american hustle life

Reasons why I love this video:

1. Jimin’s trying to speak English

2. Jimin and Tony relationship

3. Jungook walks around with a plushy while saying “gangster” a bunch of times

4.  V asks Nate if he’s ready to turn up even though he still probably doesn’t know what it actually means

5. Rap monster’s randomly yelling or just badly singing the entire time

cr: mnet


jesus christ. jimin is and will be a child at heart forever 

Sad news

OMG! I just found out on daily mail that Jewel from BTS’ American Hustle Life died in a car accident ,she was dating Scott Eastwood at the time. That is so sad.

KM & BW: Noooo that’s so sad! I read it and she passed away that same year in 2014. She was one of my favorites she was so sweet. R.I.P :(