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Racism against Native Americans has reached a new tipping point

While Native American protesters were being pepper-sprayed, shot with beanbags and arrested en masse by law enforcement in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, on Thursday, the Cleveland Indians were wrapping up Game 3 of the World Series; emblazoned on their hats was the franchise’s racist mascot — Chief Wahoo.

Over Halloween weekend, as protesters were recouping and taking stock of their diminished numbers, photos went public of Jason Walsh — the white boyfriend of actress Hillary Duff — wearing a feathered headdress, red face paint and a fringed leather tunic at a costume party in Beverly Hills.

These are just two of the many ways Native Americans and their cultures have been co-opted, caricatured and ridiculed at sports stadiums and Halloween celebrations across the country of late. It’s not a new pattern — but these incidents take on renewed irony amid the largest Native-led protests the United States has seen in decades. READ MORE

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Just something to keep in mind before you get on your little soap box about how ‘blending cultures will end racism!’ or whatever nonsense you want to use to speak over actual PoC so you can wear bindis or warbonnets or wear blackface.

Unless they welcome you into their culture, you are NOT welcomed into that culture. You don’t get to go into someone else’s home and start calling the shots.

Friends don’t let friends wear redface.

Excuse me for the rant I’m about to do, but I wanted to point out again that these are the REAL founding fathers of America. Not Christofer or whoever else people say is. Europeans came over and took THEIR land and claimed it as their own. They KILLED and FORCED all of them out if their homes and onto reservations. It pisses me off and we almost NEVER learn about the Native Americans in our history classes even though we are sitting in a school built on THEIR territory but people do not even have enough respect to put them in our education curriculum. And I also wanted to bring this up because summer is coming and people looooove to talk shit about my red skin and say “Ew your skin is so red what the fuck.” “You look like a lobster hahahaha.” and “OMG you’re so sunburned.” So excuse me and back the fuck up. I am not sunburned, that is the color of my ethnicity and race. Saying that shit is just as racist as anything else. If you’re allowed to love your white, tan, and black skin I am allowed to love my red skin. And no, I never lived in a tribe or reservation and I don’t speak any of the languages. But most of you never lived in Europe, Mexico, or Africa or speak a native language so you can stop with that there. And yes, I am part white, but the majority of my family starting from my great parents and back are mainly or full either Cherokee, Blackfoot, or Chickasaw. DO NOT try to invalidate me and my race. I have pride in my people and where I come from, thank you very much.

If your “anti-racism” argument only deals with black and white people, you aren’t any better than who you are arguing. The world isn’t black and white, ya knobs.

Type Asian in the tags. Literally straight fetishism. Native Americans get shit on by all American elementary schools and reduced to corn and feathers. Latinos? If not fetishized, they are made out to be lazy, over-bred, “intruders”, or have their accent mocked. Any complaint about henna being appropriating shows how little people know about their willingness to emerge others in their culture. Middle Easterns are either seen as terrorists or have to deal with people trying to trip over themselves with acceptance. 

If anything, black people are the least oppressed POC in America. At least we get talked about.

See how J.K. Rowling can appropriate a culture and make money off of it and yet actual Native women like Joy Harjo and Joanelle Romero aren’t even allowed to embrace theirs in this industry?

Joanelle Romero is told by studio executives that nobody wants to see Native people in a modern narrative and Joy Harjo is told to remove Native people from her stories if she wants her stories to be a success.

But NATIVE PEOPLE are the ones who aren’t being cooperative when it comes to representing ourselves in the media? It almost sounds like the media has a goddamned problem with us. But what else is new?

For all our talk about suppression of human rights in other countries, and despite nostalgic sentimentality about the noble Red Man, the prejudice and persecution still continue. American hearts respond with emotion to Indian portraits by George Catlin and Edward Curtis, to such eloquent books as Black Elk Speaks and Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, to modern films and television dramas in which the nineteenth-century Indian is portrayed as the tragic victim of Manifest Destiny; we honor his sun dances and thunderbirds in the names of our automobiles and our motels. Our nostalgia comes easily, since those stirring peoples are safely in the past, and the abuse of their proud character, generosity, and fierce honesty… can be blamed upon our roughshod frontier forebears.
“After four hundred years of betrayals and excuses, Indians recognize the new fashion in racism, which is to pretend that the real Indians are all gone. We have no wish to be confronted by these ‘half-breeds’ of today, gone slack after a century of enforced dependence, poverty, bad food, alcohol, and despair, because to the degree that these people can be ignored, the shame of our nation can be ignored as well.
—  Peter Matthiessen, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse