laws demand that American workers be paid in accordance with their labor, and so undocumented Mexican labor is cheaper, because a farmer can pay whatever he wants or have the person deported. Africans don’t live in squalor because they are “developing”. They’re still developing because the first world holds crippling debt over their heads as a means to cheap labor and as collateral on the resources we see there. This debt and strife breeds discontent, ensures there will be political unrest to further destabilize these sovereign nations. Most of the 9/11 high jackets were Saudi. Tell me why it is that we went into Iraq? Saudi’s control the oil, and as some of the wealthiest people on earth, they also made friends in high places. And so we went into a sovereign nation and stole everything, ravaged the country, “rescued” from a regime no less despotic than Putin, no less militant than North Korea, and we executed its leader. Why? How many billions in corporate defense contracts? How many millions and millions a day toward the war effort?

What has actually happened? Average American income grew after the war. The middle class was born. Companies saw an opportunity to make even more money. Congress selfishly cut a path for their own investment portfolios and career goals. Average Americans were lied to- told their company had to go overseas to cut the high costs of American labor (vilifying the Unions in the process) and more expensive restrictions by “nosy” government agencies designed to protect consumers, when in fact, the company took the jobs overseas because it saw a way it could make even more money. Companies donated some of their newfound wealth to the causes that ensure they are given consideration in law and favorable treatment by their candidates of choice.

The “victim” victimized the rest of the world, and then blamed it for its misfortunes and misconduct. America is a wife-beating psychopath of a businessman. And we blame the people we exploit. That is what really happened to all our “American jobs”. They went to underpaid labor, kept desperate, denied competition by force, held at gun point, and then labeled by the laundry list of disgusting, bigoted epithets of stupid sheep and their bright orange leader with exceptionally tiny hands.

THAT is what happened to American jobs. If you want your jobs back, you must remove the temptation to behave with impropriety. If you want your jobs back, elect men with transparency, no corporate ties. If you want your jobs back, demand campaign finance reform and transparency. If you want your jobs back, then turn all the foreigners doing them into Americans via citizenship, and reap the benefits. If you want your jobs back..stop blaming other people simply trying to live in the climate our government worked very hard to craft. If the situation was reversed, you’d do the same damn thing.

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Give 'Em Hell, Bernie Sanders | Rolling Stone

I remember the first time I was sold on Bernie Sanders as a politician. He was in his congressional office and he was ranting about the fact that many of the manufacturing and financial companies who asked him and other members of congress for tax breaks and aid were also in the business of moving American jobs overseas to places like China.

Sanders spent years trying to drum up support for a simple measure that would force any company that came to Washington asking for handouts to promise they wouldn’t turn around and ship jobs to China or India.

That didn’t seem like a lot to ask, but his fellow members treated him like he was asking for a repeal of the free enterprise system. This issue drove Sanders crazy. Again showing his Brooklyn roots, Bernie gets genuinely mad about these things. While some pols are kept up at night worrying about the future profitability of gazillionaire banks, Sanders seethes over the many obvious wrongs that get smoothed over and covered up at his place of work.

That saltiness, I’m almost sure of it, is what drove him into this race. He just can’t sit by and watch the things that go on, go on. That’s not who he is.