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AHS S1: Okay so we’re going to put Evan and Taissa together. The fans are going to love it!

Some fans: …ew

AHS S2: Okay, how about a different actress?

Some fans: nope

AHS S3: Okay what about Evan with Emma AND Taissa?

Some fans: ugh

AHS S4: Okay maybe just Emma?

Some fans: nooooooo

AHS S4-7: Fuck it, put him with Paulson or Gaga.

Imagine Dating Jimmy Darling...

request: Could you do dating headcanons for Jimmy Darling please? Thank you!


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- when you first met, hiding his hands behind his back

- flirting with you for awhile and then getting distant

- one day your friends and you go to the freak show and that’s when you find out his secret…

- him running away from you but you chasing after him, “no no, it’s not like that”

- him crying when he realizes that you don’t care about your lobster hands

- you growing to love his hands and the fact that he is just special

- swooning when he holds your cheeks with his hands

- always making fun of his wifebeater but secretly loving that you can see his chest and arm muscles so well

- “are you ever going to get a real shirt?” “are you ever going to stop being beautiful?”

- the freaks LOVING you

- his mom asking you to take care of him when she is gone

- teaching him a lot of basic things

- having endometriosis (medically bad period cramps) but not knowing and anytime you are in extreme pain him rubbing your feet

- him buying you sweets and yummy food on your period despite money issues

- dates in town

- finding a beautiful lake and it being your favorite date spot

- him making you a surprise picnic and the food being terrible but eating it anyway because he tried

- him always letting you know that he loves you so that you never feel alone or unloved and you doing the same

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I’m a Freak, I’m a Weirdo // Jimmy Darling

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A/N: Okay, so this is based off a few requests. I’m not going to post them all here, but I’m hoping I got them all, lol.

As usual, I’m not completely happy with this, but I hope I covered all of the Jimmy requests with this. Please let me know what you guys think!

Warnings: Smut, language.

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I love you // Jimmy Darling

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For anon

Request: Hey I was wondering if you could do a Jimmy Darling imagine where you are jealous of Maggie because she flirts with him, so you try to make him also jealous and you find him crying his heart out in his caravan because he thinks he is not good enough for you? Fluff at the end pleasee

Warnings: Jimmy being insecure I guess

A/N: Back when Evan had great hair :’)

You loved Jimmy with all your heart but you could help and feel jealous everytime you saw Maggie flirting with him, it was something really hard to see for you, the worse was that he didn’t really pushed her when she was flirtling with your boyfriend. You were becoming more and more jealous and now, you wanted to make him feel jealous like you were feeling. 

That’s how the idea of going to flirt with another man came into your mind, you knew it wasn’t the best idea but you wanted to make him feel like you did and that was the only way to do it so that’s what you did. More than one time you flirted with a man in front of Jimmy eyes.

What you didn’t know was that he never realized how it was hurting you to see Maggie flirting with him and now, seeing you flirting with a man was hurting him even more and made him think he wasn’t good enough for you. This thought was always on his mind but now even more than ever. He felt like you deserved so much better than him, that you would be more happy with any other man on this earth than him and that was breaking his heart so bad.

You walked to Jimmy’s caravan, you wanted to see him and talk to him, you were tired of this, you were tired to flirt with a man you didn’t care about just to make your boyfriend jealous. But when you entered into his caravan, you never would have thought you would see Jimmy crying his heart out. Worriedly, you walked to him and asked him to tell you what was going on, why he was crying.

“ I - I don’t know, I just feel like I don’t deserve you, like I’m not good enough for you an-and I just want you to be happy but I don’t think you’ll ever be happy with me “ he sadly to you, trying to calm himself from crying.

“ Don’t say that Jimmy, I love you so so much and I’m really happy with you “ you reassured him and hugged him warmly.