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You Forgot Your Change!

A Shitty/Lardo meet-cute for a prompt I saw earlier today: You look like you can barely afford to eat out, and you still gave me the best tip I have ever received from a single person. [Also on AO3]

In theory, taking a job waiting tables at the posh restaurant near the yacht club was genius. Where better to make big tips than a place frequented by people who clearly had too much money?

Turns out, rich people didn’t tip that well. Lardo had no idea why, but it appeared to be the truth. She still needed the job, though, so she stuck with it. Art supplies weren’t cheap, and she had a show coming up.

Not that today is going to be much help for her art supply fund. She maybe shouldn’t have made the mistake of inadvertently insulting hyperrealism earlier, because now Beth Ann, who was hostess this afternoon, was assigning all the stingiest people she could find to Lardo’s section. It wasn’t even like Lardo had said it was bad! She just said it was technically impressive, but often compositionally uninteresting. It wasn’t like she’d memorized the portfolios of all her fellow servers.

Looking at the guy Beth Ann had just seated, she thought maybe she should consider it, just out of self-preservation. Because this guy didn’t look like he fit in with this restaurant’s usual clientele at all. He didn’t fit in with this entire side of town at all. He was wearing an American flag denim vest over a slogan tee, for god’s sake. He looked vaguely like a refugee from the set of Dazed and Confused; he looked like a dine-and-dash waiting to happen.

Still, she was a professional. Sort of. Whatever. She had standards, anyway. So she stepped up to the table in complete customer service mode and asked what she could get him.

“I dunno, man, you think I could start with a little light socialism?”

She blinked at him. She was generally prepared to deal with customers who went off script, but this was pushing it, even for her. “I’ll see what I can do about that. How about a drink while you wait for the revolution?”

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persephones-flowers replied to your post: tasm3 was so good… have you considered… tasm4

consider working in america and kate and having a girls power trio movie

sorry i don’t know anything about comics. america is the canonically queer latina one who wears the american flag denim jacket and kicks things right and kate is the ambiguously gay one who wears purple and has black hair and shoots a bow and arrow? also wasn’t there a panel of kate that was deliberately modeled on disastergirl.jpg? i only know this because i’m a connoisseur of all things related to disastergirl.jpg. 

5 Red, White, and Blue Fashion Picks for a Stylish 4th of July

Do you already have an outfit ready for Independence Day next Friday? No matter what adventures you have planned that day, make sure you represent in red, white and blue! We picked out 5 summer-approved, Star-Spangled Banner-inspired pieces for guys and girls to help give you some Independence Day OOTD inspiration. Check them out below:


1) Reclaimed Vintage Denim Shirt with American Flag Back Print

2) ASOS Chino Shorts

3) Stampd Snapback Hat

4) Kiel James Patrick Lanyard Hitch Cord Bracelet

5) Converse Chuck Taylor High in Red


1) Hilfiger Denim American Flag T-Shirt

2) Free People Lace Trim Denim Cutoffs

3) J.Crew Brass Star Earrings

4) Forever 21 Heart-Shaped American Flag Tote

5) Charlotte Russe Flag Print Lace-Up Canvas Sneakers

Which red, white and blue fashion pick did you like the most from the list?