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Distraction Part 2

Distraction Part 1~

Notes- This is the second part of Distraction and I highly recommend reading it first. You go to the Freak Show looking for Jimmy and make a very important life decision.

Words- 849

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You walked down the worn out path trying to find Jimmy. It was actually kind of chilly out, which was odd for Florida. As soon as you had finished speaking to the cops, you dashed out the door. You enter the main tent of the show grounds, figuring that if Jimmy wasn’t in there you could say hello to everyone else.  Paul and Ma Petite were the only ones on the stage. Paul was trying the best he could to adjust something while Ma Petite was carefully watching. “Hello (Y/N),” Ma Petite said in her sweet voice.

“Hello, do you guys know where everyone else is at?”

Paul answered,” They’re behind the stage working on stuff and talking things over. I got bored and this needed fixing.” He pointed to one of the curtain rods on the stage. You walked over to it and sat down with your legs hanging off of the side of the stage. “So, I guess you guys already heard about the diner,” you asked the question more to Paul than Ma petite.

“We did, Paul surely answered,” We were getting ready to rehearse and Jimmy ran away saying something was going on.”

“He was the first person I called.”

“He’d be one of my first choices too. He definitely knows how to hold his own.”

You looked down at the floor and starting playing with your fingers until everyone else came out from behind the stage. Pepper came walking out first, telling you hello and heading for the direction of Elsa’s tent. Everyone else walked past and you sat waiting for Jimmy. When he finally emerged he had a puzzled expression that soon changed to a smile when he saw you. “Hi darlin’,” Jimmy said. You walked over to him and placed a soft kiss on his cheek before locking your hand in his. It wasn’t an easy task to do at first. You both had to try to awkwardly adjust your fingers to the right positions, but finally after months of practice it was a breeze.

He pulled you to the direction of the ferris wheel, not wanting to go back to his caravan just yet. Jimmy sat down in one of the ferris wheel seats and you sat on his lap. One of his hands was pressed against the small of your back to make sure you were steady. The other hand was lying protectively across your lap. Jimmy was the first one to start speaking, “You know with everything that’s happened, I think you should consider staying with us.”

“Oh really,” you said with an eyebrow raise.

“ You could help with tickets or whatever if you got bored. You don’t even have to do anything around here if you don’t want to.”

“I like the job I have right now pretty well.”

“I know you do, babe. There’s more to you staying here than just that though.”

“And that would be?”

“ I heard Elsa thinking about moving us to a bigger city and I don’t want to leave you.” You felt dread wash over you. You didn’t know what you do if Jimmy moved away from you. You wanted to be with him, but you liked where you were now. You were also scared of moving away and not knowing anyone or anything where you were. “Jimmy,” you softly said, “ That’s a lot to think about it.”

“I know it is and  I don’t want to be without you. I would offer to just stay with you, but I think it would be hard for me to find a normal job.”

“If you really wanted to stay here with me I could get another job or a better one and we could live with my family until we had money to buy a house.”

“ I don’t want you to have to do that. I want to make sure I take care of you and that I can support you in every way that there is.”  You took a deep breath taking in the situation and thinking things through for a moment. “Have you made a plan for what would happen if I stayed with you and we left here,” you asked.

“I was thinking that since we’ve been going steady for about a year that we could get married. If we did that Elsa would for sure let you stay and she already likes you anyway.”

“You actually want to marry me?”

“ Yes, that’s pretty much all that I want right now. Just you.”

“Well, I guess I’m sticking around then.”

He smiled at you, showing off his dimples before pressing his lips against yours.  He was kissing you passionately without being rough for once. You could feel yourselves melting together with love and happiness. You gasped when Jimmy picked you up bridal style. You leaned your head against his shoulder and stared at his face. He was walking you back to his caravan where you had spent many nights before, You would go to work and resign the next day after sharing the news with all of your friends. 

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