american horror story set


Remember in season 4 of American Horror Story when Dandy killed the gay guy? That gay guy was played by Matt Bomer, an actor that also played a “vampire” later in season 5. In his death scene in Freak Show, he didn’t die easily, even after having an arm cut off. I think that’s foreshadowing his role in Hotel where he’s immortal.


These are set photos posted by Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David) on her Instagram during the past two weeks. She is directing at least one episode for AHS’s sixth season. For those unfamiliar with her work, she has directed (among other things) a couple of terrible movies and a couple of great episodes for ‘The Walking Dead’.

The pic with the deer was taken during location scouting and then there’s the pic of the trees, so something’s definitely going on in a wooded area. This is backed up by the faucet pic because it was hash-tagged ‘porta potty’ and they’d need those shooting in a forest. The guy with the weapon is her 1AD. She has posted some other interestingly creepy photos lately, but these are the ones that specifically mentioned AHS or 'set life’.

Ok AHS meta writers!! What do we make of the VR experience released at Comic Con? Fetuses in jars and what looks like a hospital set up, are we really getting American Horror Story: Hospital!? But then… what does this have to do with two different themes centered around kids/“the innocence of children”? And why have they spent so much time shooting in the woods? Who has some answers for us?