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HEY YOU GUYS Dalton made it to the top 4! BUT he was in the bottom 2 this week, so he needs your vote! The music industry could use someone like him! He’s an authentic artist who has the ability to do great things! VOTE FOR DALTON!!

I Who Have Nothing
  • I Who Have Nothing
  • Haley Reinhart
  • American Idol Season 10

I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Adore you, and want you so
I’m just a no one,
With nothing to give you but Oh
I Love You

You, You buy her diamonds
Bright, sparkling diamonds
But believe me, dear when I say,
That you can give her the world,
But she’ll never love you the way
I Love You

You can take her anyplace she wants
To fancy clubs and restaurants
But I can only watch you with
My nose pressed up against the window pane
I, I who have nothing
I, I who have no one
Must watch you, go dancing by
Wrapped in the arms of somebody else
When darling it’s I
Who Loves you…

I, Who Have Nothing- Haley Reinhart.

this song will LIVE on repeat, the emotion in it is so powerful!


I’m screAMING good lord what did I do to deserve this beautiful shit

My Last Bitching About American Idol for the Night

After watching American Idol tonight, I have three main points that I’ve gotta bitch about that are the main things on my mind about the show

1) Kree Harrison is awesome. She’s authentic. She’s different. She’s unique. No one sounds like her, and she doesn’t sound like anyone American Idol has ever had on the show. That’s why I love her. She knows what she is. I just feel like the show is just breaking her. It’s changing her. It’s confusing her. The judges are exceptionally hard on her and I do not know why because she to me is perfect. I feel like they are making her into something she’s not. One minute shes great, then the next she isn’t. One minute they are telling her not to change, then the next they are telling her she needs to be someone else and pick different songs. I just don’t get it

2) I love American Idol still. It is one of the greatest talent shows in America that has found true talent. But they haven’t been able to produce a true star in forever. I feel it’s because of the lack of young people who watch it now. Why? It’s because of the theme’s American Idol chooses to do. They try to stay relevant, but they force the contestants to pick songs out of themes that are irrelevant to our generation and the young people. That’s why consistently only older people watch it now. Like Classics, Beatles, Ballads. Yes they are awesome songs, but they don’t connect with young people because we do not know them. Since most of American Idol viewers are older, they don;t buy music like young people do. I feel young people are being turned off by American idol because of the irrelevancy the themes and songs the producers pick for the contestants. Until they change that, they won;t be able to truly produce a star. Have the themes be #1 songs of the 2000’s, a dance week where contestants pick a dance song from our generation and make it their own, I havent seen a country theme week in forever, or hell even a Mariah Carey catalog would work. Just these old ass, sappy, slow songs are getting as old as the songs themselves.

3) Mariah Carey pisses me off. Given the fact I do love her, she is a musical legend, and has enormous talent, I feel like she is awful at judging, most of the time running around in a circle with her comments not being able to produce a coherent critique. And the fact that she acts like Nicki Minaj is beneath her pisses me off. People can say what they want about Nicki, but she does have talent. She may not be as musically talent as Mariah, but Nicki is much more relevant. And the fact that when Mariah talks about Nicki as if she aint there and can’t talk directly toward her when she is saying something about Nicki just makes her a pussy to me. At least Nicki can say what she has to say to Mariah, and when someone does a Mariah song, even gives her credit. I just with Mariah would shut the fuck up

American Idol - Final 4

America is down with its final 4 contestants on their way to become the next American Idol. Skyler Laine, the country girl who was well known for her country accent, wild husky voice and the magnetism she brought to her performance was finally voted out of the competition today. This leaves Joshua, Holly, Jessica and Phil Phillips in the running to become the next star Idol in one of the most anticipated show in America.  However this year saw a revolting development where the 3 judges on American Idol, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Tyler and Randy Jackson did not determined the weekly elimination but it was handed into the hands of American citizens. America decided who stays on the show and who goes by casting their votes.

It is indeed an interesting twist of events thus the votes has seen some unfair elimination happening throughout the competition, which comprised Colton Dixon and later Jessica Sanchez who was saved by using the ‘judge’s save’ (one save for the season) by the judges.  The show saw a surprising elimination of Colton who has never once been in the bottom 3 but was voted out. Colton’s departure from the show showed a certain level of inequality in the voting system considering the fact that a few other contestant failed to live up to the reputation on the same day but Colton’s lucky streak was cut short with an elimination.

Now that the final 4 of the season has been decided, who will go home next week and if it was up to the judges, will the final 4 comprise of Joshua, Jessica, Holly and Phil Phillips?

Jessica Sanchez

Joshua Ledet

Phil Philips

Holly Cavanagh has seen the bottom 3 more than any other contestant in the show and yet week after week, the votes seem to be saving her from going home. Holly has what it takes to be a singer but she’s just not quite there yet. Indeed it has been the best contestant on the 11 years of the show, but Holly needs more time to polish her voice and performance in order to make it to the top 3 hence the top 4 where she’s at today. Her voice is powerful and strong; one of its kind but week after week, her performance has been jeopardized by her deliverance, which has always been below the par. She seems to appear shaky, unfocused and more often than not, unable to take full command of the song which results to the whole performance to appear pitchy here and there.

Well, the vote has been casted and the final 4 is now up for the competition of their life, a dream of many teenagers in their league. Who will be the next American Idol? Women constitutes more than half the population and if the logistic of voting system is carefully studied, women tends to vote more than men, it this case, it’s an extra advantage for the male contestant especially Phil Philips. If the logistic is close enough to the truth than we will be seeing Joshua and Phil Philips in the top 2 and if Holly is there, help me God, the whole system is corrupted. Though, I would like to see the 16-year-old Jessica to take one for the team and let this year be the women year! Let’s just see.


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