american horror story asylum finale


friend - why do you like evan so much?

me - are you kidding me? is that some sort of trick question? let me tell you WHY i love evan thomas peters. 

his hair. have you ever seen hair like that? it’s messy, yet perfect. it’s dirty, yet it looks so soft. it looks good straight or curly, blonde or brown, short or long. it’s beautiful. just like his eyes… oh lord that boy has some mesmerizing eyes. they’re so dark and hollow, but when he looks at you with them they’re so warm and open.. they’re not blue or green, not begging for attention. they’re just a simple dark brown that almost looks black.. they should be creepy. they should be scary. they shouldn’t be so god damn beautiful. but they are, just like evan. i love his skin. i love the color, the texture, the way it looks on camera. i love that adorable little scar on his left cheek that sometimes gets covered up with makeup. i love the little red tattoo on his big, perfect hand. it’s so cute and unique. i love his facial expressions. when he cries, i cry. and when he smiles, i can’t help but get a beautiful warm feeling in my stomach that makes me smile, too. i love his sleepy, deep voice. and his silly laugh. i love everything about that boy. he’s such a down to earth, awkward, funny person. if i met him in a coffee shop with absolutely no idea who he was, i know i would love him just as much. his personality and his humor are so awkward and so likable. i know evan loves his fans, even if he acts a bit uncomfortable around all the screaming girls. that’s why i love him. he doesn’t even have to try or act all cocky around his fans to get them to melt. he just kind of stands there and i fall more in love with him. i don’t know why i do, i just do. i love him.

ask me again why i love evan so much.