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happy asian american and pacific asian heritage month
↳ featuring some north american hockey players of asian extraction 

(others include: kelly mcdonald, jess koizumi, jamie storr, peter ing, mike wong, torrie jung, jomar cruz, matt oikawa, ryan kuwabara, ryan suzuki, steve tsujiura, kyuin shim, hiroyuki miura, rudi ying, keanu yamamoto, zach yuen)

Make You Miss Me

Hey babes, this one is based off of the song Make You Miss Me by Sam Hunt. It’s also for my babe because i love her lots and i want her to come visit me!  I hope you all enjoy!!

- Cassie

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          The rate at which you got bored of things was not an unknown fact to people.  The first time you met Alex Nylander you were immediately captivated.  He was new and fresh and different than the person you had been in a relationship with for the past three months.

            He figured you out rather quickly.  Even before your first date he understood that your favourite song changed faster than the length of it.  That you were the type to open a book but never really finish it, and you started movies but never got more than halfway through them.  

            On his first visit to your apartment he quickly noticed the lightly warn shoes, the out of season clothes with the tags left on them, the various books with bookmarks at different places in each book and the unopened DVDs that you bought but never watched.  

            Alex knew that if he wanted to stick around longer than the last boy in your life he had to weave his way into your life.  He did exactly that.  He began to leave t-shirts and his jacket, he made comments that would stick in your head about his favourite things over and over making sure that you’d be reminded of him when you saw them.  

            When you finally made him leave it was only partially because you got bored.  Mostly it was because you were scared, scared of how long it took you to become remotely bored and how quickly a simple conversation would take that feeling of boredom away.  But Alex gave into your wishes and he left.  He left his t-shirts and his jacket.  He left his life perfectly weaved in with yours so no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t forget him.   

             Dating was terrible, no one lived up to Alex.  Everyone was dirt compared to Alex, you went through them quicker than you could forget their names.  Very few making it past the third date.  And Alex got to watch it all.  Your mutual friends gave him a VIP pass to all your complaining about the little things your dates did that weren’t the way you liked, that weren’t the Alex did things.  

            In the car you would put on his favourite song, seemingly never getting tired of it and never being able to get the lyrics out of your head.  

            But tonight was the worst, you had gone out on a miserable date.  You had gone for a natural makeup look, the man that you went on the date with was not a fan.  Soon after you got home you found yourself putting on Alex’s favourite movie.  Digging through your closet hoping to find a t-shirt that Alex left praying that it still smelled like him.  Painting his favourite shade of red on your nails checking your phone every five minutes hoping that you’d have a text from him or a missed call.  

           Across town Alex was with friends who told him they were nearly positive that at dinner last week it was his jacket that you had on.  He knew then that the ache in your chest had to be the same as his.  You were never far from his mind or his heart.  He checked his phone on occasion hoping that you were closer to breaking than he was.  

             When his phone buzzed in his hand he had to take a second look to make sure he wasn’t imagining it.  It had been months since your name came up on his screen, months since his favourite picture of you flashed on the screen.  Everyone in the room noticed the different vibe radiating off of the young swede, looking at him expectantly before he rushed out the room. 

            Once he was away from his friends he took a deep breath and answered the phone “hey baby” he said softly into the phone, praying you knew that you were calling him, and that you were sober. 

            “Do you maybe want to come over?” you mumbled back, completely and utterly sober. 

            “I’ll be right there” he replied.  A grin spread over his face as he ran back into the house to grab his things.  His friends knowingly yelling things at him and laughing.  

           When Alex got to your apartment he noticed that your hair was up, his favourite.  He noticed that you had minimal makeup on, another of his favourites.  He heard his favourite album on in the background and not to mention you were wearing one of his favourite t-shirts.  Later on when the two of you were laying in bed and watching his favourite movie he noticed your nails were painted his favourite shade of red.  Your breathing had evened out and you had relaxed completely, a sure sign you were sleeping Alex pressed a kiss to the side of your head quietly whispering “made you miss me."  Alex knew he’d be sticking around a lot longer than six months this time.