american horror story protect the coven

Imagine Theo wanting to protect you because he loves you and had watch you die in his arms over and over again in hell but he's completely unaware that your Salem descendant and protect yourself.

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“I’m trying to protect her” Theo told Scott, Lydia, Malia. “Do you know how many time I watched her die well I was stuck there. I won’t be able to live if I have to watch that one more time.”

Hear what he’d been through in hell made you stumble backwards being caught by Lydia thinking of your own experience down there while attempting the Seven Wonders. You know all he wanted was to keep you safe because of that but you were a witch, a descendant of Salem and you ever need protection the Coven would be the ones to keep you safe before Theo or the pack even stood a chance. Lifting your hand you throw Theo back into a chair and the use transmutation to appear behinds.

“Thanks for trying Theo but I don’t need anyone’s protection” you told him kissing his cheek before appearing back beside Lydia. “As for what you saw in hell, trust me you got lucky with what you punishment is.”

Being in the Coven and meeting Kyle and falling for him

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-meeting him at the frat party

-falling for him (cause how could you not??)

-Madison kill him and it’s really hard for you

-He gets resurrected and you have to try to teach him everything over again

-Madison starts ‘dating’ him and you get super jealous

-Fiona “fixing” him


-super protective

-Madison tries to kill you

-omg does he get mad 

-”Why would you even try that”

-almost kills her tbh

-going on romantic walks

-post death kyle is soon good omg

-him finally telling you about his mom

-being so proud of him


-he loves cuddles too

-kyle is such a babe omg

I Will Take Care Off It - Tate Langdon Imagine

Request: Imagine: some guy is harassing you and Tate gets all protective

“You lied to me” Tate said in a surprised tone. The blonde guy didn’t expect it from you at all, and that’s why you had done it. You also, simply, didn’t want him to know. He had caught you in a lie, and you didn’t know how to respond to it. So you grabbed your headphones, and turned up the volume of the music. Trying to pretend like he wasn’t there.

It didn’t seem to work, as he just sat down on the bed next to where you were laying, and said something like oh no, don’t you do that. Before he grabbed your iPod, and turned up the volume so high, that it felt as if your ears were bleeding. “Ouch dude”!

“He’s harassing you! Aren’t you scared of him”? Tate was obviously worried, but really, you couldn’t blame him. You were scared.

“Stop talking about it, or go away”.

“Okay calm down, but tell me is he threatening you”?. You were nodding automatically, but stopped as soon as Tate’s eyebrows shot to the sky in worry. “I’m sick and tired of his face”.

“Don’t make it worse than it is Tate”. You asked him, reaching out and taking his hand. You were trying to stay as calm as possible. You didn’t want to worry him anymore than he already was.

“He’s got to get over it. He’s got me angry now. Are you scared of him? Because if you are I will take care of him”.

“Tate please”.

“Are you”? He shot you a hard look. The thing about Tate is that he transfers your emotions onto himself. And once he does, he will not leave it alone until it is solved.

“Normally I’m so strong, but this time he’s kicked me to the floor, okay Tate? Is that what you want to hear”? You let go of his hand. You couldn’t talk about this with him.

“I will take care of it”. He tried to assure you. What was he up to? What did it mean to take care of it?

“Don’t do anything. You have a habit of hurting people”.

“If he touches you, I will flip my lid (Y/N)”.

“Tate, please just wrap your arms around me”. You reached your arms out towards him, as he laid down on the bed next to you.  Wrapping his arms around you. Facing you, all close to you.

Say the words and I will protect you. It’s not like I’m going to kill him”. He whispered to you, hugging you a little tighter. Tate wouldn’t kill anyone. You just knew it inside. He would scare him away, but he wouldn’t kill him.

“Yes, I’m scared”.

“I’ll protect you, I promise”.

“I feel slightly broken because of him”. You felt scared, and you felt as if a piece of you was missing. But Tate was here with, and for you. He made you feel whole again. Whole and safe.

“Slightly broken is just what I need”.

I just want someone to love me like Evan Peter's characters in AHS love their girlfriend, like come on!

Tate loved Violet a lot, he’d do anything for her.
Kit loved Alma, he didn’t care about the color of her skin even though everyone else did.
Kyle loved Zoe, he was very protective of her.
Jimmy loved the twins, he didn’t care about that they weren’t normal, he wasn’t normal himself.
Mr. March loves the Countess, he wants nothing more than to just be with her.


Funny Raulson story that happened to me today during lunch at school. So my guy friend and I hang out at this shaded brick wall area where we usually eat our food and talk aimlessly about AHS and OUAT with a couple other friends. We were talking about Asylum/Coven and associating our teachers with each character when out of fucking nowhere he brings up Sarah and Lily. Now, before I continue, let me just say that he knows nothing about Raulson whatsoever. I don’t talk about it to anyone I know irl bc I just feel like this ship is really personal to me. Ok anyways, he straight up asks me, ‘Can you imagine Sarah and Lily together?’ I stopped midway in eating my lunch & looked at him with widened eyes. ‘What did you just say?’ I asked him cautiously. He goes on to tell me, ‘Idk, I think they look really good together,’ He’s still eating as if this meant nothing at all.

By this time, my heart rate had increased and I felt like I was gonna burst with Raulson feels any second. I asked him, still proceeding with caution, ‘W-why do you ask?’ He shrugged at me. I asked him, ‘Do you think they have chemistry together?’ He nodded. I’m freaking the fuck out and screaming internally by now. ‘Why?’ he responded. ‘Don’t you think they look good together?’ He turned the question to me. My voice is caught in my throat and I replied with a squeaky, ‘Of course,’ mimicking his nonchalance about the subject. I was trying my best to maintain composure. He proceeded to question me a couple times, ‘Wouldn’t you ship them? Can’t you see them being together?’ And he’s smiling like he was imagining them as a couple or something. It just felt so weird. I was nodding and continually avoiding his eyes for fear of giving myself away. He even added, out of all the actors in AHS, Sarah was the only one who looked good with Lily. I opened my mouth to say something but he suddenly blurted out, ‘Sily!”

‘What?’ I said. He repeated, ‘Sily, Sarah and Lily’s ship name! Or…Larah!’ And guys, he doesn’t just see them as a brotp, he sees them as a real romantic gal pal should-be-together pairing. He looked so happy when he came up with the ship names. I fought so hard to control myself right there and keep from telling him how the ship he ‘made up’ was already a huge fandom and how I have been hardcore shipping Raulson for longer than he’s been watching AHS. I was also stifling my laughter to which he asked why in the world was I laughing. Basically the moral of the story is: Raulson is way too fucking perfectly obvious that even my guy friend who doesn’t have a lot of ships (much less f/f pairings) and would never had watched AHS if it weren’t for my constant pestering, noticed how great a couple Raulson is. Their chemistry is undeniable and to me, this is solid proof.