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We want the story! We want the story! We want the story!

Gee I wonder if y’all actually want the stories or not. As they are multiple events that stacked up to explain my somewhat irrational but not totally irrational fear of mirrors.

Ok so some background info: Please note that A) I am Native, so we very much believe in this stuff and also believe that they should be respected, B) I am also a diagnosed bipolar and C) I used to live in a town that was very religious but also had no respect for the dead.

The reason for the disclaimer is that Natives very much believe in spirits (we rarely use the terms ghosts, I just use the term ghosties to help with my fears). The reason for the diagnosed bipolar is that people with bipolar disorder are often misdiagnosed as schizophrenics because they have hallucinations and people, even therapists often forget that. I was one of the people who was misdiagnosed and was on the wrong meds for years as a result. I also bring up the fact that the town I lived in was very disrespectful with their dead. They would often move graveyards but would not move the graves beyond that and build houses over it.

Y’all might already see where I am going with this.

Story one!

Being Native, most believe that people like to hang around after they are dead. Whether that is because they have unfinished business or because they want to protect and watch their family and friends, it’s all up to them. All it’s all up to them as to how they like to show up to their loved ones.

My grandmother is one of these people. And not gonna lie, she’s a little bit of an asshole. I mean look at her, she looks like one of those people that enjoys freaking others out.

When I was younger, she jumped on my bed as a puma and scared the living shit out of me and made me afraid of the dark, still afraid of the dark till this day because of that shit. How do I know it’s my grandma? Because my cousins and my ma often saw a puma and just thought they were going crazy until one day I mentioned it and we all realized that it was grandma because we also smelt chrysanthemum’s, her favorite flower, when the puma was nearby.

How does this have to relate with me being afraid of mirrors? GUESS WHERE I MOST COMMONLY SAW THE FUCKING PUMA? IN THE FUCKING MIRROR RIGHT BEHIND ME.

Story two!

Ok this is where the background info comes into more play. When I was in third grade was when I started showing more and more signs of being bipolar and when I saw more ghosties as they are naturally attracted to negative energy, especially in that town I lived in. I went to school right next to a haunted one. Like literally right across the street there was an old haunted school where the ghosties liked to migrate over because kids gave off different energies and ghosties love that. Where did I see the ghosties? ….well everywhere actually. But the most common, most scary, and most persistent WERE IN THE FUCKING MIRRORS. It’s freaky and was were the schizophrenia diagnoses came from. Also there was a petition going around the school with the teachers to have my excorcized because of this and the fact that I loved Harry Potter and read the shit out of it at that time. At this point my mother was looking towards any remedy and learned of something called “Indigo Children” and even toyed with the idea that I might be one of those few, but it was later thrown out the window. However I have lived with an Indigo Child, over the past summer, and those of you who were there on my blog during that time know that we had a hard time with the ghosties that attached to my roommate and made our lives hell.

It later leaned to the diagnoses of bipolar and got me on correct medication, however I still saw the ghosts. When I am fully medicated, I no longer see hallucinations but I see actual ghosties, normally, you guessed it, in the FUCKING MIRROR.

Story three and four (because these fuckers intertwine)!

This one was a ongoing thing. Why? Because my town was so shit that they often moved graveyards, however would not move the bodies.

This was problematic for me and my ma, as we were often very en-tuned to what was going on in our house with these fuckers and through research my ma found that we lived on top of Christian graveyards (what a turn around, the Natives living on christian graveyards instead of the other way around) and that the poorest houses and neighborhoods were on top them (these were also the only ones we could afford so we were stuck). 

The most common one that showed up in this time was a little girl THAT LITERALLY LOOKED LIKE THE GRUDGE that would show up in my bathroom mirror, and sometimes my bedroom mirror, and was the main reason I covered up my mirrors for years while we lived in that house or I just ran and kept my head down when I needed to pee. (I actually think that little girl might have been my Aunt Renee as I have seen her a lot over the years, but I digress. Also if you want the story of my Aunt Renee please let me know.) And also yes we smudged almost monthly and sometimes weekly if I had very bad experiences and nightmares trying to get rid of these fuckers as we couldn’t more.

Now building on that I had a friend, let’s call her Anna, that I liked a lot and hung out a lot with at school. She was poor like me and liked anime also like me so we bonded a lot over that. One day I went with her home to spend the night. MISTAKEEEEEE! This girl was one of those who liked to PLAY WITH GHOSTS. Like she had a tower of Arizona Teas that she liked to see how far she could build it before her friend “Fred” liked to knock down. Why didn’t I go home and why did I stay the rest of the night? Because she lived in a bad neighborhood and it wasn’t safe for a thirteen year old girl to walk out the door and walk down the street let alone the walk back the half a mile to my equally bad side of town. Through the night there was one who dragged a chain across the floor, the one who was in the attic and liked to bang on the floor through the night, the one who knocked over the cans, the one who was attached to her Ouija board (those don’t let you talk to anyone but the one attached to it. Don’t let them fool you), AND THE MOST TERRIFYING ONE. 

Well, Printup the rest of those sound pretty scary what made this one so bad? Well, this one harmed me. I was sitting at her computer, pulling my first allnighter cause that place scared me, when I felt a pain in my back. It felt like an ice-pick being driven through my center. I looked behind me and nothing was there, nothing on the wall and nothing that I could see behind me. I looked up at the mirror in front of me and saw a motherfucker STANDING BEHIND ME WITH AN ICE-PICK ON MY BACK!!! AND IT WAS ONLY IN THE MIRROR THAT I COULD SEE THE FUCKER! Now for those of you who know my history, you know that my mother raised me to begin with as a Christian and let me choose whether I wanted to continue with that or go with the Native way of life, so I knew most of the prayers and sometimes I use them when I need help and don’t have anything Native (sage and smudging tools) to fall back on with spirits. And man have I never prayed as hard as I had that day. This motherfucker stayed with my and kept getting more forceful when I kept praying. Only when I stopped and cussed the fucker out DID HE FUCKING LEAVE (though I saw in the mirror that he was hanging out in the corner watching me). And yes I had a bruise on my back when I went home and trust the I left at first light and ran the fuck home.


This was when I officially started covering my mirrors and kept it that way until I was 15. For two years, I kept my mirrors covered because of that fucker.

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Now this story is very recent and happened during my freshman year of college. I went back to my hometown with my friend, let’s call her Bella to protect her identity, and did not stay with my mother as my mom’s house was not livable at the time.

Now, I had stayed at Bella’s house before, BUT, I forgot that it was haunted by her family members and apparently her family members forgot about me (ghosties have short term memories). So when I was younger, they knew I was liked and knew the family liked me. However, many years had passed and I had changed physically and apparently they did not recognize me or remember me to understand that I was welcomed there.

So Bella, on the first night left me alone in her room and had forgotten to tell her grandpa that I was allowed there. Please note that Bella’s room was literally were her grandpa’s workshop was and he felt I was intruding on the space. So it reached witching hour (3 a.m. aka the time when spirits are more active and let their actions be known) and all the sudden I wake up and look into the mirror and WHAT DO I SEE? Bella’s grandpa that looked very pissed off and if you don’t know what a pissed off ghostie looks like BE GLAD AND HOPE IT NEVER HAPPENS TO YOU!!! So I figured out who it was, figured he wasn’t gonna hurt me, but I was very upset and freaked out that he was there so I hid under the blankets and put on some nice powwow music (Bella is also Native and I think that helped calm him and realize I wasn’t a threat but was still unsure why the fuck I was there). And guess what? Apparently he felt bad about freaking me out AND FUCKING CUDDLED ME TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Apparently he also does that to Bella when she’s upset but it freaked me the fuck out cause I have never had a ghostie touch my like that for so long. I eventually fell asleep (or passed out from nerves who knows, I really don’t) and told Bella what happened. 

From then on out grandpa was shut up in the attic because he freaked me out so much but I felt bad. He was just trying to protect his family, which I respect, but goddamn that was freaky.

So as you can tell, I have very good reasons to be scared of mirrors. To most it’s irrational as they don’t believe, but goddamn I have only told you barely half of my experiences with these fuckers so it would be crazy for me NOT TO BELIEVE. 

To this day, I have to track eclipses and other times when spirits become more active so I know when to cover my mirrors and when to put out positive energies so hopefully only the positive ghosties come to effect me! It’s not fun, but it’s manageable.


Violet, alguma coisa em você mudou em relação a mim, está distante, fria, eu não sei o que eu fiz, mas, vou te deixar em paz de agora em diante se é o que quer. É o que quer? Sabe por que eu te deixaria? Porque me importo mais com o que você sente do que comigo. Eu te amo. Pronto, falei. E não foi só por escrito, eu nunca deixaria nada, nem ninguém machucar você. Nunca senti isso por ninguém.
—  American Horror Story.
Dating Misty...
  • Meeting somewhere in New Orleans and seeing her as this unearthly being
  • Her thinking you’re ‘so darn cute, but stop gawking at me like I’m a gator that just walked into your garden’
  • Her instantly being smitten and having an adoration for you that you can’t help but reciprocate
  • Practically living with her at the swamp until she asks you just to move in
  • Tending to the garden together
  • Dance sessions every night under the moonlight
  • So much Stevie Nicks
  • Her singing to you everywhere and anytime; while making food, while cuddling, during sex, etc
  • Her teaching you how to make her mud and how to garden
  • Showing off her magic because she knows you love it
  • Going around town and getting so much food, buying new shawls, getting your fortunes told
  • Going home and having sweaty passionate sex
  • Washing off in the river; making out during
  • Forming your own coven together 
  • Forehead kisses
  • Her always hugging you from behind while walking places
  • Sleeping; her always claiming big spoon
  • Keeping her safe from harm and the cult church
  • Maybe even staying away from Miss Robichaux’s altogether because you don’t need anyone but each other
  • Living together until you’re old and grey at the swamp, sitting in rocking chairs on the porch whilst holding hands
wanna one mini bullet point aus | ha sungwoon

a/n: welcome to a new small series in which i pour my unneccessary imagination into short bullet point aus for each wanna one member! i assigned each of them an au that i felt was fitting for them and plan on writing a short bullet point scenario based on that au. hope you enjoy!

warnings: none

  • neighbor au
  • ha sungwoon is your typical hot mess neighbor
  • he moved into the apartment next to you just when you were starting your second year of college
  • when you first saw him he was kind of balancing three cardboard boxes in his arms at once and he gave you the brightest smile you had ever seen
  • and it was all really charming and sweet until he tripped and fell
  • cardboard boxes included
  • smh
  • needless to say you quickly rushed to his side to see whether he was okay because you couldn’t have your new cute neighbor injuring themselves on their first day in the building
  • ever since the cardboard box incident — as the two of you liked to call it — you became acquaintances
  • not anything close to best friends but you sometimes invite him over for dinner when you decide to cook
  • because let’s face it all sungwoon ever eats is instant ramen three times a day smh
  • and whenever he compliments your cooking skills with that broad smile of his your heart seems to speed up a little oops
  • anyways
  • fall comes and goes and soon it’s winter
  • good thing you have that annoying crush on sungwoon to keep your cheeks warm every time you see him in the hall lmao
  • it started getting really cold at night and this one particularly chilly evening you get a text from the boy that’s been on your mind for quite a while now
  • ‘hey can i come over i locked myself out lol’
  • and you’re just like
  • why did i see this coming
  • obviously you say yes
  • so when you open your door for him he’s a shivering mess because apparently he didn’t even take a fucking JACKET with him
  • and you kind of panic and rummage through your entire bedroom looking for blankets and heating pads to warm him up
  • tbh you just can’t have your crush die right there on your doorstep you just c a n ’ t
  • so you put on american horror story on netflix and make tea for the two of you and wrap sungwoon up in like six blankets
  • but when you come back with two steaming mugs in your hands sungwoon is still complaining about the cold
  • and you think for a second, wondering if this risk is really one you’re willing to take
  • your heart beating out of your chest surely meant yes though lmao
  • “do you want me to cuddle with you by any chance because you know,, body heat and stuff”
  • and sungwoon’s ears kind of turn red and he pulls his sweater over his mouth and nose but you can see him nod
  • “y-yeah sure i mean;; i don’t mind”
  • so you get under the fluffy blankets with him and wince at how cold his hands are
  • and he grins and starts tickling you a little to tease you and soon it’s a full-blown tickle fight and sungwoon is on top of you and you have to stop laughing because his face is so close to yours and it’s literally taking your breath away
  • a few moments the two of you are completely still, too busy blushing and taking in each others features to concentrate on anything else
  • your face is already burning and you think you might’ve already died and gone to hell and you curse satan for playing with your feelings like that but then sungwoon just fucking swoops in
  • and suddenly you feel as if you’ve ascended to heaven instead
  • his lips feel incredibly plush against your own, soft, perfect and warm
  • but the kiss only lasts about 0.43 seconds before sungwoon pulls away, cherry red colour dusted on his cheeks
  • “i feel like i should apologize,” he stammers out, and the befuddled expression on his face makes you burst out with laughter, cupping his face in your hands and pulling him down for another sweet kiss
  • “at least you’re warm now, aren’t you?” you whisper, a mischievous smile spread across your lips
  • sungwoon’s frown almost immediately turns into a grin at your reply and you squeak when you can feel his arms winding themselves tighter around your body, his index finger slipping in between the small gap of your sweatpants and shirt
  • “i wouldn’t mind warming up a little more, to be honest”
white christmas. (kyle spencer x reader)

notes: i loved this request, not gonna lie. already putting me in a christmas mood. besides, who wouldn’t want to spend a christmas with kyle? 
pairing: kyle spencer x reader
warnings: christmas, i suppose. implied sexual themes at the end.
words: 549
request: “Can you do a pre death Kyle spencer imagine where it’s Christmas and you and him live in the same dorm and it’s all decorated and on Christmas morning he’s being a total dork and jumping on the bed to wake you up and running downstairs like a little kid to open his presents?? Btw you’re a couple lol THANK YOU KYLE IS BAE”

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