american horror story [5]

“I’m dead dear, not stupid.” - Part Two

—> PART ONE <—

Pairing: James March x Reader 

Warnings: SMUT

Word Count: 416

Now that the fight is over, Miss Evers found it as her cue to come back with her cart. James heard her come in and turned his head saying, “Miss Evers, you are excused for the night. I thank you.” She granted his excuse and left the room to tend to other cleaning needs. 

James locks lips with yours and uses his strength to pick you up. You wrap your legs around his waist while he walks both your bodies to the table. Without a care in the world, he pushes whatever is on the table to the side to make enough room to sit you on it. 

Rushingly, you remove his jacket, throwing it on the floor, then next you start unbuttoning his shirt. Once you’ve succeeded, James assisted by removing it. He went on to remove your blazer and your top, then started planting light kisses on your neck, making his way down to your breasts, cupping one with his hand. The pleasure from his touch causes you to breathe heavily, moaning softly as you do. “Oh, Mr. March." 

Quickly, James removed your leggings & panties, then got on his knees and wrapped his arms around your thighs while he glides his tongue on your arousal. He takes his sweet time, switching back and from licking and sucking. James always knew how to pleasure you exactly how you wanted. 

After awhile of pleasuring you with his tongue, he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, then stands up and unbuckles his belt. You use your hands to sit you up as you watch James. You can see how hard he is through his pants. Once his pants and boxers hit the floor, he slowly slides himself into you, making you lay back, arching your back in pleasure. After giving you a minute to adjust to his size, he pounds into you faster in faster. You can see James’ hair turn from well groomed to messy, which actually looks sexy on him. 

Eventually, his thrusts started getting sloppier and sloppier. He slapped your outer thigh as he moaned. You couldn’t help but moan back loudly. James just loves it when you moan. 

Moments later, he finally finishes, letting his load fill up inside of you. Then, he lays next to you on the table trying to catch his breath. 

You turned your head to face him, smirking. "I’ll remember to misbehave next time, Mr. March." 

"Oh, darling.” James responds in his sexy 1920’s accent.


*Sorry, I’m not that great at writing smut. But I tried! And I do apologize for how short it is. I haven’t been that inspired lately. But, I hope you guys enjoyed reading anyways. XOXO <3

James March: "This death of mine, she gives it a purpose”

Today is your birthday. James told you he has planned a private event in the Blue Parrot Lounge to celebrate with the help from Will Drake and Liz. The hotel regulars have really grown to respect you this past year, even more than they do James. At first, you were just a normal hotel guest at the hotel cortez, then it lead to something much different. Something you didn’t expect to happen. You fell in love with the owner of this beautiful hotel, James Patrick March. James insisted having you live here, no charge. You agreed to it, but didn’t want to immediately share a room with James. You weren’t the type to move into things quickly and he respected that. He lived in the biggest suite on the top floor and he let you live in his office, Room 64, until you were ready to move in with him. Of course, you both spent time together everyday and gave each other space when it was needed. After around 6 months of dating, you finally decided you were ready to move in with him and your relationship has been in bliss ever since. Finding about his ‘hobby’ wasn’t something you took in easily, but after awhile, you’ve grown to accept it because you knew that he would never lay a finger on you.

You have no clue what to expect tonight. James insisted that you stay locked up in the room all day so it doesn’t spoil the surprise. You kept yourself busy by watching Netflix movies most of the day. Whenever you were hungry, you would call the bar to send you something up. It was quite boring, especially since you haven’t seen James since early this morning.

It is about 2 hours before the event. Will Drake has quite a lot of connections in LA so he brought in the best makeup artist and hair stylist he knows to glam you up on your day. James picked out your dress and had it covered up in your closet, telling you not to reveal it until it was time.

After finishing having your hair and makeup done, you felt beautiful as ever, gasping once they turned the chair around for you to look in the mirror. It is now finally time to put on your dress. You unzipped it from the cover, and it’s a stunning floor length black dress that features a sleeveless lace bodice. A large smile hit your face as your were examining the dress. James always had great taste.

The dress is on and you’re ready to go, so you waited in the room until someone called for you.

About 10 minutes later, James comes in looking so handsome and dapper in his blue striped suit.. “Dearest,” he pauses after noticing how stunning you look tonight, “your party awaits you.”

James puts his hand out for you to grab onto. You grab his hand, then transition to connecting your arm to his arm, and head out the room to the elevator.

Upon reaching the elevator, you can feel James staring at you. “What?” You asked, putting your hand behind your neck as you’re blushing.

James grabs your hand and kisses it. “You just looking ravishing, dearest.”

“Thank you, James. You look handsome as well. And the dress you picked, it’s perfect.” James smiles at you as the elevator doors open. He bows as he puts one arm out for you to exit the elevator first. As you’re walking towards the stairs, James puts his arm around your waist, pulling you close to him. You just adored how much of a gentleman he is. The way he shows you that you’re his and only his, just sends a shiver down your spine. James is everything to you. He is nothing like the past boyfriends you had. He was different. You honestly couldn’t imagine your life with anyone else. It may be odd to most people that you’re in love with a serial killer, but you didn’t give a damn. James makes you happier than you’ve ever been.

Finally reaching the Blue Parrot Lounge, it’s decorated beautifully. Will really had outdone himself. “Wow. This is lovely!” You yelled out, your face was in awe as you were looking at the decorations. 

As you’re slowly walking around with James by your side, you see a DJ in the corner, playing upbeat music. “I know it’s tempting, but please refrain from killing the DJ, my love.” You said jokingly to James, letting out a giggle. “I’ll try, darling.” James says sarcastically and laughs.

Ramona and Donovan are having fun dancing to the music, John and Iris are sitting at a table near the bar, Tristan’s by the ledge smoking a cigarette, and Sally’s flirting with the DJ.

You notice Liz and Will Drake having a conversation behind the bar, so you decide to join them. You tell James as you’re quickly pointing at Will, “Baby, I’m going to go thank Will.”

“Ah. As you do, I will make my way to go congratulate John on his recent kill.” James points to where John and Iris are sitting. He gives you a kiss on the forehead and you both part ways.

You start walking towards behind the bar to pour yourself a drink. Will notices you beside him grabbing a glass. “Y/N, happy birthday. What do you think?” He asks, smiling at you, showing his pearly white teeth.

“Mr. Will Drake, you went above and beyond of what I expected. I couldn’t thank you enough!” You reply, putting the glass down to give him a tight hug.

“Don’t worry about it. Hey, it’s your birthday. I’ll pour you a shot!” Will has a glass in his hand, looking almost empty from dark liquor. He takes the glass you grabbed and starts pouring the both of you a shot of your favorite whiskey.

Liz greets you by giving you quick kisses on both cheeks. “Happy birthday, hun.” She gives you an elevator look while saying, “Well hot damn. You look fab today.” 

“Well, thanks to Will and James.” You say to Liz as you’re slowly spinning in a circle to show off your look to Liz. 

She has a martini in her hand and raises it up to cheers, you and Will immediately following after. “To, Y/N.”

“To Y/N”, Will repeats.

The three of you down your drinks. Liz lightly sets her glass on the bar table. Both you and Will slam your glasses on the bar table after chugging that rough shot, your face looking more sour than his.

James appears and sits on the bar stool in front of you. With his naturally loud tone of voice he says, “greetings all!” Being slightly excited that James joins in on you three, you quickly make your way to sit beside him on the bar stool, wrapping your arms around him.

“Since James missed out, lets take another drink!” Will says as he’s grabbing a new glass for James.

“Ah, splendid!” James replies. 

John joins in holding an empty martini glass in his hand, sitting on the other side of James. Liz refills his glass with whatever’s leftover from the shaker, then John nods his head mouthing a ‘thank you’. Right after, Liz refills her own glass.

Once everyone’s glasses are filled, Liz has her martini glass in one hand and the other hand on her waist. She raises her glass and says, “cheers!” John and Will following after.

James kisses you on the cheek. Liz rolls her eyes from being ignored. James whispers in your ear, “happiest birthday to you, my queen.” You let out a big smile, biting your lip, then you turned your head to give James a kiss on the lips. “Thank you, James.”

“Oh, come on love birds. Hurry up and take this drink!” John says, being sarcastically impatient. 

Finally, you’re both ready to join in and everyone attempts to yell out “cheers” at the same time.


The following couple of hours consisted of chatting with everyone and thanking them for coming. You did do some dancing. Of course, James is very old school. So he stayed aside, along with Iris, when you and everyone else were dancing to modern day music. James even put a request for his favorite Benny Goodman song to slow dance with you to it, making you just melt. 

The catering provided was delicious. There was a lot of drinking involved, but you were never the type to get wasted to the point of throwing up and blacking out. You always paced yourself and knew when to stop. Luckily, no one was completely wasted. James even gave you a sip of his absinthe to try and you hated it. 

As always, Ms. Evers was in and out, nonstop cleaning throughout the party. Enjoying every minute of it.


As the night was slowly coming to an end, you were standing by the ledge chatting with Ramona and Sally. James was sitting at the bar, talking with John. James grabbed the nearest utensil laying around which was a butter knife. He tapped his glass to get everyone’s attention, “I need everyone to gather around for me.”

You glanced at James, then looked at Ramona and Sally with a surprised, yet confused look on your face. They both shrugged at you, then everyone made their way to gather around James.

“Dearest, come stand by me.” James puts his hand out for you and you quickly followed standing by him. He puts his arm around your waist and gives you a kiss on your temple. His cane leaning on the bar stool.

“James, wha-” He quickly cuts you off and proceeds to making a speech to everyone.

“I know that Y/N was the one planning on making the ‘thank you’ speech, but since this is my hotel and my queen’s birthday, i’ll speak on behalf of her anyways. I’d like to thank you all for putting your time and effort to attend such occasion. It means a lot to me that you all care for Y/N so deeply.” James smiles and looks at you, then quickly looks forward, continuing his speech. You still stood there confused because it is your birthday, it only makes sense if you speak on it, not James. But you just let him continue to do his thing and didn’t say a word. 

“I couldn’t be more happier with Y/N. Her beauty is impeccable and her soul greatly matches mine. This death of mine, she gives it a purpose.” James pauses. He lightly grabs your chin to look at him, then he does something you did not expect. James gets on one knee. He pulls out a black ring box, reaches his arms out to you, opening the box in front of your eyes. Everyone gasps in surprise, no one has seen this coming at all. You hear a mixture of everyone saying ‘oh my god’ ‘no way’ ‘awww!’ ‘what’ ‘holy shit’. You put your hands in front of your mouth from being surprised, your eyes blinking quickly as you are trying to hold back happy tears. Inside is a beautiful vintage, marquise-shaped, 10-carat diamond ring with smaller stones sparkling around the huge diamond. James looks at you with loving eyes as he asks you, “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

You’re nodding your head as your body is shaking from happiness, replying “yes! of course James! yes! A million times yes!” James still being on his knees, you slightly bend over to grab his face to drown him in kisses. As you’re still kissing him, he slowly gets up. He pulls his face away and puts on your ring. “Marvelous!”, James shouted. He has a giant smile on his face. 

“Oh my god, this ring is beautiful!” You said, while being mesmerized by your engagement ring.

“As you are, dear.” James grabs both of your hands and kisses them both.

Everyone is just watching you both in awe. “I’m going to be a Mrs. March!” You look to everyone, then move your engaged hand back and forth to show everyone.  Then, they all crowd closer to you and James to congratulate the both of you.

You really did not see this coming. You’re with James everyday and he hasn’t shown any sign at all. But, you’re ready. You’re more than ready. You cannot wait to be called ‘Mrs. March’.

To The Fanfic Writers

I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for giving us more stories based on the stories we love.

Thank you for being so open and welcoming and taking our requests even though we know you are probably tired.

Thank you for giving happiness, laughter, and sometimes even sadness into my lonely world.

Thank you for putting me on the edge of my seat wondering what’s gonna happen next, even though I probably already know.

And this goes out to all fanfic writers.

To the ones who just started out and are trying to find their place, to those who have been here the longest and have already found their place. To the ones who think their writing isnt any good (even though it is). To the ones who know their writing is good but are not cocky.

You have filled my life with almost as much joy (possibly more) as the fandom you write for.

Please dont ever stop doing what you are doing, because even if you dont know it, you are making someone somewhere very, very happy.

I want to make friends with people, so chat with me if you like the following:

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James March: Ugly Jealousy - Part Two


Eventually, you grew tired of begging James to free you from the room so you sat against the double door to collect your thoughts, resting your head on your knees. The fight to holding in your tears has failed as tiny droplets slowly fall from your eyes.

Elizabeth’s ghostly figure suddenly appears in front of you.

“Elizabeth?” You moved your head up as you were surprised to see her.

“Why do you cry, love?” She questions you in worry.

Wiping your tears with your shirt, you answer, “Oh Elizabeth, it’s James. I was having an innocent conversation with a married man and James just killed him.”

She bends down to your level, making eye contact with you. “Sweetheart, don’t be so upset. It’s because he truly loves you. I can see it in his eyes. He may even love you more than I love my precious Rudy.” Elizabeth cups your face with her hand. “And honey, I know damn well he loves you more than he loved me.”

You smiled at her in relief. “Thanks, Elizabeth.”

“And if you love him the same, you’re just going to have to accept that he is the way that he is and everything will be okay. Your James has been killing for almost a century. There’s no changing the way he is.”

“You’re right. You’re definitely right.” Elizabeth was correct. Her advice really helped ease your judgement on what James has done. James will always be the way he is and there really is nothing you can do to change him. Your love for him is so incredibly indescribable that you’re now willing to fully accept it. 

You and Elizabeth have always been on good terms. You’ll never forget the day that she thanked you for coming into James’ life because he has left her alone ever since. Now, he wouldn’t so much look in her direction whenever their ghostly spirits do cross paths in the hotel.

Elizabeth smiled back at you. But before she had the chance to say another word, a knock goes on your door. She glances at the door and her spirit disappears.

“Dearest?” James calls as he’s putting his ear close to the door to listen for you.

“I’m right here, James.” You answered.

James grabs the key from his pocket to unlock the door. “I’m coming in.”

As he enters the room, he closes the door behind him and quickly scans the room with his eyes to look for you, then he finally sees you sitting on the floor. “Darling, are you alright?” He goes to kneel down to your level, facing in front of you.

“Yeah I’m fine now. Actually, I’m better.” You said as you’re looking down.

“My sincerest apologies for my actions by keeping you locked in our bedroom. I just could not dare to see you leave me.” James lightly grabs your chin to lift your head up. “Not for a day. Not even for a minute.”

You smiled at James when he said the last line. “I forgive you, James.”

“Come.” James smiled and put his hand out for you to grab. “Take my hand, dearest.” 

Forgiving James put your mind at peace. Feeling the way you’re feeling right now, that beautiful face of his is something you can’t say no to. Those dark brown eyes definitely drew you in more and more.

You took James’ hand and he helped lift you up from the floor, grunting a little as he lifts you up. “Now that that’s all in order, I have a small surprise for you.”

“Surprise?” You questioned. An apology gift wasn’t something you expected at all. 

James opens the door and the sight of him quickly disappears as he’s grabbing something in the hall. Keeping your feet glued to the floor, you move your head to get a closer look at what he’s doing. 

He comes in pushing a cart filled with enough appetizers, entrees and desserts for two. Your eyes grew wide from surprise and excitement. “I figured we dine in tonight. How does that sound, darling?”

You walk over to James, giving him a kiss on the cheek to thank him. “That sounds perfect, James.” 

James smiles, revealing his dimples. “Splendid.”