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Sex With Post-Death Kyle [HCs]

Request: “Could you do sex with Kyle HCs, but this time with post death Kyle ;)” - Anon

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A/N: I fixed the wifi yesterday but I was honestly just too lazy to post. Don’t be mad, please. Violet Harmon smut is hard to write.

  • Kyle is a huge sweetheart, before and after death
  • Well, after Fiona fixes him, at least
  • (Who am I kidding? He was sweet before. Just not the part with he anger issues.)
  • Before that, it was pretty uncommon for him to be gentle
  • The first time the two of you have sex, he’d be absolutely terrified of freaking out and hurting you because of what his mom did to him
  • So every little thing would be incredibly slow-paced
  • Well, until he realizes that both of you are completely fine
  • He’d gradually go rougher when you give him encouragement
  • And after the two of you fall into the groove of things, he’d still be cautious
  • The first few times are just like that, the whole process of getting him to open up and take a look around
  • It’s actually really sweet 
  • But then, it’s a breeze
  • When he’s comfortable, he’d even initiate it
  • He’s definitely a top after his revival
  • He’d have to be in a hell of a mood for him to let you take over
  • Despite that, it’s not totally uncommon
  • Kyle loves it when you call him daddy
  • You being his princess or his baby girl, of course
  • Overall, Kyle Spencer is a kinky cinnamon roll and needs to be protected
These Foolish Things (James March x Reader) 1

Starting up a new series, for the AHS Hype Train. Part 1 of my series, written for @langdonsgun and @hoebliss. Enjoy!

This was James’ fourth kill of the day. Usually he’d just limit himself to one good kill, but he was just full of rage today. Everyone knew that this was the only day of the year that he should never be disturbed, even the ghosts grew fearful on this day. They knew he couldn’t actually kill them, but his powers over the hotel could make them relive their own pain.

He made it clear to both Iris and Liz that any and all guests that check in were to be sent to his floor, so he could hunt them with greater ease. Not wanting to deal with his scathing wrath they were complicit with his demands, sending one victim right after another to the seventh floor to meet James.

When you came through the front doors of the hotel however,  things were slightly different.

“Excuse me, do you have any rooms available for a week?” you asked Iris. Your presence to the plump older woman was very calming, leaving her to smile just a tad bit while turning around to look the key cubbies behind her. “If you can just sign your name dear, I’ll fetch you a room.” she said.

Iris was almost hesitant with handing you a key to room 76, and almost gave the you a key to the second floor instead, but a quick glance from The Countess made her grab the seventh floor room key.

“, how much would it cost for the stay? I might…not be able to afford it.” You explained while pulling out all the  paper bills you carried in your wallet. “You can stay for free.” Elizabeth said, popping behind you. She placed a hand on your shoulder, “You look in distress, I’d be happy to pay for your stay if you need it. What’s your name darling?” Elizabeth asked, her charm swayed away any bad judgement you carried towards this stranger. “It’s Y/N. Y/N L/N.” you said. “I..thank you miss. I appreciate your offer, if there is anything I can do to pay you back-”

The Countess shook her head, “I’m in no need of favors. Let me escort you to your room love.” The two of you walked to the elevator. The only thing on your person was a luggage bag filled with your clothes. During the elevator ride the two of you chatted a little, you learned her name was Elizabeth and her husband ,Will Drake, actually owned the hotel you were currently staying for free in. It was strange how you felt extremely open to this woman whom you have only met no less that five minutes ago.

“How bad was this fight of yours?” Elizabeth asked. You didn’t have to say much, the noticeable bruises and the black eye on your body easily told anyone that you were being beaten. “He threatened to kill me this time. He left for work not too soon after and that’s when I packed and left.” you explained. “I can see the good in him, which is why I tried staying, but there’s just too much evil in him too.”

“You did a good thing leaving him.” Elizabeth told her, “You’re more than welcome to stay as long as you need. Something about your aura is just soothing, you’ll get accustomed to the hotel quickly, I’m sure.” The elevator dinged and the door opened to the seventh floor. You continued your conversation while making your way down the hall.

The both of you stopped for a brief moment went a tall gentleman came out of one of the suites. He was dressed proper, in a three piece pinstripe suit, dress shoes, and walking cane. His dark brown eyes almost glistened under the fluorescent light fixtures, and his hair stood stiff from the copious amounts of gel product. He had a small pencil mustache that looked almost drawn to his face to complete his attire.

“James. So nice to run into you. This is Y/N.” Elizabeth said. His eyes, moved to your body and you swore you could see waves of joy beam from his pupils when he saw you. You put your hand out and his fingers rested under your palm as he brought your hand to his lips. You felt yourself blush as he kissed your knuckles before letting go. “That’s a lovely name for an angel such as yourself.” He spoke. His accent was rather pleasing to your ears, almost reminding you of how your great grandfather spoke.

“It does beg the question as to who would want to lay so much as an inappropriate finger your way?” he said noticing your bruises. You felt flustered for words as he just continued to glare down at you, waiting for you to speak.

“Just a horrible man James.”Elizabeth spoke for me. “Y/N. We should probably go to the room so you can relax for a bit.” “Ah yes, you should go relax. I’m heading to the bar myself, if you care to chat with me Y/N, please feel free to come down later when you’re settled. Good day to you ladies.” he said pardoning himself and continuing down the elevator.


James felt his heart racing when he spotted his once beloved coming down the hall of the seventh floor with Elizabeth, well if he had a working heart it would be. It couldn’t be real, his beloved Y/N had died many years ago in her apartment when her ex fiance killed her. Being trapped for eternity in this hotel, James was more than just heartbroken that he couldn’t protect his beloved. Hearing the news made a new darkness grow in his being that made him much more twisted than he previously was.

When he spoke to this woman he was shocked to know that they shared the same name as well as features. This woman even spoke just like his beloved. On his way to the bar he was just astonished as to how today, the anniversary of his beloved’s murder, was the day he might actually have a second chance at being with her. Maybe this time he could actually protect her, or at the least make sure she would be with him for eternity.

Foodie Friday: Easy Chicken Stir-Fry

Servings: 1-2
-1 chicken breast (boneless, skinless)
-1 large clove garlic, sliced thin
-Broccoli (with stems), about a cup, cut into bite-sized pieces
-2 eggs, beaten
-Noodles of choice (egg noodles recommended, though when I did this recipe, I used ramen noodles and it was great!), cooked
-Olive Oil
-Soy Sauce

1. Lay the chicken breast on a cutting board and butterfly it (take a knife and slice from the side toward the middle, without going all the way through the meat; then open the breast and lay it out flat), then gently press it thin so that it’ll cook quickly.

2. On high heat, place a deep saute pan or wok. Add enough oil to swirl and cover the inside of the pan. When it’s nice and hot, add the chicken. If desired, quickly season with salt and pepper before stirring.

3. Separate the chicken and toss it to ensure even cooking. When the chicken starts to develop some nice color, add the garlic and continue cooking for about 30 seconds before adding the broccoli.

4. Toss the broccoli to mix it well with the garlic and chicken (we want to maintain the crunch of the broccoli, so we don’t want to cook it all the way through). Then deglaze the pan with some soy sauce. Toss to coat and color everything in the pan, then transfer to a bowl to reserve for later.

5. Carefully wipe the inside of the pan and add some new oil to coat. Add the eggs and quickly keep them stirring so they scramble. Toss the noodles in and toss to distribute the egg among the noodles. Add our veggie-chicken mix and toss to evenly distribute.

6. Serve on a warm plate or bowl and enjoy!

Magical Ingredient!

Something I’ve seen quite a bit on a lot of kitchen witch blogs is the focus on plant-based ingredients. This makes sense, as herbs and spices are one of the main foci in witchcraft. On top of that, there are many witches out there who are either vegetarian or vegan. But if you’re a witch like me, you definitely get the crave for the meat! As we’ve seen with eggs, animal products do have magic to them, and we can make use of that in our cooking and in our practice.

So it should come as no surprise that chicken stir fry would be just as magical a meal as any vegetable stir fry! With that, our first meat-based magical ingredient shall be our humble avian friend, the chicken.

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Raising poultry is a practice that humans have done for thousands of years, likely starting with quail and the ancestors to what we now see as chickens in ancient Asia. Initially, it’s believed that poultry birds were held in captivity for blood sports (cock-fighting) and for their songs (as is the case for quail). However, it likely didn’t take long to realize the practicality of breeding and raising poultry in captivity as a food source. 

Chicken in particular, however, has an interesting link to witchcraft that has been both positive and negative over the course of history. Today, the presence of chicken parts is often linked to such practices as Voodoo, in which chicken feet are associated with luck, protection, and healing. Meanwhile, chickens are also often associated with sacrifice in witchcraft, as was seen in American Horror Story: Coven (during a fertility rite performed by a Voodoo coven) and in a 2016 media stunt in which rapper Azaelia Banks popularized (and frankly, demonized to a certain extent) sacrifice in witchcraft by filming herself cleaning chicken remains out of a closet after having “practiced brujeria for three years.”

While in some pocket areas sacrificing chickens and other animals is still practiced, we do know that animal sacrifice is often looked down upon today. But historically and culturally, there is good reason to see why the chicken could often be chosen as a sacrificial animal. Since they’re livestock animals, it is not unlike sacrificing a cow in ancient Ireland or sacrificing sheep or goats in ancient times in the Middle East.

Chickens represent not just prosperity (because they were domesticate food sources, to have plenty is always auspicious), but also fertility. Hens lay eggs frequently enough that they can be linked directly to that concept, and as eggs are an archetypal sign of birth and fertility, the hen can be considered a sign of motherhood and fertility.

Roosters and cocks also have magical aspects to them, including protection (the spurs on their feet and their aggressiveness when threatened heighten this perception) and luck (likely an association that can be traced back to cockfighting and the gambling that often was linked to it). It’s these qualities that are most linked to chicken feet in magic.

The vibrant feathers of roosters can be used in magic linked to color correspondences or to all of the qualities that chickens are associated with already.

Perhaps the most widespread link to chicken, however, is health. And this is an association that is even deeply rooted in society. The best example of this? When feeling the effects of cold and flu, often the go-to soup is none other than chicken noodle! Even without the chunks and noodles, chicken broth is linked to health and forms the basis of many soups and stews. Just as much as health, however, chicken is linked with comfort. Classic dishes such as chicken pot pie and game hen are often associated with times of comfort, family, and plenty (making them frequent choices for Thanksgivings and Christmases).

Consider ways in which chicken may be used in your craft, particularly if you’re a kitchen witch! With an ingredient which embodies fertility, motherhood, health, luck, and prosperity, the possibilities are near endless!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

al-fleetwood-nicks  asked:

I've seen the "you are the spark you are the darkness" fic and I was wondering if there are any other American horror story au fics

here are some that i know of

Protect the Coven by MissThang17 (9/? | 11,304 | PG13)

Stiles joins a coven of witches in New Orleans, just as dark forces come to destroy it. As werewolves, hunters, and voodoo users surround the young witches, protecting the coven becomes top priority. But can Stiles protect himself from the love of the enemy?

Travellers in the Dark by Whatsmyhaircolor (33/33 | 94,716 | R)

The planet has been plagued by a pestilence unlike anything the world has ever seen. The dead began to rise, and in no time at all the world found itself overrun by these walking abominations. Amongst the ruins of New Orleans and Louisiana, three groups of survivors pursue three very different paths through the apocalypse. However, unbeknownst to each of them, their fates are interwoven. One wishes the demise of the other two, one harbors a powerful young girl, and the other is struggling to save their kind from the darkness of extinction. Can any of them survive the undead, the hostile new world, or the consequences of when their paths cross?

-Currently being remastered, as of 8/4/2017 up to Chapter 8. Chapters following this may not seem to flow with the previous events. Everything will gradually come together as both works in this series are built on. Please continue to read during this time, the core story will not be altered-

Imagine Theo wanting to protect you because he loves you and had watch you die in his arms over and over again in hell but he's completely unaware that your Salem descendant and protect yourself.

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“I’m trying to protect her” Theo told Scott, Lydia, Malia. “Do you know how many time I watched her die well I was stuck there. I won’t be able to live if I have to watch that one more time.”

Hear what he’d been through in hell made you stumble backwards being caught by Lydia thinking of your own experience down there while attempting the Seven Wonders. You know all he wanted was to keep you safe because of that but you were a witch, a descendant of Salem and you ever need protection the Coven would be the ones to keep you safe before Theo or the pack even stood a chance. Lifting your hand you throw Theo back into a chair and the use transmutation to appear behinds.

“Thanks for trying Theo but I don’t need anyone’s protection” you told him kissing his cheek before appearing back beside Lydia. “As for what you saw in hell, trust me you got lucky with what you punishment is.”