american hat


*80s synth music playing in the background*

The New Gods squad eating from/supporting their local corporate franchises! Starbucks for Media, Burger King for Technical Boy, and of course chips and salsa for Mr. World (Chipotle or Taco Bell). You bet your ass these guys can be cheap af when they wanna.

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American Sorting Hat, which is just a beat up baseball cap: aight bro by the most righteous magics bestowed upon me i’ve scoped out ur brain and ur house is uh….. DRAGON ALPHA SIGMA DONG!!! lol

wizard bros of dragon alpha sigma dong: YOOOOOOOOOOOO 

freshman wizard: *crowdsurfs*


The photo on the left is Eddie Rickenbacker who was a member of the 94th Aero “Hat in the Ring” Squadron, a group of American pilots who volunteered to serve in WWI before the U.S.’s official involvement in WWI. On the right is the picture of Steve Trevor was hanging up on the memorial during the Armistice Day scene. 

I think it’s fitting that Steve Trevor was involved in WWI before his country’s official involvement because, like Diana, Steve saw injustice in the world and in Diana’s words “could not stand by while innocent lives are lost.”

  • England: Well, if you're both staying, remember the rules; America, no playing ball in the house, no fighting, no answering the phone: "City Morgue".
  • Canada: Can't I have some rules?
  • England: …No chewing tobacco.