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Some Nights (continued)

“I’m sorry man, it was just hilarious!” Heejun laughed a little then got a serious look.

“Phillip!” The stage manager called.

“I gotta run….” Phillip ran off and left Heejun feeling guilty and speechless.

Heejun sat down and tweeted about the show, trying to sound like his happy, funny self. He got bored of his own Twitter and wanted to hack Phillip’s, so he reached for Phillip’s phone. As soon as his hand hit it, it started ringing loudly. It blared Heejun’s performance of “Green Light”. Heejun jumped back, thinking that Phillip set an alarm on his phone so Heejun couldn’t hack him. He peeked over after about five seconds and saw that it was actually ringing. “Hello?” Heejun answered the phone.

“Is Mr Phillips here?” A business-like voice replied.

“No, he’s on the stage right now. This is his best friend.” Heejun’s voice was quivering, he knew that this was bad news. He just had a feeling.

“Oh, tell him to call us back please. This is the Leesburg PD. We have some dreadful news for him.” And with that, they hung up. Heejun sat there in shock. What could have gone wrong back in Leesburg? Family problems maybe, Heejun shrugged it off. It could’ve been DeAndre or Colton trying to scare them both.

Phillip came running off the stage. “Doing Glad You Came in a little bit, you might wanna get ready.”

“PP, you got a call from the Leesburg PD. They want you to call back ASAP.” Heejun hugged Phillip, then ran to the back to get into his outfit.

Phillip stood there in shock, then dove for his cell and hit redial.

“Leesburg PD, what is your emergency?” An operator answered.

“Uh, I got a call earlier. I was told to call back.” Phillip was shaking with fear. A million thoughts raced through his mind.

“Is this Phillip LaDon Phillips Jr?” The lady asked. Without waiting for a response, she transferred him to another line.

“Mr Phillips?” A mans voice asked.

“Speaking.” Phillip steadied his voice and tried to calm himself down.

“You’re the boyfriend of Hannah Blackwell, am I right?” The man asked.

“Yeah. Why?” Phillip started to shake again.

“You guys are on in 2!” The stage manager yelled.

“Listen, can we finish this later? I got a show to perform and…” Phillip trailed off.

“Sure, I have something I need to work on as well.” The man hung up and Phillip quickly got dressed then ran on stage. 

(Shall I continue? :3 Sorry that it’s taking awhile to get to the point.)

AIS10: Clear As Day [Preview]

[A/N: WAI HALLO THERE, just getting this one out before the feels consume me. ‘Tis been a long-term idea of mine to write a full-blown fanfiction for American Idol S10, so before I get consumed by feels that will follow me through the night, here’s a preview! Hope you guys enjoy it, will probably post a summary later on.

By the way, this fic was written under the assumption that Scotty and Gabi aren’t together, since I’m not sure about the true nature of their relationship. Still needs confirmation, methinks.]

The sky’s so blue that there ain’t a speck of cloud anywhere in it, with just that yellow disk of sun and them M-shaped silhouettes of birds flyin’ out on the horizon.

Ain’t so packed on the bleachers, but the crowd’s good enough to start a ruckus when things got exciting, but not too big that they go into that frenzied riot that don’t do any good for your concentration. I released some of that breath that seemed to squeeze in my innards. Need to focus on the pitcher, I did. It’s the championships.

That pitcher, he’s been lookin’ kinda new, but there’s somethin’ in his eyes that tells me he’s mighty trained. Kinda intimidating, if you ask me. But the game ain’t over 'til you let that intimidation get to ya, and that’s somethin’ I ain’t gonna do. This guy, he seems pretty nice, but that don’t mean I’ll hand them championship cup anytime soon.

There’s that routine pitch ditty that they blare over the speakers, which makes me hold my breath 'cause I know it’s almost time. The pitcher’s about to throw it, so I gotta be still and see where it goes. Before that, though, I take some time to look at mom, but for some reason I focus more on the empty space beside her.

The screen’s got my face in full view, which is kinda distracting, but I try to ignore it anyway. Weirdly though, it catches my eye for a while. This ain’t the first time I’ve been looking at some large screen, I realize. It’s real strange, especially considering how long it’s been since I’ve done that.

The crowd’s roaring seems to soften up a bit, and I feel a little lost. I haven’t heard from her in the longest time, that girl, and I don’t really know what to feel about it. Kinda like a complete shut-off - no congrats about that new album, no “how-have-you-been’s”, no “good luck” for every game I get into and win. Lord, I don’t even think she knows I’m playing the finals today, even though the others greeted me days beforehand.

I could begin to make out all them yells and cheers, just a little. Ain’t the first time I’ve been in front of a roaring crowd.

But still it’s like some ghost got a hold of me, like my arms suddenly got all shaky and my grip goes tighter than ever. Her. Somehow, just thinking about her makes me a little mad - and it’s weird 'cause I wan’t even thinkin’ about her in the first place, nor wasn’t supposed to. She cut me off, didn’t she? I don’t even know what’s goin’ on with her anymore.

Lauren tells me she’s been around Asia for a while, but aside from that I got no dice. And it’s kinda frustrating, how she could talk to the others but never to me. Didn’t even try to promote my album on Twitter… not that she’d been obligated to, but Lord, she could’ve helped a brother out!

Suddenly I’m back on the field, with them pitcher making the pitch, and I try to focus some more. It’s like some weird split-second action where everything seems to happen at once, and before I knew it, the ball’s flying out of the field.

I can’t hear nothin’ but the sound of my coach yelling “HOME RUN!”

What else did I have to do? I pulled up my pants legs and ran as fast as they could take me, tryin’ to make sure I didn’t hit any of the other players. I’ve done this for a while, but this time around it’s kinda weird: I’m breathless, but none of it seems to come from anything physical.

It takes me a while to realize most of it’s heavin’ on my chest, though it ain’t fatigue. I think thinkin’ about her gave a little damper to my system, and I curse myself for ever lettin’ that happen.

Then again, I didn’t need to think about her anyway, but I continued. Could’ve just seen that empty space beside my mom as nothin’, could’ve just ignored the screen, could’ve just payed no attention at all. But I did think of her, and I don’t know why. Thinkin’ about her was about the most random thing I’ve done today, and coming from me, that was sayin’ a lot. And there was no reason to think about her, anyway - not like I’ve seen her on the TV screen or anything.

Then again, maybe it was the fact that I didn’t see her at all, ever.

Or the fact that it’s like I’ve never met her in the first place.

And maybe I was a little concerned at how it’s been goin’ on for months.

Before I knew it, it’s like clods of dirt’s been sprayed on my face, with the crowd goin’ on full blast.

“SAFE!” the announcer says, all flamboyant and stuff like announcers do. “McCreery wins it for the Trojans!”

I blinked a little, kinda confused at first. But when it came to “win,” everything clicked into place.

The guys then suddenly rush to me, tryin’ to see who could get to me first, and I’m hoisted up by them like I was some floating twig. Coach comes near and tells me about what a good job I’ve done, and I can’t help but laugh and smile at it all. We won the championships, and the thrill of the win was pretty much one of the best things in the world. Kinda like pure bliss.

Well, not entirely. There were still them thoughts about her, which until then I couldn’t really shake off. On one hand, I feel a little angry at her, which makes me a little guilty considering how sweet she was during the tour and stuff. But that’s the thing - after the show and the tour and those singing gigs, there ain’t nothin’ left. Like nothin’ ain’t happened during the show. Like nothin’ ain’t happened between us, as friends.

Mom’s wavin’ at me from the bleachers, and I could tell she’s real proud of me. But, almost guiltily, all I could see is that empty seat beside her.

[A/N: Sorry for the angst! But yeah, be warned: this shall be an extremely angsty fic. I dunno, after all the fluff and stuff (and going over how probable angst!Scothia would be, considering she hasn’t been mentioning him anywhere), I decided to try a more in-depth approach to how they could be tackled in the future. But I’m pretty sure it’s get lighter soon!

Hope you guys enjoyed the preview! And BAUGH, I suck at writing baseball scenes. Feel free to correct (drop some notes in my ask!) me for any errors and inconsistencies!]

Hello all!

I’m going to start writing the next chapter of You Found Me tonight, because I was inspired by some advice a reader gave me on IDF. :) 

I know where I want to go with this story and I have little ideas here and there, I just have trouble tying it all together. I’ve told you many times that was the problem I’ve had. But I’m slowly starting to see how to work around it! 

So I hope you’re just as excited to read it as I am to write it. And maybe, if I get an idea for one, while you’re waiting I could write another one-shot :)