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Murder House

Pilot l Home Invasion l Murder House l Halloween: Part 1 l Halloween: Part 2 l Piggy, Piggy l Open House l Rubber Man l Spooky Little Girl l Smoldering Children l Birth l Afterbirth


Welcome to Briarcliff l Tricks and Treats l Nor'easter l I Am Anne Frank: Part 1 l I Am Anne Frank: Part 2 l The Origins of Monstrosity l Dark Cousin l Unholy Night l The Coat Hanger l The Name Game l Spilt Milk l Continuum l Madness Ends


Bitchcraft l Boy Parts l The Replacements l Fearful Pranks Ensue l Burn, Witch. Burn! l The Axeman Cometh l The Dead l The Sacred Taking l Head l The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks l Protect the Coven l Go to Hell l The Seven Wonders


Monsters Among Us l Massacres and Matinees l Edward Mordrake: Part 1 l Edward Mordrake: Part 2 l Pink Cupcakes l Bullseye l Test of Strength l Blood Bath l Tupperware Party Massacre l Orphans l Magical Thinking l Show Stoppers l Curtain Call

If a link doesn’t work let me know. Feel free to request another series.

Will be updating and reblog whenever an episode airs.

  • Tate x Violet, 1x11

All monsters are human, and you’re a monster.


American Horror Story


“You’re all I want!
You’re all I have!”