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Four Young Ballerinas Celebrate Dancers Of Color Who Inspire Them
Women from the Brown Girls Do Ballet network honor icons in their field.

“I want to show the ballet world it’s possible to do all these things and not be rail-thin or have blond hair,” Misty Copeland told Self Magazine last year. “I feel like I’m representing not just the little brown girls but all African-American dancers who have come before me who were never promoted because of the color of their skin.”

In 2015, Misty Copeland became the first black woman to achieve the status of principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater. But as many of our own readers have pointed out in emails and comments addressed to HuffPost Arts & Culture since, Copeland was not the first woman of color to succeed in a dance world historically filled with white, lithe bodies. Before her, for example, there’s Raven Wilkinson, one of the first African-American ballerinas permitted to join a ballet company in the 1950s. And cousins Janet Collins and Carmen de Lavallade, who were some of the first principal dancers of color with the Metropolitan Opera.

In response to Copeland’s shoutout to the dancers of color who came before her, we reached out to Brown Girls Do Ballet, a start-up organization devoted to addressing diversity in ballet programs, to ask young dancers in their network to spotlight some of the role models inspiring them. In four beautiful responses, aspiring ballerinas Shalom Johnson, Amelya Rivera, Olivia Winston, and Amirah Muhammad celebrated eight dancers who motivate them in their own careers.

Check out their responses below.”

See the responses here

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‘The Gibson Girl’ was the personification of the feminine ideal of physical attractiveness as portrayed by the satirical pen-and-ink illustrations of artist Charles Dana Gibson during a 20-year period that spanned the late 19th and early 20th century in the United States and Canada. The artist saw his creation as representing the composite of “thousands of American girls.”

The Gibson Girl image that appeared in the 1890s combined elements of older American images of caucasian female beauty, such as the “fragile lady” and the “voluptuous woman”. From the “fragile lady” she took the basic slender lines, and a sense of respectability. From the “voluptuous woman” she took a large bust and hips, but was not vulgar or lewd, as previous images of women with large busts and hips had been depicted. From this combination emerged the Gibson Girl, who was tall and slender, yet with ample bosom, hips and buttocks. She had an exaggerated S-curve torso shape achieved by wearing a swan-bill corset. Images of her epitomized the late 19th- and early 20th-century Western preoccupation with youthful features and ephemeral beauty. Her neck was thin and her hair piled high upon her head in the contemporary bouffant, pompadour, and chignon (“waterfall of curls”) fashions. The statuesque, narrow-waisted ideal feminine figure was portrayed as being at ease and stylish.

American Girls
TIME Magazine

For this article about teenage girls and social media, I was given the opportunity to illustrate something very familiar. Part of the article tells about a group of teenagers hanging out at the Boca Raton mall in South Florida, near where I grew up. I know the aesthetic of the sun-bleached teenagers in this area all too well, and I enjoyed painting them as though from memory. The article itself painted teenage girls as too connected to their online “brand”, no longer concerned with introspection and daydreaming. But I lived there, and I was definitely the introspective sort, and I think plenty of girls still are. So my picture shows one girl off on her own, considering her reflection, lost in thought. 

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