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I have a few questions. 1. I'm always seeing these clips of bts in like some sort of Olympic/sports tournament and i was wondering what it was 2. I've also been seeing clips of that show bts was on when they were in America, it was ages ago. i wanted to know where i could watch it online ?? (i just realized it wasn't actually a lot of questions 😂).(I'm new to this bts thing btw)

it’s called he idol star athletics championships :) (he program features kpop groups which compete in multi-sport events)

That show is called american hustle life (you can watch it on dailymotion) 

fun fact I couldn’t get passed ep 3 because i cringed so bad ahahahahah

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Reasons why I love this video:

1. Jimin’s trying to speak English

2. Jimin and Tony relationship

3. Jungook walks around with a plushy while saying “gangster” a bunch of times

4.  V asks Nate if he’s ready to turn up even though he still probably doesn’t know what it actually means

5. Rap monster’s randomly yelling or just badly singing the entire time

cr: mnet