american gyaru

these gals really take their tans to the extreme lol.

[ before anyone gets offended, in Japanese culture, being a “black gyaru” means being tan and having “blackened” skin; it’s a sign of rebellion, since Japanese culture has made porcelain white skin attractive, popular, and mainstream. they don’t culturally refer to “black gyaru” as “African American gyaru”, the two are not related at all. ]


This is the main reason why me, and a lot of others, hate the TLC show What Not To Wear. The hosts take people who are simply not afraid to be themselves and wear what they like then treat those people like some insane child and finally change them into what they think members of society should look like. The “before photo” was an amazing American variation of Hime Gyaru and if you watch the episode, her clothes were awesome! I’m not even sure she knew she was being Hime~ But now she just looks… plain, typical, and… not special?

Why can’t people be themselves anymore? Why is it so wrong?


Posting this Ashley interview as well as Shiena’s! I’ve always found them so interesting and I guess there’s a lot of people asking about their whereabouts~ I personally love their gyaru style a lot!