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Masami Teraoka (1936- ) 1888 Oiran and Mirror, from the Aids Series (Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington DC) by Milton Sonn

Masami Teraoka Oiran and Mirror, from the AIDS Series 1988 watercolor 15 x 22 ¼ in. Smithsonian American Art Museum, Museum

Masami Teraoka (born 1936) is a Japanese-American contemporary artist. His work includes ukiyo-e-influenced woodcuts and paintings. Teraoka was born in Onomichi in Hiroshima prefecture. He studied from 1954-59 at the Kwansei Gakuin University in Kobe, Japan where he received his B.A. in Aesthetics. He moved to the United States in 1961 and from 1964-68 attended the Otis Art Institute he received a B.F.A. and M.F.A.

His early work consisted primarily of watercolor paintings and prints that mimicked the flat, bold qualities of ukiyo-e woodblock prints. These paintings, done after his arrival in the United States, often featured the collision of the two cultures. Series such as McDonald’s Hamburgers Invading Japan and 31 Flavors Invading Japan characterize themes in the work in this time period. These pieces blended reality with fantasy, humor with commentary, history with the present.

In the 1980s, Teraoka shifted palette and scale to depict AIDS as a subject, transforming his ukiyo-e derived paintings into a darker realm. Since the late 1990s, he has been producing large-scale narrative paintings addressing social and political issues, especially abuse in the Catholic Church. These large-scale paintings are inspired by well-known Renaissance paintings, rather than by Japanese woodblock prints.

Teraoka has been the subject of more than 70 solo exhibitions, many of which have traveled extensively, including those organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art in 1980; The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu in 1988; and the Yale University Art Gallery in 1998. Also in 1996 he was featured in a solo exhibition at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution and in 1997 at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. His work is in more than 50 public collections worldwide.

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Pretty sure people in Japan. Born to Japanese parents. In the nation of Japan. Have more of a say in their culture.

LOL um undermining the diaspora is racist, first of all. assuming that japanese-americans are less connected with their culture is undermining the impact white supremacy has had in forced assimilation, while also idk literally stripping away their ethnic heritage just bc of where they happen to live. 

japanese-americans have dealt with the brunt force of white supremacy via internment camps, exclusion laws, unfair labor laws, etc. it’s not even about questions of ‘their culture,’ (in which both parties have an equal say), it’s about how the culture is ‘shared.’ in which people living in heterogeneous societies have more of a say in bc they actually experience the repercussions of having the same white people who literally supported them being locked away for being japanese prance around in traditional japanese clothing bc it’s now trendy lmao.

like at this point, you should thank me for wasting my time explaining this. if you send me another dumb message, i will block you i’ve reached my daily quota for how long i can engage with racists.

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why did you change your mind about jaehyun? also i think johnny would be the most likely, not cause of anything personal about him, but because he's american and that's much more of a thing in american/western porn than japanese/asian porn.

Just initially I put Jae on the list, but thinking about it, I don’t actually see him ever asking his gf about it-
Like unless she suggested it I don’t see it ever happening.
Well, anal can be painful and it’s not like he has experience with it, etc… and I just can’t picture him in that group now, he seems to sweet for it lmao

Yea, it is more of a thing in western porn, that’s why I put him on the list, but I also think Yuta is rlly adventuresome in sex, more so than the others, so I think he’d probably be the 1st one to do it and be completely open to it 


February 19th 1942: Japanese internment begins

On this day in 1942, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed executive order 9066 which allowed the military to relocate Japanese-Americans to internment camps. A climate of paranoia descended on the US following the attack on the naval base at Pearl Harbor by the Empire of Japan, which prompted the US to join the Second World War. Americans of Japanese ancestry became targets for persecution, as there were fears that they would collude with Japan and pose a national security threat. This came to a head with FDR’s executive order, which led to 120,000 Japanese-Americans being rounded up and held in camps. The constitutionality of the controversial measure was upheld by the Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States (1944). Interned Americans suffered great material and personal hardship, with most people losing their property and some losing their lives to illness or the violence of camp sentries. The victims of internment and their families eventually received an official government apology in 1988 and reparations began in the 1990s. This dark episode of American history is often forgotten in the narrative of US involvement in the Second World War, but Japanese internment poses a stark reminder of the dangers of paranoia and scapegoating.


Social studies teachers been lying??? Would it be so hard to believe? Corruption and racism have gone hand in hand for so long. Besides, ask Native Americans. The atrocities done to so many nations across America were rewritten. Once you investigate you see the systemic racism at all levels. Ask Japanese Americans about the concentration camps from WW2 and how their lives, property, businesses were stolen and destroyed. All these things are just blips in books.


They’re all here! I took it upon myself to create an illustration of a Mythological creature or character for every letter of the alphabet, trying to span across a multitude of cultures and creature-types. Another thing I wanted to accomplish with this project was to find some the more unusual and/or obscure creatures that don’t get as much representation in artwork. Individual Tumblr Posts with said creatures’ descriptions are below.

Again, I’ll be making this into a small run of books as a way to test the waters. If there’s more demand for a larger run, I’ll definitely be looking into it!

All REBLOGS are appreciated! 

Bestiary Alphabetum: Each Entry is clickable!

A is for Ammit

B is for The Beast of Gevaudan

C is for Cockatrice

D is for Dullahan

E is for Eurynomos

F is for Faun

G is for Grendel

H is for Harpy

I is for Indus Worm

J is for Jersey Devil

K is for Krampus

L is for Lamassu

M is for Manticore

N is for Nuckelavee

O is for Otoroshi

P is for Penanggalan

Q if for Questing Beast

R is for Rangda

S is for Succubus

T is for Tzitzimitl

U is for Ushi-Oni

V is for Vegetable Lamb

W is for Wyvern

X is for Xing Tian

Y is for Yara-Ma-Yha-Who

Z is for Ziphius

someone: *criticizes japanese media for its misogyny, racism, pedophilia, etc*

white people in the US: Have you considered that Japanese culture is different?

Japanese Americans: *talk about whitewashing Asian roles in Hollywood and cultural appropriation*

white people in the US: Here’s an article on what Japanese people in Japan think about this topic because Japan’s race relations are exactly the same as ours. 

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Are you really saying you have a bigger say than actual Japanese people? Fuck sake mate

???? no. i’m saying that you should listen to japanese-americans??? who have always shown distaste for cultural appropriation???? lmao???? like leave me alone deborah it’s obvious that nothing gets through your eye tape

The Pentagon has admitted it tested chemical weapons on soldiers of color during WWII.

After a long investigation, NPR reports that 60,000 black, Puerto Rican and Japanese-American soldiers were part of a Pentagon program to see how mustard gas impacted them physically. To make things worse, the testing on them may have been done on purpose to find an “ideal” soldier.