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4th of July

(I know that rationally they wouldn’t be celebrating America’s Independence Day - but let’s just say they do, okay? Also, yes, I know the gif is from the movie and that’s in front of Usamaro’s shrine)

  • Rin decided to host a huge cook out for all his friends
  • he’s in charge of grilling all the different kinds of hamburgers and hot dogs
  • Yukio was left in charge of setting up the ‘Build Your Own Burger Table’ as Rin likes to call it 
  • Yukio keeps trying to tell him that the stuff for the hot dogs is on that table too
  • (not to mention chips and such) 
  • but Rin insists that ‘BYOBT’ has a better ring to it  
  • Shiemi is super excited and has a bunch of anxious energy to run off of for a while 
  • so she starts handing out Sparklers that she bought early that morning, even though its not nearly close to nighttime yet 
  • Izumo acts like she’s not into it - but she has American flag hair clips in her hair 
  • Paku came with her - she’s in an Old Navy American Flag t-shirt 
  • pretty cute 
  • Shima’s insisting that the girls should be in bikini tops and Daisy dukes 
  • no one’s listening to him 
  • Mephisto appears even though no one invited him 
  • (he brought Amaimon too - but he’s in his hamster form) 
  • so there’s just this random green hamster running around the place 
  • no one questions it
  • Eventually Amaimon sits on Kuro’s back and just chills 
  • even though Kuro is completely against it 
  • Koneko thought it was cute though and took a picture of the two 
  • /he has red, white, and blue whiskers on his cheeks/
  • //cause Koneko is a furry lowkey// 
  • Mephisto won’t leave Rin alone so Rin keeps treatening to hit him with the hot spatula 
  • Takara stole an entire bag of chips and ate them all by himself 
  • /which is fine cause he didn’t eat anything else - just those chips/ 
  • Lewin shows up with Angel reluctantly trailing behind him 
  • Angel brought an array of some yummy cookies 
  • Lewin brought ice cream but it was melted by the time they got there so they had to put it in the freezer till later tonight 
  • the cookies are yummy though 
  • Lewin LOVES Rin’s burgers 
  • he says they remind him of home 
  • and suddenly everyone remembers that this guy is ACTUALLY FROM AMERICA 
  • so everyone is suddenly anxious that they’re celebrating wrong, but Lewin seems pretty chill just sitting outside with them eating burgers 
  • Shiemi gives him a Sparkler and he lights it up right away despite it not being dark 
  • he signed Shiemi’s name in the air with the Sparkler and she was so thrilled 
  • Angel dipped out shortly after, saying he had someplace else he had to get to 
  • /he went to one of the big festivals and got a ton of attention from the crowds/ 
  • Shura turned up half smashed, munching on some fries and carrying a case of beer about the time the sun started setting
  • she immediately insisted that this wasn’t a party and that they had to turn on the radio 
  • She dragged Yukio out into the yard and forced him to dance with her 
  • Shima asked Izumo to dance and she was like: 
  • “Yeah right! As if anyone would want to dance with you! C’mon Paku.” 
  • so Paku and Izumo joined Shura and Yukio 
  • and Rin offered to go out there and dance with Shima 
  • Shiemi said she wanted to join too! 
  • so that’s exactly what happened
  • Mephisto and Lewin amusedly watched from the sidelines
  • Konekomaru kept taking pictures on his phone of all of his friends 
  • him and Bon took a couple selfies together 
  • and then Bon got a video call from the Kyoto Family 
  • they were calling to make sure he was actually out having a good time and not stuck in some stuffy room studying 
  • so he turned the camera around and showed everybody out there dancing 
  • and that was good enough for the Family 
  • everyone got sweaty from the summer heat but they were all having a good time 
  • one by one everyone eventually stopped the dancing, going to get something cold to drink instead 
  • it was finally dark enough to light the fireworks they all had gathered up 
  • Bon was put in charge of lighting them 
  • one at a time he lit them up and they shot up into the sky and everyone was excited and impressed and just 
  • happy 
  • after all the fireworks had the lit with no mishaps - they all helped clean up a bit before the brought the ice cream out 
  • they ended the night on a very sweet note and decided they might have to make this a tradition
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>take this to your grave:</b> open beer cans spilled on couches, crowdsurfing, tattoos on biceps, fighting about Vans vs. Converse, broken drumsticks, jumping off stages, cigarette lighters, ramen noodles.<p/><b>from under the cork tree:</b> camera flashes, dubiously acquired Ritalin, group therapy sessions, jeans unzipped in back closets, cheap alcohol, eyeliner streaks<p/><b>infinity on high:</b> freeway driving, ex-girlfriends, juvenile laughter, messy hair, political awakenings, spiral notebooks, sunglasses at night, eighteen and over clubs.<p/><b>folie a deux:</b> broken synth machines, nightclub bathrooms, cocaine on credit cards, burning American flags, boxes of hair dye, relapse and recovery, bulletproof vests, tour bus engines, goodbyes.<p/><b>save rock and roll:</b> city skylines, fresh faces, controlled explosions, espresso bottles, luxury homes, red carpets, holding on to things that are lost, xanax tablets.<p/><b>american beauty/american psycho:</b> manicured lawns, bloodstained marble floors, sneaking out to concerts, the suburbs, leaving home, sex in cars, divine revenge, coming clean.<p/><b></b> <p/></p><p/></p>

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This is my piece for the Dog Days of Summer Writing Challenge. This is the first piece that I’ve actually posted that’s about a wrestler. I will admit I had a bit of difficulty writing this because I couldn’t decide on who to write for and then I was afraid that it would be too out of character but fuck it, yolo. The following list were my prompts:

Quote 7: Wait no I didn’t-I didn’t mean it like that!

Location 12: The side of the road in the desert

Situation 1: The car has broken down and you two are fighting.

I would love feedback but please, make sure it’s creative criticism and not hate/complaints because honestly I don’t have time for that. Normally I do not get anything like that but I know wrestling fans tend to be a bit crazy( I mean that in the nicest way possible.)

Pairing: Marty Scurll x Reader, Pete Dunne x Reader;
Word Count: 3,562
Warnings: mentions of smut, mentions of suicide
A/N: Literally just repeating myself, I would LOVE feedback.

Below the cut you shall find probably the greatest fic I have ever written.

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The artist Tasha Dougé with hold her work “This Land is OUR Land,” a flag made out of hair. Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Natural. Curly. Straight. Processed. Silkener. Dreads. Good hair. Nappy hair. Wigs. Today we’re exploring the world of hair, a billion-dollar industry.   

For all its complexities, hair is an integral element in the New York-based artist Tasha Dougé’s work “This Land is OUR Land.” We spoke with her about the piece, and the intersection between history, art, hair, and identity. (The conversation has been lightly edited and condensed.)  

What inspired you to create “This Land”?  

The inspiration came from the phrase “Make America Great Again.” O.K., so we’re going to make America great…When was it great? Who made it great? Who was it great for? When you answer these questions, you’ll have a slew of answers. When I think about this nation as a whole, it wouldn’t be what it is now without the contributions of enslaved Africans. I wanted to explore how I could convey the story of slaves in a way that hasn’t been done before. Without much thought, the image of the American flag came to mind. And then I thought: “Oh, I’m going to make the American flag with black hair.” And then I wanted to replace the stars with cotton.  

Describe the creative process.  

The hair I used was synthetic braiding hair in different shades (black, dark brown, brown, gray) that I purchased online. There were times that I was exhausted, because I work 9 to 5. She was definitely a task as she is 5 feet by 3 feet. I thought to myself that I could have walked away at any given point because no one knows she is in existence, but “no” kept resounding in my head, because my ancestors didn’t give up. And their pain was nowhere near my pain. So if I’m going to pay homage to my ancestors, I need to do right by them and complete this task. I reference her, Justice, as my blessed burden to carry. When you’re speaking truth that people don’t want to hear, that can be burdensome.  

I used a braiding technique of elongating the braid without creating a new braid. It was a technique that I had watched for years of getting my own hair braided in African hair shops. Once I was done with all the strands, some 15 feet long, I then stitched them to chicken wire.  

The final touch was sewing on the balls of cotton instead of stars. I wanted every element of that flag to have some type of representation: The brown stripes speak to the varying spectrum of color we are (light-skinned slaves were in the house and darker slaves were in the field); and we are all interwoven in that trauma of skin tone; the gray represents the years of oppression and it’s ongoing; the black box represents the black experience exclusive to this country. There is something very unique about the experience of black people in America. Cotton is really what spearheaded slavery in the first place.  

What is the takeaway?  

I want people to recognize and acknowledge the unquestionable contributions of my – better yet – our ancestors to this country. I want people to delve into the trauma of being unrepresented, ignored and invisible. I want people to feel pride, shame, loss, gratitude, remorse, respect and everything else there is to feel. I want people to see the resilient nature of the ancestors and their descendants because we are still slaves, just in a different rite. I want people to see the amount of labor and the level of commitment that is needed when striving for justice.  And there are so many more layers to explore because she speaks to many facets of our existence and exploitation.  

What does hair mean in the African-American community, and how do you think other communities view our hair?  

My answer for this one is far too long to condense the layers into a few sentences.  I can say this for now: after people kept asking me why I chose hair, it made me realize how black people propel the hair industry.  Either we subscribe to the European aesthetic and spend all our money there, or we try to buy African hair and products from shops in our communities, but owned by people outside of our race.  Either way, the money never funnels back into the black community. There is also the issue of cultural misappropriation. One word…Kardashians.

This image is supposed to represent an “American idea” the first thing that your eyes notice is an american flag and blonde hair. An American stereotype. little do you know this image is taken in one of the most diverse areas on the planet and the model is of persian decent, not european. The model for this image is a personal friend, a fellow photographer, and a true American. she just happens to be of Persian decent. To me, ethnicity this is just another amazing part of what makes them who they are. To certain people it is a threat, or a product of bias opinion only to trigger hate. That is not what the american flag means to me. Xenophobia is not what we as a species should even consider or waste our time on.