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natgeo On assignment with @daviddoubilet // Photographing an American crocodile at night in the mangroves of Gardens of the Queen National Park, Cuba. This crocodile rested in the soft seagrass for several minutes and then rose slowly to take a breath of air and return to the bottom to sleep again. Crocodiles are called the engineers of the mangroves because their movements increase circulation of water and nutrients through the dense root systems of the mangroves. Gardens of the Queen Marine Preserve, located fifty miles south of Cuba, is a time capsule in the Caribbean that looks much like it did when Columbus arrived and named it in honor of his Queen. From @natgeo story Underwater Jewels in the Path of Tourism with team @jenniferhayesig and #LeandroBlanco

Huichol Woamn - National Geographic

A painted prayer blooms on the cheeks of a Huichol woman, who uses lipstick to form a background for flower petals, symbols of fertility. Emblems of a sacred bird march across her headdress. In the solitude of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico’s Huichols still heed a pantheon of deities who rule their hearts 


Latin American Identity Terms Explained

What is Latin America? Who is Latin American?

Geographically, Latin America refers to a set of nations belonging to the regions of North America, South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. Culturally and linguistically, Latin Americans are defined as people from nations in the Americas and the Caribbean whose residents predominantly speak Spanish or Portuguese—two of the many languages descended from Latin.

Who is Hispanic?

The term Hispanic was introduced by the US Census Bureau in 1970, after groups such as the National Council of La Raza advocated for the category as an alternative to classifying Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican immigrants as “white.”

Today Hispanic covers people of a variety of ethnic identities who have origins in Spanish-speaking countries—basically Spain and all of Latin America (minus Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese). The US Census Bureau now counts both Hispanics and Latinos in the same category.

Who is Latino or Latina?

While, Hispanic refers to linguistic origins from a Spanish-speaking country, in particular Spain. Latino/Latina refers to people living in the USA who have ethnic and cultural origins from a country in Latin America.

And what about Latinx?

Spanish, among many other Latin languages, assign genders to nearly everything, including inanimate objects. Masculine words are considered gender neutral, and if one male-identified individual enters a group, the group suddenly becomes referred to by a masculine word. This is problematic for a number of reasons, most glaringly is that masculine words should not be considered gender neutral. The term Latinx is a response to these language constraints, and it provides an option to express gender identity that exist outside the constraints of the binary.

For more on this topic including the Chicanx movement and African and East Asian diaspora in Latin America read a full blog post here. 

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is an exploration of Latin American and Latino art in dialogue with Los Angeles. Led by the Getty, Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is the latest collaborative effort from arts institutions across Southern California.


THREE CHEERS! It’s National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!

Our favorite time of year and the perfect opportunity to shower some love onto your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. You may remember that last year we made a master post of Libraries to follow in honor of this week. Well, we’re happily continuing the tradition with ANOTHER master post of all the glorious Libraries we know (so far) on tumblr. 

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@agslibrary (American Geographical Society Library)

@alachualibrary (The Alachua County Library District)

@alt-library (By Sacramento Public Library)

@americanlibraryassoc (American Library Association)

@aplibrary (Abilene Public Library)

@austinpubliclibrary (Austin Public Library)

@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

@bflteens (Baker Free Library’s Tumblr For Teens)

@biblioitesmgda (BiblioTECa en Guadalajara [Technological Library in Guadalajara])

@bibliosanvalentino (Biblioteca San Valentino [San Valentino Library])

@biodivlibrary (Biodiversity Heritage Library)

@bklynlibrary (Brooklyn Public Library)

@bodleianlibs (Bodleian Libraries)

@boonelibrary (Boone County Public Library)

@brkteenlib (Brookline Public Library Teen Services Department)

@californiastatelibrary (California State Library)

@cheshirelibrary (Cheshire Public Library)

@cincylibrary (The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County)

@cityoflondonlibraries (City of London Libraries)

@cmclibraryteen (Cape May County Library’s Teen Services)

@cobblibrary (Cobb County Public Library System)

@cpl-archives (Cleveland Public Library Archives)

@cplsteens (Clearwater Public Library Teens)

@crossettlibrary (Crossett Library at Bennington College, Vermont)

@cscclibrary (Columbus State Library)

@darienlibrary (Darien Library)

@dcpubliclibrary (DC Public Library)

@decaturpubliclibrary (Decatur Public Library)

@delawarelibrary (Delaware County District Library - Teens)

@detroitlib (Detroit Public Library Music, Arts & Literature Department)

@dorcaslibrary (Dorcas Library)

@douglaslibraryteens (Douglas Library For Teens)

@dplteens (Danville Public Library Teens)

@escondidolibrary (Escondido Public Library)

@fdrlibrary (Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library)

@fontanalib (Fontana Regional Library)

@fppld-teens (Franklin Park Library Teens)

@friscolibrary (Frisco Public Library)

@gastonlibrary (Gaston County Public Library)

@glendaleteenlibrary (Glendale Public Library Teens)

@gtpubliclibrary (Georgetown Texas Public Library)

@hbalibrary (Hampton B. Allen Library)

@hpldreads (Havana Public Library District)

@hpl-teens (Homewood Public Library For Teens)

@huntingtonlibrary (Huntington Library)

@kingsbridgelibraryteens (Kingsbridge Library Teens Advisory Group)

@kzoolibrary (Kalamazoo Public Library)

@lanelibteens (Lane Memorial Library Teen Services)

@lawrencepubliclibrary (Lawrence Public Library)

@lindylibrary (Lindenhurst Memorial Library Teen Zone)

@loudounlibrary (Loudoun County Public Library)

@marioncolibraries (Marion County Public Library System)

@merrickteens (Merrick Library)

@messengerplteens (Messenger Public Library Teens)

@movallibrary (Moreno Valley Public Library

@mrcplteens (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library Teen Zone)

@myrichlandlibrary (Mansfield/Richland County Public Library)

@necclibrary (Northern Essex Community College Libraries)

@novipubliclibrary (Novi Public Library)

@nplteens (Nashua Public Library Teens)

@nypl (New York Public Library)

@orangecountylibrarysystem (Orange County Library System)

@othmeralia  (Othmer Library of Chemical History)

@pclteens (Pittsford Community Library Teens)

@petit-branch-library (Petit Branch Library)

@pflibteens (Pflugerville Public Library Teenspace)

@phplyouthservices (Prospect Heights Public Library Youth Services)

@plainfieldlibrary (Plainfield Public Library District)

@providencepubliclibrary (Providence Public Library)

@royhartlibrary (RoyHart Community Library)

@safetyharborpubliclibrary (Safety Harbor Library Teen Zone)

@santacruzpl (Santa Cruz Public Libraries)

@santamonicalibr (Santa Monica Public Library)

@schlowlibrary (Schlow Centre Region Library)

@sclteenspace-blog (Springfield City Library Teen Space)

@scplteens (Shelby County Public Libraries - Teens)

@scvpubliclib (Santa Clarita Public Library)

@smithsonianlibraries (Museum Library System)

@smlibrary (Sheppard Memorial Library)

@southeastlibrary (Southeast Branch Library)

@tampabaylibraryconsortium-blog (Tampa Bay Library Consortium)

@teenbookerie (Erie County Public Library For Teens)

@teencenterspl (The Smith Public Library Teen Center)

@teensfvrl (Fraser Valley Regional Library)

@teen-stuff-at-the-library (White Oak Library District)

@therealpasadenapubliclibrary (Pasadena Public Library)

@ucflibrary (University of Central Florida Library)

@uwmspeccoll (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Libraries Special Collections)

@vculibraries (Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries)

@virlibraryteens (Vancouver Island Regional Library Youth Services)

@waynecountyteenzone (Wayne County Public Library’s Teen Space)

@wellingtoncitylibraries (Wellington City Libraries)

@widenerlibrary (Harvard’s Widener Library)

@woodlibraryteens (Wood Library’s Teen Services)

@wplteenspace (Woodbridge Public Library Teen Space)

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Happy National Library Week, library cats!


She Fears Her Tribe’s Story Will Be Forgotten | Short Film Showcase

Land hemisphere, 1947.

This map, done in 1947 by the U.S. Department of State, shows the land hemisphere (what is inside the blue circle) with some adjacent lands. It belongs to the library of the American Geographical Society, located in the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.