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an American animated television series. The show premiered on September 7, 1996 and ended after 26 episodes on June 21, 1997. It was produced by Hallmark Entertainment, Monkeyshine, and distributed by Bohbot Entertainment and aired as part of a syndicated animation block known as BKN. Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys ran for four years on American and international TV


This is a cartoon that exists, that was put on t.v. for kids to watch, that had money put into creating it, and that had toys made after it. It– it- IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! I’m sorry Badlanders, I really am, but I’m crying actual tears of joy after watching a few episodes of this cartoon, of which I’m going to watch more when we’re done but this is pure awesome! Where have you been all my life, Captain Simian? You and your Space Monkies, which is made up more of apes than actual monkies. 

This cartoon represents everything that made 90′s animation absolutely amazing. We have a positively ludicrous sci-fi story of a team of anthropomorphic warrior animals following in the wake of the likes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Swat Kats, and Biker Mice From Mars.  They go on a number of hair raising adventures across the galaxy, fighting a big bad and their lackies of varying danger. We’ve seen loads of these action-adventure shows all throughout  this time in animation… and it never stops being glorious.

While this doesn’t have much that sets it apart, per se, it does have plenty of good things going for it that help it stand out as a good show including copious references to other sci-fi films and tv shows, clever writing, high stakes action that gets pretty daring and dangerous, and funny, likable characters. Ohh, and did I mention it has some ongoing story arcs with cliffhangers and drama? 

Ohh yes.

I supposed on thing that sets this series apart is its villain, Lord Nebula, whom, I’m not even kidding is half-man, half-black hole, and wants to annihilate and recreate the whole universe in his image. He’s unable to, however, because he wants to cast off his humanity, which is keeping him shackled from his goals of immortality and ultimate power. Ohh and I should probably mention he’s voiced by  Michael Dorn. While I’m at it other villains in the show were voiced by  Malcolm McDowellMaurice LaMarche, and  Frank Welker.

I’m not even done here, you wanna know how much more amazing this voice cast is? The heroes include  James L. Avery, Sr.Dom IrreraJeff BennettKaren Maruyama, and the hero is played by none other than the star of mother f-ing Babylon 5,  Jerry Doyle.

I want to marry this cartoon!


  • In 1996, Mattel released a collection of action figures based on Captain Simian & the Space Monkeys. Designed by Bluebird Toys of the UK, the line included 9 basic figures and 4 large vehicles or accessories. The figures, armed with several accessories, were unusually packaged so that the consumer could rotate them inside the card bubble as though they were floating in space. 


Why did I never see this cartoon?!

Why have I never heard of it?!

What has my life been before I saw this?!

What will life be like after I finish this?!

Please, if you’ve never seen this cartoon before in your life– watch it, you won’t regret it!