american history x*

Hamilton: Dear John Hamilton what to say to you…

Hamilton: You have my eyes

Hamilton: You have my dead boyfriends name


Special Agent: What about American History X, you ever seen that movie?

Dylann Roof: Yeah, I’ve seen it.

SA: What are your thoughts on that movie?

DR: That’s an okay movie, but it’s got an anti-white ending. The only reason - I think it’s funny because that’s a good movie, you know, but at the end of the movie, the only reason they give for you not to be a skinhead is because it’s bad to go around with so much hate in your heart. That’s literally the reason they give and that’s the only counter reason they have.

SA 2: So in the movie when Edward Norton’s character went to prison and changed his ways and saw that people are, you know, everybody’s kind of the same on the inside no matter what their skin is on the outside, everybody has the same struggles, you just may not - I can’t, I don’t know what a black man’s struggle is just like he really doesn’t know what my struggle is. We all have our own things we go through in life. In that movie, that’s the whole point, so you’re saying the way it turned out when Edward Norton comes out and he now realized he was wrong, you’re saying he should have come out realizing he wasn’t wrong?

DR: [chuckling] Of course.