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Name: Rye
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Country: USA

Hi! My name is Rye. It’s a dumb nickname, I know. I’m looking for a penpal because I love to make new friends and to talk about anything and everything. I love American history, and history in general, biology, reading and music! I mostly listen to the stereotypical teenage pop bands, but I’ll listen to anything and I love to find new music. I’m a junior in high school and a Libra. I’m also really into conspiracy theories and dumb shit like that. I’m involved in the LGBT community and like to think of myself as open-minded.

Preferences: I would prefer email, and someone who is relatively close to my age, although I really don’t mind. As long as you’re not a homophobe, racist, bigot, etc. etc. we’ll be fine!!

Things kids in my school have said

“I’m so tired, I’m gonna fall down the stairs. Don’t catch me, I wanna die.”

“JE SUIS LIVRE!” (translation: I am book) 

“Dude I haven’t vegetabled since two weeks ago.” 

“The last time I felt emotion was 2002″ 

“Is your exam dank enough?” 

“don’t let your memes be memes. Kill them instead.” 

“did you just assume that I got sleep last night? How dare you.” 

“I want to be that pigeon. He does what ever he wants.” 


“How do you expect me to french if i can’t even english.” 


“Why are white mom names so funny.”

“Are you apart of the bleach club?” 

“I’m a professional actor.” “I don’t care I’m awkward.” 

“Is it just me or is she more dead than usual.” 

“Bee movie memes are the only reason why I’m alive.” 

“At least she didn’t say you would sink in the dead sea.” 

“I’m captain of the pigeons.” 

“I have D-money’s class next.” 

“Teenagers tend to be more impulsive and dangerous” “BECAUSE THEY SLEEP WITH A GUN! AND KEEP AN EYE ON YOU SON!” 

“How are you all today?” “Well I don’t know about the rest of the class, but I’m dead inside.”

“remember that if the pH scale is a higher number, then it’s more basic.” “So the Hydrochloric acid drinks a lot of Starbucks?” 


It’s been a while since I posted something on here, so here’s some pictures of the notes I made to study for my history test (featuring one of my plants to fill up some space)


minds at work [v x x x x]

a couple years from now, if and when someone asks we what I learned in Math, Science, History or English from high school, I would probably say “I don’t know, but I know I got an A.”
That’s how screwed up school is nowadays, as long as you ace or pass the class and you get high test scores to make your school look good to get more funding, they won’t care about what you learn or how you’ll apply it.

APUSH Study Guides

Hello, everyone! Many of you have requested study guides for AP US History since I opened the offer up - and I have delivered!

Here is the first study guide. It will be part of this page on this blog found under the ‘explore!’ menu. I will update it very frequently! I expect to have most of them done for every era by tomorrow. Maybe even all of them. We just don’t know. 

Eventually I’d like to make infographics of all the eras but that’s hard and I am a mere student living life, blogging, exercising, watching shows………..


Why is our Black History still only taught as an elective course in the US public schools system?

Why am I on Native American/Indigenous soil but can hardly tell you about the land’s original inhabitants other than the oppressive force of the Europeans? (And barely any of the true cruelty that took place)

Why are Asian American contributions not even a fucking elective class option?!

Why do I live in Colorado and hear people tell Mexicans/Latinos to “leave this country” when the very place I work is historically, geographically Mexico, yet isn’t even whispered in our schools?

WHY are these still issues and I’ve been out of high school for nearly a fucking decade?

Columbine is American/World History and it deserves to be remembered. We can’t forget- bc the victims should not have died in vain. Praying that the copycats discontinue trying to recreate it. If you want to learn from e&d’s mistakes and honor every victim, treat your peers with more respect/compassion and be the person that e&d needed when they felt so lonely and rejected. Your words hold the power of life and death, speak life into others, encourage them, and build upon their spirit. Xo

Hamilton’s reach spreads beyond Broadway. Since the musical opened in 2015, it’s won almost every possible theatre award, including 11 Tonys and the Pulitzer Prize. Its cast recording has gone platinum and hit No. 1 on the rap chart. A large part of Hamilton’s appeal is that it takes the story of America’s Founding Fathers and recasts it in contemporary terms — the score is an amalgam of hip-hop, R&B and pop, and the cast is multiracial. As author and star Lin-Manuel Miranda says, “It’s a story about America then, told by what America looks like now.”

It’s also become a popular teaching tool in America’s classrooms. With funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and a curriculum developed by the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, 20,000 New York City high school juniors are not only getting to see the hottest show in town for 10 dollars a ticket — a “Hamilton” — they’re also taking a deep dive into American history. Gilder Lehrman has provided a website with primary source documents, and the students spend a month researching and coming up with their own creative responses to the material; they write songs, raps, poems and scenes. Representatives from each participating high school then get to perform onstage at the Richard Rodgers Theatre before seeing a matinee performance of Hamilton on the very same stage.

‘Hamilton’: A Story Of Us

Photo: Walter McBride/Courtesy of the Gilder Lehrman Institute 

One of my favorite memories from high school is something that happened in my American History class. We were having a discussion and somehow got onto the topic of a woman president when one of the boys started to say that we couldn’t possibly have a woman in the white house because of that stupid argument of ‘what’ll happen when she’s on her period she’ll destroy everything because she’s pmsing’ 

And the teacher looked him dead in the eye and was like ‘You should think carefully about what you’re saying because you are literally surrounded by girls right now’ and he stopped talking and just kind of looked around and realized that he was the only boy in this little section of the classroom and all of the girls around him were glaring at him. 

This was also the class where the teacher separated the class with boys on one side and girls on the other when we did our unit on women’s suffrage which  turned out to be a brilliant idea because it ended with the girls wanting to strangle the guys every class period. 

ectonutella  asked:

Oh I really like your Navajo McCree headcanon! (Admittedly I don't know much about Native American tribes, being European and all) I usually headcanon him as being mixed race half Mexican (makes sense since there's a lot of Mexican immigrants there) and half Irish (McCree is an Irish name)

Thank you! I was lucky to learn a lot more about Native Americans because of my high school history teacher. In America we don’t tend to learn about Native Americans and their history unless it’s a quick page and a half in a history textbook about the pilgrims and then again during America’s expansion out towards the west, otherwise known as “Manifest Destiny” (a very horrible ideal). My history teacher was the first person in my life to sit there and actually say, point blank, “What we [the American government and society] did to the Native Americans was a genocide.” It was an eye opener to say the least.

If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest looking for some online texts about Native American tribes and looking into the history of the American west. 

I headcanon McCree as mixed race myself, half Navajo and half Latino. I headcanon the that the Irish last name came from McCree’s mom (who is Navajo in my case). It’s not uncommon to see Native Amercan’s with eurocentric names, and this is due to generations of intermarriage and/or forced assimilation. And history wise, a lot of Irish immigrants moved out west to escape poverty and xenophobia in the east. Plus at the time, land there was super cheap, and anyone could take a gamble at making a living there. There’s a lot of Irish names out west as well because of that. 


I should also mention that a lot of Latino and Mexican people and families there are not just immigrants. A lot of them have been here and born here for generations. Similar to how basically everyone in America (save the Native American’s of course) can trace their ancestry to an immigrant, yet they themselves are not. Also it should be noted that many Mexicans have lived in American ever sense the boarder was moved in 1848 after the Mexican-American War. Like legit, they were living in the territories that was apart of Mexico, then BOOM, the boarder is moved and the territories are now America’s. Crazy right?