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Preference: S/O with Glasses

request: Yay! I’m so happy you’re back! Could you do headcanons for all of the Evan characters and an s/o who wears glasses?

a/n: i don’t want to include roanoke because rory was in there for so little and mott is just hard to write these things for



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tate would think your glasses are the cutest things ever. he would always watch you as you would read or write poetry and wait for those little moments where the glasses slid down and you would absentmindedly tuck them back up with the back of your wrist. but his favorite time with your glasses would be when he’d get really close to you and be about to kiss you but slowly reach up and slide them off so that there is nothing between him and your sparkling eyes.


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kit would call you his “smarty” he thought your round rims made you look really intelligent especially with the round doe eyes behind them. he adopted you in the asylum and swore to protect you, if loving you wasn’t enough he would always be running after the people who did you wrong. one day you remembered being in the main room and one of the more aggressive men came over and tried to proposition you. of course you said no, but he got angry and hit you, knocking off your glasses. “You don’t touch the girl I love, I will KILL you.” kit threw a punch and then rushed to you picking up your glasses and inspecting your face, but you had bigger priorities, “do you know what you just said?” he smirked “what? about killing him, or loving you. because both are true”


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kyle is just such a goofball that he would always be taking off your glasses and putting them on, “Ha her, I er have a lot of calculus homework to do” “Kyle, you are mean.” he’d call you his little dork and often pretend to “fix” invisible glasses on his face. he’d lovingly call you four eyes and every other name in the book for people with glasses. but his absolute favorite little habit would be when you tuck your hair behind your ear to show your face. if you got contacts he would almost seem upset and ask where his dork went while wearing your glasses. he’d also do that annoying thing where people put your glasses on and then say, “omg you really can’t see” because he knows it bothers you.


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jimmy would have noticed your glasses first when you walked into the diner he was in to pick up some food for the group. he thought they were ~groovy~ and made you seem like you had some secrets and he was determined to find them out. jimmy is chivalrous and so being a girl and also having glasses he was very protective of his “breakable baby”. you’d hate being called that but he always would wink when he said it so you couldn’t be mad for more than a few seconds.


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james would think that your glasses make you look polished and sexy when you are doing business but he didn’t like you to wear them when it was just you two. he’d argue that he wants to see your beautiful eyes without having to look through a lens. when iris tells him about contacts he would have her order them for you so that his queen could see him but he could also see her eyes for what they are.



NOTE: This graphic only contains actors who have appeared in multiple seasons