american gemstones


These are some opals that I will have available soon. They are the best of each of their regions. Once these are in pendants or available for custom work, I will be more than happy to work out payment plans for any interested customers.

These are: Quilpie boulder opal (2), Coober Pedy precious opal, Ethiopian welo opal, Duck Creek wood opal, Koroit boulder opal, and finally, an incredibly rare Virgin Valley, Nevada opal.

Guys I'm doing it again...

I’m going on another following spree so here’s what I’m interested in:

- Aethstetics
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- Dank Meme blogs
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- lgbtqa+ Blogs
- legend of Korra
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- American Horror story
- Black and white
- hipster

If you meet any of these please reblog and I’ll check your blog out. I have a few blogs that I own an will be reblogging from, just so you know that they are:

faeriewoods - Aethstetics, nature, grunge, ect blog
poketastic-things - Pokemon blog
badgermolewhlsperer - Avatar the last airbender/ Korra blog

Or if you have followers that post this stuff please reblog, I really need to revamp my dashboard haha