american horror story paleyfest

Tim Stack, if you’re moderating the Paleyfest panel again this year, I have a list of suggestions:

  • Try to cut off the booze at some point. We all love Sarah, but when she’s drunk she’s just a yelling flailing mess and she never shuts up. If you see her come on stage with an entire bottle of vodka, stop her. Don’t be an enabler.
  • Let the WHOLE cast speak. If your only question for Chloe and Wes and Denis and Angela is what it was like for them to work with Gaga, you don’t deserve to be in the line of work you’re in. Because frankly it’s demeaning to them, and it’s demeaning to the fans. You’re not putting any value on their hard work. Ask them serious questions about their characters and their scenes and give them the opportunity to speak about the show that they were thrilled to be a part of.
  • For the love of all that is sacred in this world, when calling on people to ask questions at the end, do NOT pick:
    • anyone under the age of 14 who doesn’t know what’s going on
    • anyone holding a resume
    • any Raulson fangirl who just wants to ask if there was any sexual tension between Sally and Aileen Wuornos in the 0.3 seconds that they were together on screen
    • a gaggle of horny girls with Evan’s face printed on their shirts preparing to fling themselves up to the stage just to give him a wad of their hair
  • Addendum to the above: if the guy in the audience who dresses in drag cosplay shows up like he does every year, you best let him speak because we all want to see what he’s conjured up this year.

Meet all these requirements and it could be the best Paleyfest panel we’ve seen since Asylum. So don’t fuck it up.