the signs as judges on american idol
  • aries:wtf man? don't be coming on this stage with this horrible crap!
  • pisces:what are you talking about? she sounds like angel
  • gemini:maybe the angel of death.
  • sagittarius:i love the fact that you had the guts to get on this stage and embarrass yourself but my head hurts so gtfo.
  • leo:even i can sing better than her!
  • pisces:but i just don't like judging people :(
  • scorpio:then why the fuck are you a judge for american idol? how does that make sense?
  • cancer:look why do you guys gotta be so mean though? just say she can't sing!
  • capricorn:some people actually care about these auditions and actually put their soul into this and then there are people like you.
  • leo:hey who wants to hear me sing??
  • aquarius:lol is this a joke?
  • libra:i think you should go miss...before you actually end up crying.
  • taurus:lol when is lunch break? i'm not in the mood for this crap. i'm in the mood for pizza.
  • gemini:virgo what do you think?
  • virgo:i think... your singing is awful. your singing below appropriate pitch, you're not singing on beat, you can't hit the high notes,and you're slurring every single word, overall your vocal quality is weak. the only thing that made me happy about this performance is when you stopped singing.:)

so about 3 years ago my friend was showing me her sisters videos on youtube of her singing and i looked at her and told her like 1000 times you HAVE to tell her to try out for american idol and well here she is.. they saved her for last on the final night of auditions and she killed it!