american goldfinches


American Goldfinch in a group of Smooth Oxeyes or False Sunflowers?
Spinus tristis / Heliopsis helianthoides

Rochester, Minnesota, United States, 2015

I haven’t posted on here forever – school work comes first! 

I’ve decided to go ahead and post artwork of birds that I’ve done in different styles than what I’ve posted on here before, just so I can get some more content on this blog. 

Here’s my buddy the American Goldfinch! Seen 12/27/14

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Arkaenalan | Aurum | Illustration & Character Design
2016 / 3 / 12

Aurum the American Goldfinch Gryphon.

“You’re Aurum… not because your feathers are gold. Because you bring brightness wherever you go. A golden ray of light, more valuable than any metal.”

- - - - -

Aurum is a very playful and sweet-natured young gryphon, just slightly bigger than the average housecat and twice as soft and squishy! He’s just a constant source of positive vibes and I like to think he has Catbug’s voice to complete his childish personality.

His design takes after the American goldfinch (Spinus tristis)! He’s an old character; I hardly did anything with him and he used to be a generic golden eagle/lion sort of gryphon for years until I recently decided to put the knowledge of mashing any feline and avian together for a creative fusion into actual practice. Needless to say, but I enjoy designing gryphons and I want to revamp more of my catbird critters!

You can view the lineart for this piece here.

Aurum quote courtesy of @jcstitches​!


That time I woke up and almost vomited because there was an American goldfinch and an indigo bunting on my bird feeder at the same time and the color combination was just too beautiful. I didn’t boost the colors on these photos at all, they are just that freaking colorful!

Photos by Micah Walker