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It’s Always Been You

Yoooo, I wrote another fic! I’ve been hampered down lately by college and crap, so I haven’t been able to write as much because I’m constantly hella tired. But I saw the sappy prompts list I just reblogged, and I got an idea that I actually managed to see through to the end! Whaddaya know…
Anyway, it’s UsUk as always (UsUkUs, really… there’s rarely a seme/uke dynamic in my fics - I don’t tend to like it), and around 3,728 words, give or take a couple.
Also, please keep in mind that I have never been to one of these kind of parties. And I know that plenty of popular people don’t get wasted at every party. To be honest, I’m just using Mean Girls as my referencing point, and other accounts of parties I’ve found on the internet. And Mean Girls was fine to use in terms of age, because can you believe that Regina George was sixteen?! THAT’S MY AGE.
…Pfft, I’m a loser. Like I didn’t already know that.

Alfred Foster Jones was popular.

All throughout his life he’d been one of the popular kids. Friendly, optimistic, good-looking, smart, sporty, rich, American – he was the literal formula for universal popularity. When he’d started college he’d managed to form a plethora of friends on just the first day. A week later, everybody knew of Alfred F. Jones. Even if you weren’t in a single one of his classes, you still knew who he was. Boys wanted to be him, girls wanted to be with him – from day one he’d been the very definition of popular.

That’s why Arthur Kirkland simply couldn’t fathom why he’d never dated a soul.

Arthur and Alfred had met when they were seven, on the first day of junior school. Arthur had been reserved and introverted, but Alfred had managed to worm his way through his shyness, and they’d quickly become friends. All throughout primary and secondary school they’d remained best friends, and now that they were in college they were still that close.

However, although they were best friends, they still had their popularity differences. It was almost laughable – Alfred the Popularity King was best friends with Arthur the Social Reject. Alfred was the one who people wanted at their parties, who people wanted to be friends with; Arthur just got the token invite because everyone knew that excluding him would lead to Alfred refusing to associate with you.

As a result of Alfred’s popularity, he’d been asked out multiple times. Sometimes he’d get asked out thrice in a single day. Plenty of the time it was by people who just couldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

But in spite of all these offerings, Alfred had never dated anyone. He’d never accepted a dating proposal, never kissed anybody (even in games of Spin the Bottle he point-blank refused), never done anything romantic or sexual in the slightest. It baffled Arthur, quite honestly. Even Arthur had had his first kiss (just in a game of Spin the Bottle he’d been token-invited to; it was slimy and awful – the feeling was only exacerbated by the fact that Alfred was right there watching him make out with someone. That wouldn’t be a problem if Arthur wasn’t head-over-heels in love with him.), yet Alfred had yet to be kissed. For the longest time he’d thought that popularity went hand-in-hand with an active sexual life, but Alfred was living proof of the contrary.

He’d asked Alfred about it, a few times. It wasn’t that he had a problem with Alfred being single (hell, his chest hurt every single time someone asked Alfred out, and there was always that sick feeling of what if he says yes), he was just curious as to why Alfred always rejected them. The answers he’d received had been rather wishy-washy; things like ‘I don’t know them well enough’, or ‘They’re not the type of person I want’. He’d never elaborate, because he always changed the subject to something much more mundane and trivial. And Arthur never pushed him.

“I’ll be seeing you there, Al!”

The pretty brunette sent Alfred a wave and a flirty smile before walking off to go find her friends. She’d left an invite to her Halloween party in his hands, and a token-invite in Arthur’s. He couldn’t help but scoff at it. Already, people know how to get Alfred at their functions.

“You gonna go?” Alfred asked, popping a piece of gum in his mouth and offering one to Arthur across the table, who took one and shrugged.

“I don’t go to these things without you. Besides, it’s you they want, not me.”

I want you there,” Alfred insisted, blue eyes wide in that sincere way that made Arthur fall deeper in love. “Hell, if I’m going to a party I want a friend. Who else would I talk to about physics and shit?”

“Somehow,” Arthur said with a laugh, “I don’t think you go to parties to discuss physics.”

“So are you going?” That was the thing about Alfred. He’d never go unless Arthur said he was going. And Arthur knew that Alfred did truly like these parties and enjoyed revelling in his position as Popularity King, so it was that Arthur agreed to attend.

“Cool!” Alfred said, then he started bouncing up and down excitedly. “Oh oh oh, what should I dress up as? What about Superman? Or Captain America? No wait wait wait – we should totally go as Batman and Robin! Dude, this idea is priceless! You be Robin, and I’ll be Batman!”

“I am at least ninety-percent certain that you’re supposed to dress up sexily, if the movies are true in what they portray,” Arthur said. Although you look sexy any way you dress. Alfred drooped, until he seemed to think of another thing that brightened him up.

“But Batman is sexy! I mean, have you seen his abs? Defined, or what!”

“Batman is not sexy!”

Alfred scoffed. “Yeah, tell that to Selina Kyle.”

“Anyway,” Arthur made to steer the topic away from Batman’s abs, “we’ve got the rest of the month to think about it. Right now, we’ve got to focus on this Chemistry shit.”

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why doesn’t marinette ever play rizzo in grease fics

So I know in ladybug !grease aus!, or rather ‘the school puts on a play’ scenarios, Marinette is usually cast as Sandy or makes the costumes, or both. Which is fine, though a lot to take on. However. Sandy definitely isn’t the one wearing a red and black polka dot dress??? 

 I just think there’s hilarity potential in Marinette being Rizzo. For one thing, no one would expect it. The casting call gets announced for Grease during the end of class and Alya excitedly nudges Marinette, saying she should go for the role of Sandy to impress a certain blonde model. The idea would be tempting to Marinette, certainly, but I think she’d be more interested in making the costumes, and doing that and trying out for the lead role might be too much. So she declines Alya’s suggestion because she’d rather focus on costuming, and with a laugh, says if there was any role she’d go for, it would likely be Rizzo.

 And Alya just stops dead and stares at her friend. And asks why.

Not understanding Alya’s shift in behavior, Marinette tries to explain that she just appreciates the character’s styling more, also it would be a lot less of a role to take on if she were to juggle costuming too. 

At this point Alya bursts out laughing, not cruelly obviously, but the idea of the cutest girl in class, baring Rose of course, playing the brash, sultry Rizzo was hilarious. And Alya tells her this. 

Now Marinette is feeling just slightly offended, which Alya sees plainly on her face. And so I see the rest of the exchange going something like this;

Alya: I don’t mean it as a bad thing! Rizzo’s character can just be pretty abrasive and in your face - 

Marinette: -I can get in people’s faces!

Alya: *Laughing again* Yeah, when someone else is being mean, you’re all about truth and justice. Newsflash girl! Rizzo’s the mean one through a lot of it. You don’t have a mean bone in your body.

Marinette: *At this point she really begs to differ, but doesn’t want to get into how she has quite the mean jealous streak that still ashamed her*. It’s just acting. How hard can it be to pretend to be a jerk?

Alya: Easier for some people. Sorry Marinette! You’re just too… nice and cutesy.

Marinette: *Mumbling* I can do more than ‘nice and cutesy.’ Besides, you think I should be Sandy! She has to wear that leather outfit at the end and sings a song that’s anything but cute. 

Alya: *Looking playful* True. Maybe Frenchie would be a better fit for you? She’s super nice!

Marinette: Urgh. You’re just poking fun now.

Alya: *Chuckling* A little. I still think it’s ambitious.

Marinette: It’s not like I said I was going to do it. She would just be my top pick. 

Meanwhile Nino and Adrien finishes packing up their schoolbags and turns around, clearly interested in the commotion going on behind them.

Nino: Do I hear an actual argument going on between the ladies? What’s going on?

Alya *Chuckles and ignores Marinette’s glare* Hardly an argument. Marinette think’s she can be Rizzo!

Marinette: I don’t want to actually be in the play at all-

Nino: Rizzo? Ain’t she like… the sexy one?

Alya: Yes! And jerky. It would be weird, right?? She’s too cute!

Marinette: I’m right here. And no, it wouldn’t be weird! 

At this point Nino and Alya are stifling chuckles, and even Adrien looks to be cracking a smile.

Adrien: I don’t know, guys, She’s talented enough, she could pull it off.

Marinette blushes heavily at the compliment, naturally. She was absolutely gonna die-

Adrien: Although… Alya might have a point. 

Marinette: …what.

Adrien: *Looking sheepish* Well, you’re the sweetest person I know. It’s a little hard to imagine. 

Marinette: …what.

Marinette.exe has stopped working.

And Marinette feels really conflicted at this point. Although she’s blushing like mad and her heart is soaring through the heavens (he thought she was sweet!), she really, really doesn’t like when others think she can’t do something. It was really… really… annoying!

She could totally be more than sweet as pie! She was Ladybug, for crying out loud!

Nino and Alya, meanwhile. just send each other a knowing look.

Nino: Dude, even when you’re not trying to be, you’re super smooth. 

Adrien: What do you mean? 

Alya: Seriously? I think you just broke my best frie-

Marinette: I’m doing it!

All three of her friends just look at her, surprised. 

To emphasize the point, Marinette stomps up to the front of the class to grab a flyer advertising the musical’s casting call. 

Marinette: I’m trying out to be Rizzo. And I’m gonna get the part. 

And of course she does.


No but like I can imagine it clearly. She would have to channel all of her Ladybug flirtiness, and maybe even a bit of Chloe, to really get that sultry, abrasive attitude down, but when she performs a part of ‘Look at me I’m Sandra Dee’, it’s a shock to almost everyone watching, and a little familiar to Adrien, thought he couldn’t tell anyone why. 

This whole post was inspired by me just really thinking it should be a no brainer that she’d play the character wearing the polka dot dress. Yep. 

Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

High-school AU

Warnings: none

Prompt: “I’m going to take care of you, okay?”

Words: 1000+

Tags: @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit


It was the night of the “Winter Ball,” a dance your school always held, and one you never attended. You were always content to just sit in the library working or playing games with everyone else who didn’t belong there. But this year was different. It was your senior year, last chance for winter memories. Or at least that’s what your best friends sister Angelica decided. It wasn’t until this year that you made friends with Eliza, of the school-famous Schuyler Sisters. You always thought she was uptight, but it only took minutes of talking to realize she was the sweetest person you’ve ever met.

“(Y/N) come on, we’ll be late! Stop staring at yourself and get out here.” You gave yourself one last look in the mirror. You wore a (Y/F/C) knee-length dress, hair in loose curls around your shoulders. The only thing you wouldn’t let Angelica touch was your face. After the last disaster involving makeup, a camera, and weeks of torture on the school Facebook page, it was deemed off-limits. You opened the door, doing a 360° for the three sisters, Peggy jumping on you, hugging you tightly.

“Peggy, sweetheart, I can’t breathe.” You laughed, patting her back. She let go, and you took a breath, maybe a bit too exaggerated. The other sister hugged you as well, giggling.

“Are you ready to meet your date?” Angelica wiggled her eyebrows at you, Eliza clapping excitedly.

“Of course! I trust you guys, I think you found me an awesome date.” Just as you finished the thought, you saw him step around the corner, deep purple suit screaming his name. You didn’t even have to look at his face before grabbing Angelica and pulling her into your room.

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Highschool. Oh highschool. I place that used to be for education and friendship has turned into a place of obedience and bullies. Test scores and graduation rates are more important than mental health. They do not teach you the slaughter of Native Americans, or the struggle of modern day racism, or the fight for gay rights. They do not teach you about sexual violence, oppression, and abuse. They never teach you about the real world. But they will make sure you know that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, how to find the slope of a line, and all the fancy facts about the presidents of America. They sugar coat everything, never show the raw truth. Teachers ignore children in need, children being bullied, children who are contemplating suicide. Maybe if we taught more about mental health and did not make it such a stigma we would increase the amount of children who come forward for help. Highschool is not about education and truth, it is all about trying to make every child’s mind work the same way. No room for creativity, imagination, growth, or health. Just make sure those test scores are high.
  • School admin 1 : Hey, I got a great Idea
  • School admin 2 : Yeah?
  • School admin 1 : Let's require this course that is necessary to everyday life, but useless after the basics. It's extremely difficult and no one likes it.
  • By the way, we'll tell students that their intelligence is marked by their performance in this subject and failure in the class results in failure in life.
  • School admin 2 : THAT'S A GREAT IDEA! WHAT IS IT CALLED?
  • School admin 1 : Math.

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How do you get ideas for character designs? Is there like a website you use?

It’s called

LOL jokes aside, when it comes to character design there are some “rules” to express personality through looks. Like the first rule it’s stereotyping, even if in real life it’s a big no-no in art it helps to make perfectly clear the personality of a character at first glance.

Some examples of characters I did:
the Squip has to be a trusting figure, someone who knows what’s best for you, right? So what’s better than a suit and tie and a posture that kinda resembles a butler. The beard also gives a look of a man who has lived, so he knows more things than you. Also nowadays the beard it’s trending so why not.

Brooke is  energetic, innocent looking and sweet to Jeremy. So I gave her the fluffy hair and the puppy eyes.

Christine is always excited and sometimes she has those madness moments where she screams and jumps around that make her childish. So I gave her bangs and the little nose, but to balance her childish side I gave her a bit of makeup, like the black lip and long eyelashes.

Jake an Chloe are total stereotypes of popular american highschool boy and a doll (no mean intentions there, Chloe is one of those cute Barbies with long long hair. I love drawing Chloe’s hair and physique)

But sometimes I just think “oh I made too many people with this type of nose/hair/eyebrows, so now I’ll do this”. That’s how I made Rich and Jenna lol

Then there’s the special case of Jeremy who is literally everything I like to draw put together. Hair style, pointy nose, big eyes and babyface look…

Day 5 - CookingB A K I N G

It’s to be expected I immediately thought of my MAHS Eren when I saw the word ‘baking’ lol I took WAY too long with the background color. Thought of shading it, but it didn’t really turn out good for me.

Eren thinks he’s being smooth trying to sneak a taste of the pastries they’re making, but Armin caught him icing coated, hahah.

A Sudden Realization (Thomas Jefferson x Male!Reader)

Request: Could you write a modern AU Thomas X male reader, where Thomas starts to crush on reader and realizes he’s not completely straight? Sorry if there’s not enough info.

A/N: so this one was really fun to write tbh. We haven’t done a same-sex one yet so this was our first. (Yay, pride month) Hope you guys enjoy.

Word count: 1326 (our longest yet)

Warnings: none its fluffy

School was hell on earth. You had your friends of course. The teachers weren’t all that bad. Schoolwork wasn’t too hard, bearable. But something seemed missing. But you could never tell what.

That’s when you met Thomas. It was a Tuesday. A Tuesday you’d never forget. You were sitting in home room, waiting for the teacher to do roll call. “(Y/N),” your friend whispered across the classroom. You glanced up.

“What?” You asked. “Some new kid is coming in our class.” You sat up a little. “Who?” You asked intrigued now. They shrugged. “Hopefully some hot chick,” they said grinning. You rolled your eyes. “Or dude. Whatever floats your boat, man,” they added for your sake.

That’s when you saw him. First, your eyes went to his magenta sweater. Then you saw the hair. The great brown curly hair of holy. Your mouth opened slightly. He was gorgeous. That’s when your eyes met. He stared right at you. Your heart raced uncontrollably. You fidgeted a little in your seat.

The new kid smiled slowly. “Thomas?” The teacher asked him. “Yeah,” he nodded. His voice. “You can take the seat in the back. Next to (Y/N),” the teacher pointed. Your heart stopped. Thomas walked to the back the room, sliding in the seat next to you.

You tried to play it cool, but you knew your cheeks were probably pink and your hands were shaking with nervousness at the gorgeous boy next to you. “Hey,” Thomas nodded coolly. You nodded back. The bell rang and you jumped up, almost knocking the desk back. Thomas smiled softly.

But it wasn’t a mean smile. “You good?” He asked you. You nodded. You walked quickly to your next class, praying you weren’t blushing as hard as you felt you were.

A few hours later

Lunchtime was your sanctuary. You had limitless options to fill your time. Reading, doing homework you procrastinated last night, or staring at the wall. This lunch period, none of your friends were there. You took out a textbook and began reading for a quiz.

That’s when you felt the table move slightly. You looked up. Thomas. He was sitting right next to you. “You mind?” He asked. You shook your head, pretending to be preoccupied. “What’s your name again?” He asked. You told him. He repeated it and it sounded like gold in his lips.

“I’ll remember that,” he nodded. You smiled slightly. The rest of the period was quiet, him, skimming on his phone and you studying. At the end of the period, he suddenly asked, “Can I get your number? For homework reasons and stuff.” Stuff.

“Sure,” you said putting it in his phone. But little did you know that you’d be texting him for more than just homework. You and Thomas became friends instantly. You texted every night, talking about the day’s events. Thomas was running for student government and you two would plan his campaign together.

It made you smile when people would refer to you two in the same sentence. Like: “Yeah, Thomas and (Y/N) are coming to that party.” But you didn’t know if Thomas felt the same way. It seemed only natural to assume you two were strictly on platonic terms.

Thomas was good at hiding his emotions if he did feel the same way. He never talked about crushes. Anyone he thought was attractive. Girls nor boys. You were giving up on your chances with Thomas slowly, accepting the fact that you two were only going to be friends.

Then it all changed.

A week later

You’d come to school early, waiting in home room for Thomas as you always did. Everyone smiled at you when you walked in. You looked around confused. “What is it?” You asked your friend uncertainly when they wiggled their eyebrows at you.

Their smile faltered slightly. “So you don’t know?” They asked. “Don’t know what?” You asked confused. “So you don’t,” they confirmed. You rolled your eyes. “What?” You asked again. They pressed his lips together. “(Y/N), I don’t know if I should be telling you this…” they began slowly.

“Just say it!” You exclaimed. They grinned. “Rumor has it that Thomas is into you,” they said. Your eyes widened slightly and you didn’t even try to hide it. “Where? Who? Who told you?” You began. They grinned like the Cheshire Cat. 

“Apparently a girl asked Thomas on a date and he said he wasn’t interested. She asked why and he said he has a crush on someone already! And she asked who and he said a friend,” they began. You rolled my eyes. “That doesn’t prove anything,” you insisted.  You just found it hard to believe.

Thomas never hinted at a crush. Much less on you. Your friend shrugged. “We’ll see,” they sang. Thomas came into home room late, sliding into the seat. You nodded at him. He smiled slightly. Things were weird now. At lunch, you had a light discussion about homework and that was it.

He was like that all day, in the halls. After school. It made you uncomfortable. Worried. What if these rumors ruined your friendship? You were already accepting the fact that Thomas may not be into you. Now he was distancing himself. You went home, slamming the door to your room. But you didn’t even know why you were mad.

The next day

It was the weekend and you decided to stay home. You weren’t in the mood to see anyone, much less go out. You spent the day doing as little as possible. You ate, watched television, went on your phone, then took a nap. When you woke up, you took a long shower then went downstairs.

Your parents had gone out so it was just you or dinner. You weren’t even hungry. You could stop thinking about Thomas. That’s when suddenly the doorbell rang. You were wearing old clothes and your hair was still wet from your shower. You answered exasperated.

“Yes?” You began then stopped midway. “Thomas,” you said surprised. He smiled. “Can I talk to you outside?” He asked. You nodded. “What’s up?” You asked. He sighed. “I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors by now,” he began. You nodded slowly. “Yeah,” you admitted. “But I don’t believe them,” you added quickly.

He bit his lip. “Well,” he began. “You should. Because they’re true.” Your heart stopped. “What are you saying–” you trailed off. “I’m gay,” Thomas blurted out. You blinked a couple times. “You are?” You asked. He nodded. “I didn’t realize or accept it. Until you,” he said honestly.

“I guess I’m falling in love with you,” Thomas said softly. You smiled. “You guess?” You teased. He grinned. “I am falling in love with you,” he corrected. He took your hand in his. “I’m out because of you,” he said softly. You grinned. “Who says I feel the same?” You began.

His smile faltered. He began to let go of your hand. “I didn’t–I just assumed. Someone told me you were–Your friends–” he began quickly, stammering. You laughed. “I’m kidding,” you said, pulling him to you. “I’m falling in love with you, too,” you whispered. You felt his lips press against yours, hesitant at first then sure. “Wow,” he whispered. “Is it always like that?” He asked softly.

“Never,” you whispered. He kissed you again. Then he smiled. “I have to get home,” he said softly. You sighed. “But do you really?” You questioned. He laughed, kissing you quickly before heading off the porch to his car. “I’m in love with, (Y/N) (L/N)!” He yelled out the car window before driving off. You laughed before closing the door behind you, trying not to blush.

It was never like that.

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enemies to friends to lovers?


Summary: Phil Lester, bad boy who wears the same leather jacket to school every day and makes a hobby out of scaring people. Dan Howell, future valedictorian who prefers a varsity jacket, and refuses to be shaken by anyone, bad boy or otherwise. And how they come together through a high school track, an English class, and a failing videography program.

Themes: highschool!phan, badboy!Phil, valedictorian!Dan, enemies to friends to lovers

Length: 10k words

TW: language, use of homophobic slurs




 Daniel Howell walked through the hallway, ignoring the insults hurled his way. He just kept walking, his long legs making it much faster. He hiked his blue varsity jacket up so it covered the back of his neck, running a hand through his dark, curly hair. 

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How do u think grimmjow was in high school and his status

Well shit, I have no idea, but I thought of a few possibilities.

Possibility 1

Grimmjow, the grim student who true to his name, has a piss poor attitude, terrible acne, and has had braces for the last four years.

On his 18th birthday, he was graced with the magic of puberty and surprised everyone by turning hot. Now everyone is sort of confused, because he’s a loser, but he also has a six pack.

Possibility 2

Obnoxious jock, who excels at any sport whose nasty fouls he can get away with. Rugby, Hockey, it doesn’t matter, as long as he can punch someone.

He’s not the brightest student out there, really, but fuck it – he’s handsome and good enough at the *insert-sport* team to get a scolarship anyway.

Possibility 3

That kid with the Doc Martens and bright blue hair, who shows up to one class every three weeks and is otherwise completely absent from school life. Nobody knows exactly how he manages to not fail every year, and some swear they have seen him do questionable things, such as selling pot or throwing up in the hood of Principal Aizen’s car.

The only thing generally agreed upon is that the world’s a more pleasant place when he’s not around.