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I just saw this beautiful girl on my walk to class! I love her message and that she is willing to stand in the rain for what she believes in. #stopculturalappropriation

** EDIT** Hello! I’m so glad this is getting so much attention!!  I was just messaged this and wanted to share with you all who are interested: 

#DearNonNatives: Pocahontas was twelve. TWELVE. Her story is one of mental, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her kidnappers. Disney turned her story into an animated musical where she's older and consenting and falls in love with a white man and everybody lives happily ever after. And then they marketed that story and geared it towards children. Do NOT argue with Natives about why they hate that movie.

Native Americans are not happy with J.K. Rowling’s new story

Two days ago, author J.K. Rowling released a new story, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, on her blog Pottermore. Controversy soon followed, as Rowling immediately faced backlash over the alleged misrepresentation of Native culture in a story that draws from real Colonial Massachusetts history.


Okay, so my little sister was hand selected to go to a volleyball showcase in Hawaii.

Which is a really big deal, because we live on a Indian Reservation and this is the first time we had a student from our school be selected!!! Like, you guys don’t even know how proud my whole community is!

 But, we have a dilemma!

We are broke af, just a bunch of hud rats. 

 But she is selling T-Shirts, all she needs to sell is 150 to be able to go. 

 It’s such a rare opportunity for one of our students from our little reservation in Washington to be able to go to something like this . 

 Any donation is a big help!!!

Also check out my commissions if you don’t want a T-Shirt! All profits will go to my sister for her trip!!!

I am also going to be making friendship bracelets for anyone who donates over $20!!! (But I’ve never done anything like this before, so please be patient with me)

Guess who found out something horrid about what white people did to my tribe?

So I found out the the Osage own oil on our reservations. So in the 1920s white people would marry into the Osage and then kill their spouse to get the oil rights. And yet that isn’t taught to ANYONE here in the US. Isn’t that lovely? Edit: here’s a link for anyone who is skeptical

Support Native Americans//


Sharolyn Maleport (Chippewa)

TP Mocs (Blackfeet)


Stephanie Pinkham (Nez Perce)

Cindi (Lakota)

Lea Lattie (Cherokee)

Rainey ‘Nasugraq’ Hopson (Inupiaq Eskimo)

Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman ( Mandan-Hidatsa-Arikara) 

Dean Couchie (Nipissing)

Mary Whiteshield Lomax (Cheyenne/Arapaho)

Angela Davis (Navajo/Apache)

Leanna (Nez Perce)

White Antelope (Acoma) 

Artists and Authors//

Moonhawk Art (Cherokee/Mvskoke Creek)

Theresa Hatathlie (Navajo)

Nani Chacon (Navajo/Chicana)

David Sloan (Navajo)

Joy Harjo (Mvskoke Creek)

Dana Tiger (Mvskoke/Cherokee/Seminole)

Traci Rabbit (Cherokee)

Linda Kukuk (Choctaw)

Nadiya Littlewarrior (Cherokee)


Linda Andre (Ottawa)

Melissa Veale (Echota Cherokee)

Moose-R-Us (Ojibwe)

A Little of Everything//

Cherokee Nation Gift Shop (Cherokee)

Alaska Native Heritage Center (Alaskan Native Tribes)

Sacred Ground Trading Post (Chumash Owner)

Miranda ‘Violet’ Navarro (Mvskoke Creek/Cherokee)

Aiden Warrior (Cherokee)

Loree Ann (Menomimee)

Christy Ruby (Tlingit)

Red Earth (Various Midwestern Tribes)

Kachina House (Various Southern Tribes)

Spirit Feather (Navajo/Cherokee Artists)


If you are an enrolled member of a Native American tribe, please send me a message with the link to your online store, your tribal affiliation, and the name you wish to be listed under.

A Note on Appropriation:

A few people complained on my last post about cultural appropriation. I myself am an enrolled member of the Mvskoke Creek Nation of Oklahoma on my mother’s side, and of Western Cherokee ancestry on my father’s side. I have written a plethora of posts regarding cultural appropriation of NDN tribes. I would never compile a list that would condone the further abuse of my people. When you are buying something that is authentically native-made, you are not appropriating, you are appreciating. This is so because you are supporting Natives by purchasing articles from them that they have consented to sell and that they benefit financially from directly. I have researched, or know personally, all of the entries on this list and have disclosed their tribal information in order to reassure consumers that they are legally creating and selling their wares in accordance with the American Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.
GOP congressman furious after sacred Apache land in Arizona is designated a historic place
An Arizona congressman is angry that sacred Apache land will continue to remain listed in the National Register of Historic Places, according to Tucson Weekly.

According to the New York Times, it would have been the first time in history Native American lands would have been handed over to a foreign company by Congress. The site has long been used for Apache coming-of-age ceremonies, particularly for girls.

“This fraudulent action is the latest in a long list of egregious bureaucratic abuses of power by the Obama Administration. I will continue to fight this overreach,” Gosar wrote in his statement.

In response to the proposed sale of the publicly-held ancestral grounds, the Apache people had been occupying the land, according to the Times. About 300 people marched 44 miles from tribal headquarters to occupy the site, beginning on February 9.

“Why is this place sacred?” Wendsler Nosie Sr., former chairman of the San Carlos Apache, told Cronkite News. “No difference to Mount Sinai. How the holy spirit came to be.”

Scientists for the Society for American Archaeology corroborate this, and testified before Congress that archaeological evidence of Apache occupation and use of the site go back before recorded history.

The talk of “abuses of power by the Obama Administration” shows that Gosar doesn’t understand how the National Register or US historic preservation laws work.

But the site is not safe, yet:

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar and Sen. John McCain had joined forces with Democratic Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick in an effort to sell off the ancestral Native American land, known as Oak Flat or Chi’chil Bildagoteel to the Apache community, to mining firm Resolution Copper, owned by an Australian-British corporation.

The designation of Oak Flat as a National Historic Place could hamper the plan to construct a copper mine on the land. But ultimately nothing “guarantees that a historic property cannot be modified or even destroyed,” said Stephanie Toothman, the National Register’s keeper, in a letter to the two lawmakers.

That is why it is important to bring pressure on the government to actually protect the site. Learn more here.

Friendly reminder that Native people were literally thrown in jail and fined for making their own art and practicing their religion and making any tribute to their own culture so we do not give a damn about ya’ll going “BUT I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE INDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS ACT WHY SHOULD I GO TO JAIL OR BE FINED FOR IT?”

You’re not children. Stop insisting that we treat you like them. Shut the hell up.”