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Let’s be real.. emma created this show with her iconic performance in Coven(snubbed) without her this show wouldn’t be here. No one else on the show can hold a candle to Emma’s sharp line delivery. I don’t think anyone could spit the lines out like she does. “She can only play a bitch because she is one. She only ever plays a bitch.” Lol (Unfabulous, Nancy Drew, Hotel for Dogs, Aquamarine ,The second half of Wild Child,Palo Alto, Nerve, AHS: Freakshow, Adult World, Scream 4, It’s Kind of a Funny Story, Valentines Day, and Adult World. Just to name a few) She won’t get nominated because award shows are pretentious. They RARELY nominate young people (I’m looking at you emmys) and they don’t do stuff like this even though it is genius along with her cut throat performance.

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people are getting out of hand with these snapchat filters  source: @itselsamars on twitter


How do Sarah Paulson and her 8 amazing characters of the AHS universe connect? Here’s how: Billie Dean Howard spoke of Roanoke in season 1 and everyone thought she was behind the season 6 TV series, but we now know that Lana Winters will be the one with the show to interview the only person left living from Roanoke: Lee. Lee attempted to kill the second to last survivor of Roanoke, Audrey who previously in the season acted the part of Shelby Miller. Shelby’s husband was sleeping with the original supreme Scáthach who generations later connected to Cordelia Foxx as the most current supreme. Cordelia was the head supreme when Queenie went to the Hotel Cortez and was killed where Hypodermic Sally was also killed in 1994. The same hotel where Billie Dean Howard visited in person and was spooked out by Mr. March and the other ghost murders. Lana Winters will confront Lee and if you recall Lana was in the Asylum in season 2 with Pepper who lived at the freakshow in season 4 with Bette and Dot. Bette and Dot witnessed the Murder of Dandy Mott who’s ancestor was Edward Philippe Mott from the Roanoke House who led Shelby and Matt Miller to safety in the shows original story. Then his ghost terrified Audrey Tindall when she went back to Roanoke for season 2 of the Roanoke series where she was ultimately killed by cops after attempting to kill Lee. Had Audrey survived she’d probably be face to face with Lana Winters on her talkshow special, not Lee. 

P.s Let’s not forget Lee was a patient off Ben’s, the boring woman whose husband had left her…

 Ryan Murphy you brilliant man you.


“I love (Y/N).”

“WHAT!” Both witches screamed in unison.

You stood in the door way shocked at what you had heard. You saw Kyle stand up and walk past the girls not paying any attention to them. Just walking straight to you.

And he placed his hands on the sides of your face and pulled you into a heated kiss.

You stared wide eyed before let yourself melt into his kiss. Completely forgetting the other two witches in the room.

He eventually pulled back and looked deep into your eyes.

“I love (Y/N).”

Dating Madison Montgomery would include

-You’re the only other person in the coven she wouldn’t hurt to become a supreme

-Helping her out to become the supreme honestly

-Since she’s a ‘movie star’ you always end up watching things she was in

-Always going out and partying with her

-Messing with your powers and being impressed with each other

-Kicking ass together with your powers when its needed

-getting drunk and making out

-Always lots of PDA she will make out with you in front of anyone

-Giggling with each other

-She can be really funny when she wants to be

-She is filled with gossip

-Trading close so you both look hot all the time

-On the rare occasion she is really happy it is usually because of you

-Giggling and giving each other sweet kisses

-You fall asleep holding each other

-Wanting to kill the people who attacked her at the frat party

-Trying to be there for her when she comes back from the dead

-Doing anything you can to make her feel better

-Just because you dont know how she feels doesn’t mean you dont want th best for her

-She leans her head on you shoulder

-Hugging her tight, you make her feel alive

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